15 July 2009

Megaupload auto-fill captcha no waiting time - UserScript

Auto-fills the megaupload captcha and auto-starts download
By Shaun Friedle, edited by earlizd1
Version: 0.1.1

0.0.1: Initial release
0.0.2: Rewritten to do OCR in javascript
0.0.3: Added auto-submit for captcha form
0.0.4: Added auto-starting download
0.0.5: Added megarotic support and toggle link for auto-starting download (the script remembers your last setting).
0.0.6: Added auto-retry if redirected to /premium/
0.1.0: Updated to work with new captchas, the success rate is lower (about 60%), but it will retry repeatedly. Most of the script was rewritten, including a minimal GIF decoder to get around captchas now being on a different domain.
0.1.1: Updated to work again after change to captchas, success rate is now just under 85%.

Does what it says on megaporn.com and megaupload.com.
Can be combined with: Skip Redirect Slim, Disbale UserCash, Disable LinkBucks, TinyURL Decoder Custom with Skip/Decode Linkbee (seba's edition) + FF Addon SkipScreen - No Promo Box 0.1.07112009

Test on: eMule PRO 1.5

For Firefox Greasmonkey, adapt to other browsers might be possible.

UserScript: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/53358
Homepage: http://herecomethelizards.co.uk/mu_captcha/


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Vic Viazko said...

Info in your blog help me with my project, whitch based on букмекеры so,  thanks!

Vic Viazko said...

Info in your blog help me with my project, whitch based on букмекеры so, i realy like your paragraph!

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