10 January 2009

eMule 0.49b PrE-Mod v1.5

Welcome Cagliari
LeecherMods Presents Sarutobi's

>>>>>> eMule 0.49b PrE-Mod v1.5 <<<<<<

(based on Mephisto Mod v2.1)

Coded by:


Changelog / Features:

* Ported all features to mod Mephisto v2.1
+ Credit Hack (Multi or Single) (recommended to use Multi)
+ Extended Modthief
+ Multi server connection & requests
+ Auto & manual RSA key generation
+ Fake eChanblard Community
+ Fake AppleJuice Community
+ Manual Unshare complete file in sharedlist
+ Community nick thief
+ Multi "Kick & add to ipfilter.dat"
+ Disable XS send
+ Option to disable excessive bans done by DLP (recommended to be enabled if using leecher features such as ext.modthief or fake communities)
* Minor gui bug in phoenix options
* On share level changes now shared files are reloaded
- Limit in search results & globlal source limit
- Old NickThief

To view log entries of leecher features enable verbose

Password from ed2k link is: sarutobif0rsb1

Please request by Program Authors Homepage a CLEAN safe Version or post by unpacking forums request for help unpack themida file
original crypted file: http://www.seba14.org/2008/10/29/emule-049b-pre-mod-v10/#comments


- Themida + WinLicense - OEP Finder + IAT Repair
- Themida Fix API Virtual Machine + IAT Repair
- Themida Instruction Logger

New version - No change log
tmdunpacker.rar 586.19 KB
Tmdunpacker_TheMida_Winlicense_Unpacker_ 584.71 KB
Detemida1005.rar 106.81 KB


rar pass original theMidia target file: sarutobif0rsb1


post hash checksum to the files and no one ever 'fake' or can change it.


After spending a lot of time in this Themida Injected eMule. Try to clean Themdia shit from emule.exe same as fuqued Armadilled eMules, all from one source spreed to the net 'SBI', I have it unpacked with script but still get from 2 AV's alerts (possible not well clean unpacked). It's really not funny cause in Rapidrush forums they advice using exactly this protectors to hide Trojans from AV's.


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