15 May 2007

RapGet 1.34 by Alexander Shiryaev

RapGet (RAPidshareGET) is a downloader with code recognition for such share servers as rapidshare.de, slil.ru, megaupload.com and others. Don't waste your time waiting for the download to start! Let RapGet solve your downloading problems!

Version : 1.34 (15.05.2007)
Author : Alexander Shiryaev
WWW : http://www.rapget.com

v1.34 from 15.05.2007
[*] Updated rapidshare.com
v1.33 from 30.04.2007
[+] Added mediafire.com
[*] Updated 4shared.com
[-] Deleted dossya.com
v1.32 from 22.04.2007
[+] Added fileshare.in.ua
[*] Updated mooload.com
[-] Deleted file2share.biz
v1.31 from 21.04.2007
[*] Updated rapidshare.com, rapidshare.ru
v1.30 from 17.04.2007
[*] Updated ifolder.ru, up.spbland.ru
v1.29 from 15.04.2007
[*] Updated rapidshare.com
v1.28 from 10.04.2007
[*] Updated rapidshare.com
v1.27 from 08.04.2007
[*] Updated premium of rapidshare.com
v1.26 from 07.11.2006
[*] Updated sexuploader.com (it's megarotic.com now)
[-] Fixed a bug
v1.25a from 06.11.2006
[*] Updated megaupload.com
[-] Fixed a bug
v1.25 from 06.11.2006
[+] Added: 2shared.com
[*] Updated: depositfiles.com, savefile.com
[*] Deleted: audiofind.ru
v1.24 from 29.10.2006
[+] Added servers dosyaekle.com, dossya.com, mihd.net
[*] Updated sexuploader.com, rapidshare.ru, rapidshare.com (.de)
[*] Deleted hemenpaylas.com, paylas.com (don't exist)
v1.23 from 27.10.2006
[+] Added server rapidshare.com
[+] Added ability to download direct links
[+] Added premium account for filefactory.com
[*] Application's size and position will be saved
v1.22 from 26.10.2006
[+] Added ability to add server's synonyms, for instance: 'rapidshare.com' for 'rapidshare.de'
v1.21 from 10.10.2006
[*] Updated filefactory.com
[-] Fixed some bugs
v1.20 from 09.10.2006
[+] Added new algorithm of recognition
[*] Changed interface
[*] Updated rapidshare.de, megaupload.com
[-] Fixed some bugs
v1.11 from 23.06.2006
[+] Added mode "invisibility" (CTRL+ALT+R)
[*] Updated rapidsafe.de, megaupload.com (sexuploader.com), oxyshare.com
[-] Fixed some bugs
v1.10 from 19.06.2006
[*] Updated rapidshare.de, oxyshare.com, files.to, megaupload.com (sexuploader.com), yourfilehost.com
v1.09 from 16.06.2006
[*] Updated rapidshare.de
v1.08 îò 14.06.2006
[*] Updated rapidshare.de (recognizing is better), filehd.com, hyperupload.com
v1.07 from 13.06.2006
[*] Updated rapidshare.de
v1.06 from 09.06.2006
[+] Added integration into Opera 9 beta (if you have some Opera browsers installed so it integrates into one of them;
integration doesn't work yet if Rapget is located in directory with name which consists non latin letters)
[+] Added server's sorting
[+] Added checkbox in settings "Permit to run more than 1 copy of program"
[*] Updated: oxyshare.com, takdata.com
[-] Fixed a bug in scheduler
[-] Fixed some bugs
v1.05 from 06.06.2006
[+] Added premium for Badongo
[+] Added premium for megaupload.com (sexuploader.com)
[*] Updated: megaupload.com (sexuploader.com)
[-] Fixed integration into Internet Explorer
[-] Fixed some bugs
v1.04 from 02.06.2006
[+] Added a restriction to run only one copy of program
[+] Added command line support, added a command "Add link": -l=URL
[+] Added an ability to integrate into browsers such as Opera and Internet Explorer
[+] Added: speedshare.org
[*] Changed server setting's interface
[*] Updated up-file.com, rapidsafe.de
[-] Deleted axifile.com
[-] Fixed some bugs
v1.03 from 30.05.2006
[+] Added sceneupload.net, hotfile.ru
[*] Updated rapidsafe.de, paylas.com, hyperupload.com
[-] Fixed some bugs
v1.02 from 26.05.2006
[+] Added shot cuts: Space - Pause/Remove a pause; Ctrl+R - Reget again; Ctrl+G - Open link in browser
[+] Added an ability to cancel update
[+] Added an ability to change filename
[+] Added a web-control ability to add a lot of links + additional info
[*] Updated uploadyourfiles.de
[-] Fixed some bugs
v1.01 from 23.05.2006
[*] Updated box.net, rapidsafe.de, megaupload.com (sexuploader.com), oxyshare.com
[-] Fixed premium for RapidShare.de
[-] Fixed a bug with proxy lists
[-] Fixed a bug with showing info
[-] Fixed a scheduler bug
v.1.00 final release from 19.05.2006
[+] Added share servers: netload.us, uploading.com (with code recognation), filecache.de, shareua.com, up.spbland.ru (with code recognation), f-forge.com
[+] Added tooltips
[+] Added popup info window
[*] Updated control bar, added new buttons
[*] Updated web control
[*] Updated hyperupload.com, rapidsafe.de, datenklo.net
v 1.00 beta 7 from 11.05.2006
[*] Updated rapidsafe.de
[+] Added languages: Romanian, Vietnamese
[-] Fixed some bugs
v 1.00 beta 6 from 04.05.2006
[+] Added a pause
[+] Added share servers: freefileupload.net, 4shared.com, rapidshare.ru
[+] Added languages: Danish, Norwegian
[*] Updated menues
[*] Updated datenklo.net, rapidshare.fr (rapidfile.fr)
[*] Passwords were hidden
[*] Invalid symbols in a filename will be replaced by the sign "_"
[-] Fixed sendspace
[-] Fixed a bug with a proxy list
[-] Fixed some bugs
v 1.00 beta 5 from 02.05.2006
[+] Added a proxy info
[-] Fixed a bug with Premium accounts for RapidShare
[*] Updated filepost.ru, up-file.com, upload2.net, megaupload.com (sexuploader.com)
[-] Fixed some bugs
v 1.00 beta 4 from 28.04.2006
[+] Added share servers: filebest.ru, ultrashare.de, rapidsafe.de
[*] Updated support of Premium accounts for RapidShare
[-] Fixed a bug: the first link's info did not be shown
v 1.00 beta 3 from 27.04.2006
[+] Added share servers: yourfilelink.com, files.to, savefile.com, paylas.com, come2store.com
[+] Added languages: Thai, Brazilian, Icelandic, Belorussian, Persian
[*] Updated simpleupload.de, filefactory.com (http)
[-] Fixed some bugs
v 1.00 beta 2 from 18.04.2006
[+] Added web control
[+] Added share servers: free-transfer.de, scambia.com, filepost.ru, justupit.com, simpleupload.de, audiofind.ru
[*] Updated oxyshare.com, ifolder.ru
[-] Fixed some bugs
v 1.00 beta 1 from 14.04.2006
[+] Added support of Premium accounts for RapidShare (thanks to Woody)
[+] Added logging
[+] Added sounds
[+] Added proxy lists
[+] Added languages: Korean, Kazakh, Macedonian
[+] Added share servers: takdata.com, bonpoo.com, share.am, recfile.com, speedyshare.com
[*] Updated up-file.com, filefactory.com, badongo.com
[*] Added a password support for slil.ru and mytempdir.com
[-] Fixed a bug with UNICODE filename
[-] Fixed a scheduler bug
v 0.99 beta 3 from 10.04.2006
[+] Added languages: Croatian, Catalan, Finnish
[*] Updated filefactory.com, badongo.com (.net), megaupload.com, sexuploader.com
v 0.99 beta 2 from 07.04.2006
[*] Updated filefactory.com
[+] Added short cuts for moving links: ALT+up/down - move up/down, CTRL+up/down - move to the beginning/the end
[-] Fixed a scheduler bug: current date was established only
[-] Fixed some buges in deletion and moving links in the list
v 0.99b from 04.04.2006
[+] Added languages: Uzbek
[-] Fixed mytempdir.com
[-] Fixed a rapidshare's bug with a file size
v 0.98b from 30.04.2006
[+] Added many new features
[+] Added share servers: hemenpaylas.com, up-file.com, rapidshare.fr, uploadyourfiles.de, quickdump.com
[+] Added languages: Slovenian
[*] Processor loading was removed
[-] Fixed getfile.biz, filefactory.com, megaupload.com
[-] Fixed a bug: if connection was broken the link was considered to be downloaded
v 0.97b from 27.03.2006
[+] Added the function "Reget again"
[+] Added info: file name, remaining
[+] Added share servers: badongo.net, easy-sharing.com, upload2.net
[-] Fixed megaupload.com
[+] Added languages: Ukrainian, Slovak, Portuguese, Hebrew, Estonian
[*] Changed interface
v 0.96b from 24.03.2006
[+] Added share servers: filefactory.com (only FTP), filespace.ru
[+] It's possible to change a folder, to add the password and other additional information for each link which will be saved in a file with extension ".txt"
[*] Downloading core was changed: during downloading each file has an extension ".rg", fixed resume feature and so on
[+] Added languages: Hungarian, Serbian, Italian, Polish, Greek
[*] Update some languages
v 0.95b from 21.03.2006
[+] Added a posibility to move links
[*] Changed link's list format
[*] Update French
[+] Added languages: Chinese Traditional, Czech, Spanish, Lithuanian
[+] Added share servers: datenklo.net, zshare.net
[-] Fixed some bugs in XP SP2
v 0.94b from 18.03.2006
[+] Added share servers: oxyshare.com, filecloud.com
[+] Added languages: French, Dutch, Arabic
[-] Fixed some bugs with languages
v 0.93b from 17.03.2006
[+] Multilingual version, added languages: English and German
v 0.92b from 14.03.2006
[+] Proxy support
[+] Added share servers: filehd.com, mooload.com, ifolder.ru
[-] Fixed a bug: it didn't create a folder to download
[-] Fixed a sendspace's bug
v 0.91b from 10.03.2006
[+] Added share servers: rapidupload.com, yourfile.org, yourfilehost.com
[+] Added an update checking
v 0.90b from 09.03.2006
[!] The first beta release

The RapGet (abbreviated from RAPidshareGET) is designed to automatically download files from known file server rapidshare.de and others. While there are many such programs, but all have their flaws, it is in the program was an attempt to combine all the benefits of other programs (thank you very much for Dimonius'u USDownloader), and add new opportunities.

RapGet 1.34a
Fize Size: 255KB Language: Multilingual OS: Win2000/XP/2003 Date updated: May 15,2007 License: Free

rapget.rar (257.57 KB) - Win32OpenSSL-v0.9.6m.exe (2.02 MB)
Download: Server1 - Server2 - Server3 - Server4 - Mirror1 - Mirror2 - Download: Plugin Win32OpenSSL-v0.9.6m.exe Size: 2.02 MB - (Mirror1)


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