31 March 2010

Fiddler Web Debugging Proxy Beta - Final

Fiddler is a Web Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet. Fiddler allows you to inspect all HTTP(S) traffic, set breakpoints, and "fiddle" with incoming or outgoing data. Fiddler includes a powerful event-based scripting subsystem, and can be extended using any .NET language.

Fiddler is freeware and can debug traffic from virtually any application, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and thousands more.

Fiddler v2.x Changelog: [3/24/10]
Added new Timer objects
Added COMETPeek feature
Minor UI and performance improvements
Improved import of IE9 Network Capture XML
Improved FiddlerHook for Firefox
Various bugfixes

Version - Released 1/28/10

Added -viewer switch for new "view only" mode
Improved Filters tab
Improved Request Builder
Improved FiddlerHook for Firefox
Various bugfixes [1/25/10]
Added -viewer switch to enter new "view only" mode
Improved client connection reuse
Detect request pipelining
Enable HTTPS tunneling through authenticating proxy
Added (primitive) COLS ADD command to QuickExec [1/5/10]
Fix Process determination for x86 computers [12/29/09]
Improved Filters tab [12/7/09]
Enhanced Request Builder (auth, redirs)
AutoResponder visible to script
Add ALT+ENTER as "View Properties" hotkey
Correct HTTPS protocols (don't offer SSLv2)

Version - Released 11/9/09
64-bit support
Added Tools > HOSTS
Improved inspectors
Improved performance
Various bugfixes

Changelog Beta Version: http://www.fiddler2.com/Fiddler2/newbeta.txt
Changelog Final Version: http://www.fiddler2.com/Fiddler2/new.txt

BBS: http://groups.google.com/group/httpfiddler

Homepage: http://www.fiddler2.com/fiddler2/ | http://www.fiddler2.com/fiddler2/version.asp
Latest Beta

Latest Final

eMule-PRO 0.50a Preview

eMule PRO 0.50a *Windows7 Edition* Preview

- based on eMule 0.50a Beta3
- Windows7 compatible

Happy downloading!!!

Homepage: http://emulepro.6x.to/

* Megaupload.com
* uploaded.to
Thank you!

Dropbox 0.8.32 Free 2.25 GB online storage for Backup, Sync and Share *UPDATE*

Dropbox is a useful tool that will enable you to instantly store your files online and share them. It can also synchronize the files from your offline directories and online storage.


Experimental Forum Build - 0.8.28:

- fix to rare case where non-ascii unicode characters would cause dropbox to spin
- slight optimization to changes on case-sensitive file systems (linux, case sensitive hfs+)
- protect to possible hang when sharing and unsharing folders via the web interface
- other minor stability improvements


File Sync
Dropbox allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically.
Dropbox 0.8.28  Free 2.25 GB online storrage for Backup, Sync and Share

2,25GB of online storage for free up to 10 GB.
Sync files of any size or type.
Sync Windows, Mac and Linux computers.
Automatically syncs when new files or changes are detected.
Work on files in your Dropbox even if you're offline. Your changes sync once your computer has an Internet connection again.
Dropbox transfers will correctly resume where they left off if the connection drops.
Efficient sync - only the pieces of a file that changed (not the whole file) are synced. This saves you time.
Doesn't hog your Internet connection. You can manually set bandwidth limits.
File Sharing
Sharing files is simple and can be done with only a few clicks.

Shared folders allow several people to collaborate on a set of files.
You can see other people's changes instantly.
A "Public" folder that lets you link directly to files in your Dropbox.
Control who is able to access shared folders (including ability to kick people out and remove the shared files from their computers).
Automatically create shareable online photo galleries from folders of photos in your Dropbox.
Online Backup
Dropbox backs up your files online without you having to think about it.

Automatic backup of your files.
Undelete files and folders.
Restore previous versions of your files.
30 days of undo history, with unlimited undo available as a paid option.
Web Access
A copy of your files are stored on Dropbox's secure servers. This lets you access them from any computer or mobile device.

Manipulate files as you would on your desktop - add, edit, delete, rename etc.
Search your entire Dropbox for files.
A "Recent Events" feed that shows you a summary of activity in your Dropbox.
Create shared folders and invite people to them.
Recover previous versions of any file or undelete deleted files.
View photo galleries created automatically from photos in your Dropbox.
Security & Privacy
Dropbox takes the security and privacy of your files very seriously.

Shared folders are viewable only by people you invite.
All transmission of file data and metadata occurs over an encrypted channel (SSL).
All files stored on Dropbox servers are encrypted (AES-256) and are inaccessible without your account password.
Dropbox website and client software have been hardened against attacks from hackers.
Dropbox employees are not able to view any user's files.
Online access to your files requires your username and password.
Public files are only viewable by people who have a link to the file(s). Public folders are not browsable or searchable.
Mobile Device Access
The free Dropbox iPhone app lets you:

Access your Dropbox on the go.
View your files on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Download files for offline viewing.
Take photos and videos and sync them to your Dropbox.
Share links to files in your Dropbox.
View interactive photo galleries.
Sync downloaded files so they're up-to-date.
A mobile-optimized version of the website is available for owners of Blackberry phones and other Internet-capable mobile devices.


Free Signup


Windows: http://dl-web.dropbox.com/u/17/Dropbox%200.8.32.exe
Mac OS X: http://dl-web.dropbox.com/u/17/Dropbox%200.8.32.dmg
Linux x86_64: http://dl-web.dropbox.com/u/17/dropbox-lnx.x86_64-0.8.32.tar.gz
Linux x86: http://dl-web.dropbox.com/u/17/dropbox-lnx.x86-0.8.32.tar.gz

Dropbox Portable:

30 March 2010

Java SE Runtime Environment 6u19

Sun Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 19

The Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment is intended for software developers and vendors to redistribute with their applications.

The Java 2 Runtime Environment contains the Java virtual machine, runtime class libraries, and Java application launcher that are necessary to run programs written in the Java programming language.

Sun Java JRE is not a development environment and does not contain development tools such as compilers or debuggers. For development tools, see the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition.

The J2SE Java Runtime Environment (JRE) allows end-users to run Java applications.

Changelog: http://java.sun.com/javase/6/webnotes/6u19.html

32 bit windows
Download | Mirror

64 bit windows

eMule 0.50a Beta 3

ChangeLog since Beta2:

eMule 0.50a BETA3
- Mar, 28. 2010 -
.: Keyboard shortcuts to switch the dialog work again in the transfer dialog
.: Fixed a small visual glitch in the tooltips of the webinterface
.: Fixed a issue regarding eMule deciding if to trust an AICH hash on files which have no verified AICH has [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
.: Fixed minor issues with the exit commandline command and the multiple instances option [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS, leuk_he]

- Mar, 23. 2010 -
.: Fixed ed2k links not containing the AICH hash on several locations (ctrl+c, webserver, etc)
.: Fixed further bugs leading to crashes or glitches in the new toolbar
.: Fixed a possible crash problem with the new Win7 features
.: The Beta versioncheck will now point to a separate website instead the standard versioncheck (which doesn't works for betas)

Homepage/BBS: http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=148843
eMule0.50a_BETA3.zip 2.9 MB
ed2k link: ed2k://|file|eMule0.50a_BETA3.zip|2909578|25B7A3BA9703C3E7DB62B7D6E4BA3AE2|h=CQR35KTPEA35FNKU7YVBT4MS6RESPLHP|/
eMule0.50a_BETA3-Installer.exe 3.4 MB
eMule0.50a_BETA3-Sources.zip 6.0 MB
eMule 0.50a Beta3
for GPRS/56k/ISDN (No 1:3 Ratio):
eMule0.50a_BETA3.7z 1.97 MB

CCleaner 2.30.1130 Slim


Version History

* CCleaner v2.30.1130 (29 Mar 2010)

- Improved Firefox History cleaning to remove orphaned items.
- Improved Opera History cleaning.
- Improved Options Include/Exclude screens.
- Added manual domain adding for Cookies to keep list.
- Added time remaining to Wipe Free space.
- Added context menu to Summary Results for individual rule cleaning.
- Added context menu to Detailed Results to add file to Exclude list.
- Improved Firefox database compacting.
- Improved support for OpenOffice.
- Improved support for screen reader.
- Improved registry detection and backup support for 64-bit OSs.
- Improved Free Space wiping routines.
- Fixed bug in application detection algorithm.
- Minor GUI improvements.

Homepage: http://www.crap-cleaner.de/
Download other builds: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds

29 March 2010

7-Zip 9.12 Beta

7-Zip 9.12 beta was released.

7-Zip for 32-bit Windows:


7-Zip for 64-bit Windows x64:


What's new:

- ZIP / PPMd compression ratio was improved in Maximum and Ultra modes.
- The BUG in 7-Zip 9.* beta was fixed: LZMA2 codec didn't work,
if more than 10 threads were used (or more than 20 threads in some modes).

BBS: http://sourceforge.net/projects/sevenzip/forums/forum/45797/topic/3635448
All Files: http://de.sourceforge.jp/projects/sevenzip/releases/?fulllist=1

28 March 2010

eMule v0.49c UltiMatiX v4.5 (27.03.10)


Changelog for eMule v.49c [UltiMatiX v4.5 (old Name UltiMatic)] based on Magic Angel 3.5

MERGED: to MorphXT v11.3 - [engo3k] for ultimativ-board.org
FIX: unexpected upload interruption - THX [morph4u] for help
ADDED: Shutdown PC or eMule when Downloads are complete
ADDED: Shutdown PC or eMule with a date/time
ADDED: Shutdown PC or eMule when a file have x complete sources or x complete virtual sources
ADDED: Total UpDown column with pos./neg. colors - green/red
+CHANGE: Color for Friend (blue) & Leecher (orange) from back to txtcolor
+CHANGE: Colored Uploadfeedback with Uploadspeed & uploaded clients - THX Myth
from DownloadList + DownloadTime - D:H:M:S Format
+Ultimativ-MoD Uploadfeedback

ImageBanana - Unbenannt2.png

eMule-0.49c-UltiMatiX-V4.5-27.03.10.rar 3.83 MB

27 March 2010



No Installer (without auto installation of eBay links, no kikin embedded)
Download: ICQ 7.1 Build #2096 Banner Remover.exe 344.00 KB | DDL 62 KB

To run in English Language: start program with parameter -english
ICQ 7.1 Build #2096 Banner Remover.exe"; Parameters: "-english"
As Setup without 'Extras' (no ebay links, no Kikin installer)
ICQ 7.1 Build #2096 Banner Remover 1.0 Setup.exe 590 KB

Download ICQ
http://ftp.icq.com/pub/ICQ7/install_icq7.exe -> http://http.icq.com.edgesuite.net/pub/ICQ7/install_icq7.exe

25 March 2010

RDesc 2.29

New in RDesc Version 2.29: (21/03/2010)

- Added new hosts: MegaShares and Zippyshare
- Added function that writes to a log file with details of the download errors
- Added option to add the window to add to the target path name of the folder RDesc
- Added an option to extract to unzip to a folder with the file name
- Added column to the history of the password to extract and another with the password to decompress
- Now if you enter the wrong user name or password of an account is marked to download program
- You can now add links uploaded.to with short url, type http://ul.to/xxxxxx
- Now you can add links without the www zshare to top
- Fixed Brazilian Portuguese translation
- Fixed problem with some servers that appears at times
- Fixed bug with the 4shared link checker
- Fixed bug with some file names in megaupload
- Fixed bug with links hotfile without the file name in the link

Homepage: http://rdesc.com/


Yahoo! Messenger Ads Free!

An updated version of Yahoo! Messenger 10 (version

This latest release includes several security enhancements.

Release History: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahoo!_Messenger_release_history

HomePage: http://www.ymessengerblog.com/



Download the English (International) Version and from Messenger if needed Language Pack.

In some localized Versions are features not included such as Yahoo Chat, contact import from several other services!

Yahoo! Messenger for Mac.


Ad Banner Remover Plus - Version
Advert Options:

Remove Main Messenger Advert
Replace Change Room Banner
Remove Chat Room Advert
Replace Webcam Adverts
Replace Video Call Advert - ( Yahoo Messenger 10 Only )
Remove IM Statusbar Advert - ( Yahoo Messenger 10 Only )

Other Options:

Enable / Disable Multiple Instances of Yahoo Messenger 10, 9, or 8
Disable "Automatically start Yahoo Messenger" - ( When Windows Starts )
Enable / Disable Smiley Search - ( Yahoo Messenger 10 Only )

Yahoo UI Options - ( Yahoo Messenger 10 Only )

Remove Insider Button
Remove Email Button
Remove Mobile Button
Remove Voice Button
Remove Contact Card
Remove Plugins Toolbar
Remove Contacts Tab
Remove YUpdates Tab
Remove System Notifications






Yahoo Messenger is supported.


Ad Destroy 6.0

Release Notes:
Ad Destroy 6.0 has been updated and support now this new build.
Removing the plugin panel and yvoice/yinsider option also removes yupdates button.

Description: Ad destroy will remove 99% of advertisements in Yahoo! Messenger.

Is ONLY compatible with Yahoo! Messenger 10 Official Builds.


Remove Advertisements
Enable Polygamy
Enable Smiley Search
Disable Buzz! Sound
Disable Yupdater
Disable smileys
Disable Audibles
Remove Plugins area/Y!Mobile/Y!insider
Disable Chat Abuse Link
Toggle Nicknames/Usernames
Enable Messenger Debug Options
Disable Yahoo! Messenger at Startup

64bit: AdDestroy6.0_64bit.zip 171.90 KB
32bit: AdDestroy6.0_32bit.zip 172.32 KB

DeActCheck.zip 46.61 KB

Homepage: http://www.irish-gaming.net/

DednDave patched exe for ym version
http://www.4shared.com/file/4x7cmXAp/yp101258.html - Mirror

...older Vesions

Offset 75409 (hex) from 84 to 85
patched exe builds by Dave

Yahoo! Related Downloads:

Yahoo! Messenger v9.0.0.2162
Yahoo! Messenger v8.1.0.421
Standalone Audio Setup Wizard
Dermot's YRemover
VC Sync Community Edition (CE)

24 March 2010

eMule 0.49c ToXiC 1.1

Based on Xtreme + PrE leecher features

+ Reask single source(3 way: original, calculated by own algo, manual)
+ Up4Up (upload to a client only if you downloaded 1 byte more you already uploaded)
+ Friends Handling (friendslot saving, auto friendslot, friend boost, remove all friendslot)
+ Links for Server list and nodes file [stulle]
* Better splash display
* Major bug on Manual source request when selecting only 1 file
* Readded missing icon in upload list
* Optimized manual source request (now react immediately)
* Minor changes

+ Spooky Mode
+ Connection Checker
+ Manual Source Request on context menu [xanatos]
+ ExtendedUdpCache [xanatos]
+ Emulate other clients
+ Unshare single file (was already from 0.8)
* Recoded source requests in transfer window (also icons changed from neomule)
* Minor fixes & changes

8.02 MB

emule.exe is pacKed with VMProtect ( www.vmprotect.ru )

23 March 2010

Firefox 3.6.2 private build by Tete | Namoroka Ayakawa build


Firefox 3.6.2 private build by Tete

Firefox 3.6.2 private build (PGO)
Last updated: March 24, 2010

Firefox 3.6.2 [2010032322 en-US win32 tete009 sse2 pgo] (7.8MB)

* MD5: 530a7d67797e0155cb9592446cad9d23
* SHA1: 78bc4520ccdcd23ef205bb67ff96d1c05ca472d6

Firefox 3.6.2 [2010032400 en-US win32 tete009 sse pgo] (7.9MB)

* MD5: 2d44c3e1e34ea649637060aec2bd2e93
* SHA1: ff3f6ea8a3fa13a65368f81f464098d5a985574f


* Applied PGO to C Runtime DLL.
* Made libpixman and libtheora into DLL to make it easier to test.



Namoroka Ayakawa build

Namoroka 3.6.3pre (2010/03/17)

* profiling with getting source from changeset 33738:dca79ffca449 (Mon Mar 15 12:31:49 2010 -0400)
* make with VC++9 SP1
* add compatibility for windows 7 on manifest. see MSDN-Application Manifest. But, if you use some plugins (e.g. Flash), Fx run under VISTA compatibility mode.
* make mozlibpixman.dll patch - pixmandll20091115.zip
* IJG's JPEG library with x86 SIMD extension & Namoroka Patches
* bug 509956

Namoroka 3.6.3pre

VS 2008 Pro SP1/SSE2+PGU build 7z ver.
size 8,086,639 byte
SHA256 cdb4646901bc4bf1ab18b344be51a2bb0d30e18af47a6c73d3ed792a02e04cee
VS 2008 Pro SP1/SSE2+PGU build installer ver.
size 8,164,974 byte
SHA256 60cb94c74e73be52871f802dc409bcc341f82d849fbe313f44e59014403f37b6



Opera 10.5 Theme for Firefox


gif2apng 1.3

APNG from GIF by maxst

APNG can be smaller than GIF. This program will make your GIF animations smaller by converting them into Animated PNG format. Simple gif2apng.c source code compiles under Windows and Linux. Command line: gif2apng.exe anim.gif [anim.png]


gif2apng 1.3
- Fixed a transp. color bug

Homepage: http://gif2apng.sourceforge.net/

For Windows: gif2apng-1.3-bin-win32.zip

For Linux: gif2apng-1.3-bin-linux.zip

Source: gif2apng-1.3-src.zip




Imagine - Image & Animation Viewer for Windows


- View and save image/animation files with very fast speed
- Support for numerous image/animation file formats:
GIF, BMP, PNG, JPG, TIF, TGA, PCX, ICO, ANI, FLI, APNG, and many more...
- Extract single/all frames from animation files
- Show detailed information of image/animation files
- Show EXIF information
- Show or hide transparency
- Support ZIP, RAR, 7Z, ALZ, HV3, CBZ, CBR, CB7 file
- 64-bit version available
- Unicode version available
- Multilingual support:
English, German, Spanish, Russian, Danish, Korean, Chinese, and many more...
- Thumbnail browser
- Capture screen
- Batch conversion
- Slideshow
- Tiled view (check textures for seamless tiling,
very useful for game developers/modders)
- Create animations
- Create multiple page images
- Manipulate and edit images:
+ Flip vertical and horizontal
+ Rotate left, right and free
+ Grayscale
+ Negative
+ Change color depth (1, 4, 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit)
+ Swap colors
+ Resize per pixel, percentage or standard dimensions. Several resample filters available.
+ Effect filters, including a handy Preview browser
+ Import, export and edit palettes
+ Set and remove transparency
+ and more ...
- Customizable shortcuts for Keyboard and Mouse
- Command line parameter support
- Shell extension support
- Add-on plugin support
- Total Commander lister and packer plugin
- No write unnecessary registry (ini-based configuration)
- Fully optimized binaries (tiny, pure, fast, neat)

System requirements:
- CPU: Pentium compatible
- Memory: 32MB or higher
- OS: Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
- Display: 256 color or higher

Chun Sejin (Korea)

URL: http://nyam.pe.kr
Latest changelog: http://nyam.pe.kr/dev/imagine/doc/WhatsNew.txt

BBS: http://www.nyam.pe.kr/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=2
Latest version download

Current latest WIP (Work-In-Progress) version

22 March 2010


21 March 2010

gif2apng 1.2

APNG from GIF by maxst

APNG can be smaller than GIF. This program will make your GIF animations smaller by converting them into Animated PNG format. Simple gif2apng.c source code compiles under Windows and Linux. Command line: gif2apng.exe anim.gif [anim.png]


gif2apng 1.2
- Uses less memory by not storing all the decoded frames in memory,
instead decodes and encodes frames one-by-one.

- Improves the compression (a little bit) by sorting the palette.

Homepage: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gif2apng/
For Windows: gif2apng-1.2-bin-win32.zip
For Linux: gif2apng-1.2-bin-linux.zip
Source: gif2apng-1.2-src.zip


ImageBanana - Unbenannt.png



related apng tools

20 March 2010

Medion Aldi Huawei E160 Surf Stick Update - Latest Version


Modem as Phone - Enabling Voice via At command:

AT^CVOICE=0 Enable Voice
AT^CVOICE=1 Disable Voice
AT^CVOICE=? Check status


AT^U2DIAG=0 - switch the device in modem mode only
AT^U2DIAG=1 - device in modem mode + CD-ROM
AT^U2DIAG=255 - modem mode + CD-ROM + Card Reader
AT^U2DIAG=256 - modem mode + Card Reader


Latest Firmware Update October 2010:
Huawei E160 firmware update to 11.609.10.02.432

Download: E160Update_11.609.10.02.432.B418.zip



older Firmware:

Firmware 11.609.10.00.158

Firmware 11.609.10.00.311 (June 2010):

+ added NDIS Feature
http://www.dc-files.com/files/huawei/modems/E160/firmware_update/E160Update_11.609.10.00.311.B418.zip - Mirror


Calculate Unlock Firmware Update Code:

Unlock Firmware Code Generators and Calculators:
huwai unlocker.7z 616.82 KB

Firmware-Update-Code Online Calculators: http://a-zgsm.com/huawei.php - http://entsperren.at/unlock_huawei.php


Verbindungsassistent Update 3.0 Version Date: 2010-09-22 - With new Options Manager: - Mirror

Verbindungsassistent Update 2.1 Version Date: 2010-02-23:


Version 2.0
ALDi_STICK_SW.rar 5.83 MB

Version 3.0
from website: http://www.medionmobile.de/index3.htm

For Windows:

For MAC: http://www.webtogo.de/files/release/Eplus20100914/ePlus2_1.Verbindungsassistent.100914.114804.MMS.MacOS.pkg.dmg



HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G Modem Driver Version

Add the support for Windows XP 64bit.
Add the installation for Autorun 2.0.
Fix the issue that PC hang when do pwrtest.
Remove the "safely remove" icon from Windows XP for EMXXX's NDIS Port.
Fix the isuue when PC go into sleep, firmware not goto low power state.
Add L1 buffer's number to improve the download's stability.
Fix the issue of reading SMS use at+clgm=4.
Fix the issue that user form service area to no service area then go back to service area, wwan can't connect.
Add the support for no IMSI product do wwan connect.
Add the support for new PID 143F.

Fix the issue Unsolicted indications are blocked when NO SMS capable SIM is used.
Fix the issue WWAN UI does not appear with CDMA device, if the SPN returns error.
Fix the BSOD due to improper response from firmware.
Fix a dead lock issue causing BSOD, long time for Sleep.
Fix BSOD when Firmware becomes irresponsive after some time and behaves randomly.
Fix the issue that when use Multiple Data card, remove one, another is unuseful.
Fix a risk when driver finished a IRP.
Fix the issue that Power manage aware is disappeared after replug.
Set default SMS configurations with AT+CNMI.
Set default settings for memory storage for WCDMA, with AT+CPMS.
Support new CDMA AT Commands.
Support the installation command line parameter -pd, -nd, -pdf.
Initilization time for the QMI is optimized.
Add new function to distinguish DataCard and EM Device.
Remove the support for IMSICHECK AT Command.
Remove the support for TLP.

Fix the BSOD caused by the WWan when PC goto standby.
Support the installation command line parameter /EnableCD to tell firmware do Enable or Disable CDRom.

Fix the issue that when do pwrtest PC hangs

Download 32bit | Download 64bit

older builds:

Support new platform of USBWare

Fix the issue that BSOD appears when NDIS is unload.
Fix the issue that BSOD appears when driver is uninstalled with the card.
Fix the issue that the sleep cannot success on some PC.
Fix the BSOD when the CDMA card insert into the PC.
Add the USB requests that start/stop the GPS service when the GPS port is opened/closed.
Transfer the baseline code.
Combine the new pid driver.
Combine the GPS driver for Win7.
Optimize the devsetup.
Combine the PCSC driver for Win7.

Remove PID 1C0B in ewusbdev.inf.

Download Latest Version Driver



HUAWEI Mobile Partner V100R003 Build date: 2009-09-16

Huawei's series of wireless LAN control interface program with driver, no installation required. Applies to Windows XP Windows Vista and Windows 7, including x86 and x64 drivers. (Driver in Drivers directory)

HUAWEI Mobile Partner V100R003 20090916.zip 11.35 MB



MOBILedit! Forensic

Huawei Service Flash tool:

huawei service t .rar 568.67 KB



Fix 100% CPU Load svchost.exe (Windows XP SP3)
If you have several times reconnect on different USB Ports Websticks, you may disconnect the usb devices and clean/delete all redundant USB Entries of the same devices with USBDeview from Nirsoft.net

Uninstall the software for Surfstick/Webstick


Install the latest Drivers/Software after connecting the actual Surfstick.

Result: computer start within seconds again and internet is immediately ready to connect, which took more than 5 minutes before.

SVCHOST.EXE (see in Process Explorer) Freeze 3 to 7 Minutes - no system response by:

- Internet Connect Dial in
- Connection Software Medion Verbindungsassistent (Huawei Webstick Connection Manager) / Join Air 1&1 (ZTE Internet Surf Stick)
- ADSL DLink Router/Modem,...
- and others...

Generic Host Process for Win32 Services C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe (5.1.2600.5512) Since service Pack 3 may freeze for several minutes by system or internet application start.

How I fixed it:

Remove from SVCHOST Network Service DnsCache

Start, Run, type in Regedit:
Go to:
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SvcHost
Deleting the Value "NetworkService = DnsCache"


read more

dUP 2.20 BETA 8 diablo2oo2's Universal Patcher

dUP 2.20 BETA 8

diablo2oo2's Universal Patcher - [dUP] - Multiple file patcher with many features.

Whats new in Beta 8:

- added new "File Check" module for patcher

BBS: http://mp2kforum.mp.funpic.de/index.php?topic=647.msg3545#msg3545
Homepage: http://diablo2oo2.di.funpic.de/
Download 188.63 KB

Latest Final and read more


Dentoo.info - Hosting - Offering seedboxes and seedbox solutions


MoDs - BRD Push 2 Check Projects News all on one Page
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