30 October 2011

eMule 0.50a Chimera 1.7


add Anti-XS-Exploit [Xtreme]
add ChatLog [ZZUL BastarD]
add CPU load limiter [netfinity]
add Don't draw hidden Rect [MorphXT]
add Drop stalled downloads [Xtreme/Changed B4n$h33]
add Fake Shareaza Detection [Xtreme]
add Fast Reask detection [Sivka/Changed B4n$h33]
add FileFaker detection [Xtreme]
add Gridlines [Morph4u]
add Never Ban Chimera Mod [B4n$h33]
add LowId Color Setting Default:R:173 G:216 B:230[B4n$h33]
add Open Incoming from tray [Shark]
add Open Incoming in new toolbar [eMulefuture]
add Open Incoming in DownLoadListContrl [B4n$h33]
add Push Files [MagicAngel/Changed B4n$h33]
add Save CPU [eMulefuture]
add See On Queue [X-Ray]
add Variable compression [netfinity]
change build settings [B4n$h33]
change code Country block [B4n$h33]
change dynamic block request [B4n$h33]
fix some visual bug [B4n$h33]
fix toolbar [B4n$h33]
integrated in antileech-system Anti-XS-Exploit/Fake Shareaza/Fast Reask/FileFaker detection [B4n$h33]
remove ban to Bad/Community Userhash now they are filtered [B4n$h33]
remove ConChecker
remove Drop Slow Client
remove kad boost value from ini
remove Kad Settings
rewritten Kad Boost [B4n$h33]
Update Links for nodes.dat,server.met & ipfilter.zip [B4n$h33]



18 October 2011

eMule 0.50a SNAKE v3.0b6


Changelog SNAKE v3.0b6

based on eMule 0.50a

- Updated: Lang.dll
- Added: Community List
- Added: Leecher List
- Added: Show Client Percentage
- Added: Show Release Files in Bold
- Added: UL/DL and Ration in Download List
- Added: Preferences Slide Bar
- Added: Transfer Wnd Buttons
- Added: Show Hard Limit per File
- Added: Show CPU/Mem Resource
- Changed: Super Sources Finder Timer
- Changed: SNAKE Preferences
- Changed: My Info in Server Wnd
- Fixed: Super Sources Finder Button


17 October 2011

emule DarkSky Reloaded v4.0

EMULE DARKSKY RELOADED v4.0 //codet by Tribu

Ich hoffe Ihr habt viel Spass damit. Für Fragen oder
Anregungen bitte ne Mail oder PN in den Boards.
Fetures oder Wünsche gern an mich.


[-] IRC
[-] Wizard

[+] Community (invisible)
[+] Friendboost

[+] Up4Up
- with Differenzblock

[+] no Upload 4 Non EMules withaout Up4Up

[+] Creditsysteme (2)
- Ultimate Leeching
- PayBack
- Upload without Rank (Fairness ed2k)
[+] Share Only the Need
[+] share only Partfiles
[+] No Upload PartFiles max 50 % of all

[+] Countryblock
- for Upload
- for Download
- IPFilter (no Connect)
- Schweiz,Östereich, Deutschland, Frankreich
2 x custom, unbekannt

[+] AutoServer Disconnect (15min)
[+] variabler UploadKick
[+] Upload for ReleaseFiles without Rqr
[+] Speedbar
[+] new Splash
[+] Toolbar (JVA/Shadow/Silversurfer)
[+] Resourcebar (Wizard)
[+] StartSound
[+] IP2Country
[+] FunnyNick
[+] Download in Blue
[+] Diff RQR in Color
[+] Color Lowid
[+] Members in Color + FriendIcon

[+] Kick/IpFilter Down + Upload
[+] ReaskHack (Torni)
[+] fake Leecher (Hash+Version)
[+] fake Non Emules
[+] intell. FakeRank
[+] no FileList an den Server
[+] custom ModString
[+] upkick4 releasefiles
[+] show Lowid color
[+] show Rq Diff color
[+] FileBuffersize up2 7.5mb

[+] autoUpdate Ip-Filter
[+] autoUpdate Country-IPs
[+] autoLoad Countryflag DLL (Wizard/EMF)

[+] AntileecherSystem
- AntiVersionsFaker
- AntiModFaker
- AntiNickthief

[+] Easy Slotfocus
[+] Custom Slotfocus
[+] Custom UpDatarate
[+] sls
[+] better Timings

noch einiges mehr :-D

BetaTester: Sneko vom EBS-Board (http://ebs-reloaded.net)

Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung , die tagelangen Tests, für
die Kritik und das Lob :-D

->>>>Danke Danke Danke<<<<-


dont forget to visit >>sharing-devils<<

16 October 2011


Coded by: morph4u

to make the time shorter a small eMule from me based on -LPE- mod but much lighter


06 October 2011

eMule 0.50a Som-Tam 0.1a


* *************************************** *
* *************eMule Som-Tam************* *
* * Dev : SNK * *
* * Help : Matrik * *
* * TesT : ReNo * *
* * uDonMan * *
* Changelog V0.1a *

[Add]Open SearchBox in MiniMule "Big Thx Spe64"[Spe64]

[Add]Set Server.met URL "http://peerates.net/servers.php" [SNK]
[Add]Download files in Bold now is swichtable [SNK]

[Add]show current server in status bar [beba Mod]

[Add]Automatic Shared Files Upload [beba Mod]

[Add]Outlined Percentage [ZZUL-TRA Mod]

[Add]Overlay friendslot visualization [Xman]

[Add]Auto Unban when Friend to add is a banned client [SNK]

[Add]IP Filter v153 [Meuh6879]

[Changed]Chunk Detail in downloadlistclient from MorphMod [SiRoB]

[Moved]Slot Focus now in Som-Tam Options I[Matrik]

[Fix]Some Bug Sorry Posted Image [SNK]

[Fix]Crash on shutdown [SNK]


02 October 2011

eMule SNAKE v3.0b5


Changelog SNAKE v3.0b5

based on eMule 0.50a

- Updated: Lang.dll
- Added: Save/Load Sources
- Added: Spooky Mode
- Added: Connection Checker
- Changed: Tab in SNAKE Prefs
- Changed: SNAKE Preferences
- Fixed: Queue Process Bar
- Fixed: Variable Nick Name
- Fixed: Boost Release Files
- Fixed: Super Sources Finder
- Fixed: Drop Sources Timer
- Fixed: Hide Parts
- Fixed: RQR Difference
- Fixed: Quick Start
- Fixed: Community Upload Slots
- Fixed: Show uploading files in color
- Fixed: Total Upload/Download in Upload list



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