20 November 2012

eMule v0.50a -XdP- v5.6 RC1



UPDATE : European Community V2 (umeK)*
UPDATE : ICS to latest version (WiZaRd)
UPDATE : SOTN to latest version (WiZaRd)
UPDATE : Powershare to latest version (WiZaRd)
UPDATE : Clientanalyzer to latest version (WiZaRd)
UPDATE : XdP-Stats feature (umeK)
ADD : Auto server disconnect adjustable (ZZUltra/umek->recode and fixes)
ADD : intelligent Clientcheck [supporting feature to Smart Credit-Push & A4AF-Push] (umeK)
ADD : show RQR estimatedtime on Downloadlistctrl [own code] (umeK)
ADD : Drop Blocking Sockets (Xman/WiZaRd/umeK->small changes)
ADD : Count block/success send (Xman/umek->small changes)
ADD : show Slotnumber on Uploadlistctrl (pP)
ADD : one more choice on CountryBlock feature (umeK)
IMPROVE : Better mod defaults (umeK)
IMPROVE : recode of QRDiff feature (umeK)
IMPROVE : Own ModVersionSystem [don't send real modstring on IRC sessions] (umeK)
IMPROVE : ModVersionCheck [check working now only on Startup or manually via sysmenu] (umeK)
OPTIMIZE : Endgame Improvement (WiZaRd)
OPTIMIZE : better resortlogic of uploadslots (umeK)
FIX : 2 memleaks in official KAD code (WiZaRd)
FIX : Slotlimiter preferences (umeK)
FIX : Manual reasking of src. don't exclude LowIDs (umeK/thx Neo26 for report)
FIX : rqr's was resetted twice (umeK)
FIX : showing of Friendboost factor on XdP-stats feature (umeK)
FIX : chat message field will not clear when closing the particular tab (Tuxman)
FIX : DL & UL Permissions feature don't grey out options on setting changes + incorrect labeling (umeK/thx Neo26 for report)
FIX : RQR estimatedtime displaying don't work in the right way sometimes (umeK)
FIX : Push to Upload don't exclude LowIDs (umeK/thx Neo26 for report)
REMOVE : DropStalledSources & DynamicBlockRequests feature - no longer needed due to Endgame Improvement (umeK)
REMOVE/CHANGE/IMPROVE : many other things around the mod (umeK)

*Changelog European Community V2 [v1.4.8]:
FIX : closed security leaks on community check and upload handling (umeK)

*Changelog European Community V2 [v1.4.9]:

FIX : community statistics are not resetted if we are using the "Reset Statistics" option (umeK)
OPTIMIZE : small code optimizations (umeK)

A new version from -XdP- is online :-D Many thx goes to all betatester + some users for requests.Enjoy it...



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ip-Filter by hooligan (18.11.2012)


based on "eMule-Security IP-FILTER V1606"

Bogon list - 18.11.12
Fake servers list - 18.11.12
Level 1 list - 18.11.12

207584 filters loaded



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08 November 2012

ip-Filter by hooligan (08.11.2012)


based on "eMule-Security IP-FILTER V1605"

Bogon list - 04.11.12
Fake servers list - 04.11.12
Level 1 list - 04.11.12

207554 filters loaded



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28 October 2012

eMule 0.50a -LPE- (build 27.10.2012)


eMule 0.50a -LPE-

Build 27.10.2012 [morph4u]

Removed: Upload Permission because some rare crashes
Changed: SUI always enabled
Changed: protocol obfuscation default enabled
Fixed: 2 memleaks in KAD code [WiZaRd]
Update: miniupnpc 1.7.20120830 (lite)
Changed: Some other small changes in code


Build 04.06.2012 [morph4u]

Added: Show system icons in downloadlist switchable
Added: Upload Permission


Build 21.04.2012 [morph4u]

Added: Manual reask in download client list
Added: Remove client from upload
Added: Better support for WINE Gnome/KDE desktops [netfinity]
Added: Quickstart [Xanatos]
Update: miniupnpc 1.6.20120420

Changed: Modname from "eMule 0.50a lightweight" to "eMule 0.50a -LPE-"




Bin x86 NoSSE


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ip-Filter by hooligan (28.10.2012)


based on "eMule-Security IP-FILTER V1604"

Bogon list - 28.10.12
Fake servers list - 28.10.12
Level 1 list - 28.10.12

207512 filters loaded



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21 October 2012

ip-Filter by hooligan (21.10.2012)

based on "eMule-Security IP-FILTER V1603"

Bogon list - 21.10.12
Fake servers list - 21.10.12
Level 1 list - 21.10.12

207546 filters loaded



13 October 2012

ip-Filter by hooligan (07.10.2012)

based on "eMule-Security IP-FILTER V1602"

Bogon list - 07.10.12
Fake servers list - 07.10.12
Level 1 list - 07.10.12

207542 filters loaded



03 October 2012

ip-Filter by hooligan (03.10.2012)

based on "eMule-Security IP-FILTER V1601"

Bogon list - 30.09.12
Fake servers list - 30.09.12
Level 1 list - 30.09.12

207532 filters loaded

add known german badguys

removed known ipranges from:

ovh release servers
leaseweb release servers
trusted VPN providers


ipfilter.dat as rar

guarding.p2p as zip

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kMule Build 20120923


tuxman and tHeWiZaRdOfDoS are proud to present the first version of kMule.
Before anything else, we want to thank the developers of eMule for the base and all beta-testers for their commitment.

Our goal was to create a lighter client - in two senses.
On the one hand we removed quite a lot of ballast from the eMule base and on the other hand we tried to make the client as simple as possible to make it possible for every user to experience P2P.
We included a lot of features but nearly all of them are "invisibly" working for you - if you want to know more, you should check out the changelog.

20120724 (Beta):

based upon eMule v0.50a
> updated libpng to v1.5.10
> updated zlib to v1.2.7
> updated CryptoPP to v5.6.1
> updated miniupnplib support to v1.7 (24/05/2012)
- mobilemule [WiZaRd]
- kademlia wnd [WiZaRd]
- server support [WiZaRd]
- IRC [WiZaRd]
- Search Related Files [Tuxman]
~ kad always enabled [WiZaRd]
~ transfer full chunks always enabled [WiZaRd]
~ SUI always enabled [WiZaRd]
+ modder credits [WiZaRd]
~ protocol obfuscation always supported [WiZaRd]
! http downloads were aborting too early (http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=155048) [WiZaRd]
~ code formatting [Tuxman]
+ IntelliFlush [WiZaRd]
* automatic flushing on chunk completion
* filebuffer timelimit default: 15min.
* filebuffer size: 0.5-20MB
~ splashscreen and app icons [WiZaRd]
~ client version: "ed2k Loader" [WiZaRd]
+ modversion [WiZaRd]
~ spam filter always enabled [WiZaRd]
+ AntiFake [WiZaRd, parts from Netfinitys' FakeAlyzer]
+ Kad Term Cleanup [WiZaRd]
~ simplified DL progress [WiZaRd]
~ detect VLC automatically [WiZaRd]
- scheduler [WiZaRd]
~ credit system always enabled [Tuxman]
~ notifications and proxy settings are only visible when "extended controls" is enabled
- web interface [WiZaRd]
- sound/mail/speech notifications and built-in popups [Tuxman]
+ Snarl support [Tuxman]
* replaces built-in notifier system
* visit http://snarl.fullphat.net/ for download and information
~ connection wizard integrated into first start assistant [WiZaRd]
- connection wizard removed from prefs [WiZaRd]
~ search file colors changed [WiZaRd]
+ ICS by enkeyDev [WiZaRd]
* ICS replaces default chunk selection and cannot be deactivated
+ AntiHideOS by netfinity [WiZaRd]
- "tooltip delay" option [Tuxman]
+ ClientAnalyzer [WiZaRd]
+ Small File Slot [WiZaRd]
+ Queue Size Fix [WiZaRd]
- Peercache [WiZaRd]
- Connect Button [WiZaRd]
+ ModVersion Display in ListCtrls [WiZaRd]
+ searchCatch by SLUGFILLER [Tuxman]
~ message captchas always enabled [WiZaRd]
~ automatically select an alternative port if port is in use [WiZaRd]
+ PowerShare [WiZaRd]
+ Intelligent SoTN [WiZaRd]
+ Payback First [WiZaRd]
+ SharedView Ed2kType [WiZaRd, parts by Avi3k]
~ reserve at least max(10MB, 5% of HD) for ed2k Loader [WiZaRd]
- removed nonsense "OK" button from networkinfo dialog [WiZaRd]
- perflog [WiZaRd]
+ endgame improvement [WiZaRd]
~ use "optimal" tempdir for preview backup creation [WiZaRd]
~ minor cleanup in the Proxy settings [Tuxman]
! fixed 2 memleaks in official KAD code [WiZaRd]
+ autoupdate system [WiZaRd]
+ ipfilter autoupdate [WiZaRd]
~ ipfilters now filter Kad contacts on-the-fly [WiZaRd]
* i.e. we check all known contacts on ipfilter update and delete filtered ones
- removed support for 4 and 8 bit desktop colors [WiZaRd]
* get real - get an update!
~ enhanced ed2k links and collections with folder attributes [WiZaRd]
* downloaded files will retain their directory structure on completion
* have fun with highly improved filesharing via collections
+ NoNeededRequeue by SlugFiller [WiZaRd]
- statically enabled Win7 goodies [WiZaRd]
- statically enabled advanced spam filter [WiZaRd]
- statically enabled message smilies [WiZaRd]

20120817 (Beta):

~ statically enabled crash dumps [Tuxman]
! fixed possible crash in connections dialog - thx SS1900 [WiZaRd]
~ change the connection globe icons [WiZaRd]
~ fixed wrong tab order in prefs [WiZaRd]
~ changed slotspeed estimation [WiZaRd]
<+> added slotfocus - STATIC! [WiZaRd]
~ changed popup order on startup [WiZaRd]
+ added version check to tools [WiZaRd]
~ improved passive source finding [WiZaRd]
+ added trickle slot orientation slot opening [WiZaRd]
! fixed possible crash in first start assistent - thx Nuberu [WiZaRd]
+ added FDC by BlueSonicBoy [WiZaRd]
~ removed icons from options dialog [WiZaRd]
! don't send empty directories [WiZaRd]
+ you can now adjust the sharing mode for each directory individually [WiZaRd]
+ added column for fake info to searchlistctrl [WiZaRd]
! fixed stats bug - thx to jerrybg [WiZaRd]
+ ratio indicator smilies in sharedfiles list [WiZaRd]
+ ratio indicator smiliey added to preferences [WiZaRd]
* help them looking friendly by sharing your stuff
+ mediainfo.dll autoupdate [WiZaRd]
~ splash is now shown way earlier to compensate for ipfilter loading times [WiZaRd]
+ added restart confirmation popup [WiZaRd]
! (mis)placement/size of the lower panes in the transfers window by jerrybg [WiZaRd]
+ ColorPreviewReadyFiles [WiZaRd, idea by jerrybg]
+ chat logging [WiZaRd, idea by CiccioBastardo]
+ advanced transfer window layout by Stulle [WiZaRd]
+ re-added option to enable default progress bar style via pref.ini [WiZaRd]
* UseSimpleProgress=0/1
+ diskspace checks now require min(1GB, max(10MB, 5% of HDD)) [WiZaRd]
~ reduced CPU usage for Kad parts [WiZaRd, original by netfinity]


> updated libpng to v1.5.12
> updated miniupnplib support to v1.7 (30/08/2012)
> update resizeablelib to v1.4 alpha
~ removed more (now obsolete) server stat code
+ USS Status Pane [WiZaRd, by Eulero]
* http://forum.emule-p...howtopic=150006
~ improved compatibility of kMule when run under WINE [WiZaRd]
~ new connection state icons [WiZaRd]
+ the hidden pref entry "SpamFilterMode" can now be used to configure the spam filter feature [WiZaRd]
* 0 = disabled, 1 = colored, 2 = autosort, 3 = filtered (not implemented, yet)
+ Startup Flood Prevention [WiZaRd]
+ autoHL [WiZaRd]
! fixed loss of some pref settings between restarts [WiZaRd]
! clear chat message field when closing the particular tab [Tuxman]
~ main dialog is hidden after shutdown is initiated to avoid confusion [WiZaRd]
! fixed problem with ratio smilies not showing up in some cases [WiZaRd]
+ prevent sharing of known partial files [WiZaRd]
* right now this filters "ForbiddenFileFilters" in our .ini file if "RemoveForbiddenFiles" is enabled
+ session ratio (1:3) [WiZaRd]
* please upload as much as you can to help the network!
+ ratio info & indicator added to MiniMule [WiZaRd]







or from SourceForge


15 September 2012

eMule v0.50a - [UltiMatix v5.0] 15.09.2012


eMule v0.50a [UltiMatix v5.0]
Based on [SaintAngel]
Engo3K changes for eMule v0.50a [UltiMatix v5.0]
Build: Jun 17 2012 (Released 15.09.12)
+ATWL - Advanced Transfer Window Layout
+Fine Credit System



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03 August 2012

inaccessible error messages on our domain


Dear readers

We had recently some 'Downtimes' and I want to appoligize for it.
It is unclear if its any new plugin in the DNS System or caused by any changes from Google Hosting.

The error Messages looks like that:

Google mentioned that the traffic is unually in leechermods.com
IP : xxxxxx
Time: 2012-08-02T03:12:44Z
website: http://www.leechermods.com/

Please post a message here if you had the same errors by visiting the website.

We are sorry for the delay especially for our running contest.
The winners will be announced asap.

31 July 2012

NeoLaoder 0.10 Public Beta Release



NeoLoader das Herunterladen von mehreren Quellen wie Torrent, Hoster und eMule. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Multi-Netzwerk Clients kann kann NeoLoader diese Quellen kombinieren und zusammengehörige Files zu einem einzigen Download vereinen. Konkret kann beispielsweise der Download von Datei X, für die Ihr Hoster Links besitzt, beschleunigt werden, indem parallel zum Hoster Download Teile dieser Datei via Torrent oder eMule heruntergeladen werden.

Weiterhin bietet NeoLoader eine dezentrale Torrent Keyword Suche (Kademlia basiert).

Ein genauerer Überblick über die Features:
Algemeine Features
Automatisches Update
Core/GUI Trennung, Core ausführbar als Service/Daemon
Multi Plattform Win32/Linux/MacOS (Linux/MacOS kommen diese oder nächste Woche)
Web Basierte Benutzer Oberfläche unter http://localhost:1600/WebUI/
Kombinieren von Quellen mehrerer Netzwerke an einem Download

ed2kMule Unterstützung
Source Exchange
Protocol Obfuscation

BitTorrent Downloads
DHT, ALT Tracker, UDP Tracker
Peer Exchange
Torrent Magnet Links
Protocol Encryption
Torrent Keyword Search (Kademlia-based)

Hoster Download Engine
Eigene Script-Sprache für hoster Unterstützung
JavaScript fähige Browser Engine
Hoster Magnet Links

Weitere Features wie anonymes Filesharing (mittels unidirektionalem verschlüsseltem Multiplath-Routing im XOR-Raum von Kademlia) sind bereits in Arbeit.

Der Client kann ein und das selbe File aus allen drei Netzwerken zugleich laden,
momentan geht das zwar nur wen man die files manuell als ein und das selbe zuordnet,
aber ein eigenes DHT/kad wo dann die Zuordnungen ed2k hash zu BT hash zu hosterlinks ist in Arbeit und bald fertig.

Der Client bietet die erste globale skalierbare torrent keyword suche, also so eine Suchfunktion wie in emule nur das man damit torrent Files finden kann.

In späteren versionen kommt noch ein anonymes p2p filesharing system rein, ist auch schon in Arbeit.

Linux und MacOSx versionen werden auch bald verfügbahr

Wir freuen uns sehr auf euer Feedback.
Hoster Downloads funktionieren dank eigener Script Engine & zugehörigen Hoster Scripten schon sehr gut. Jedoch fehlen für sehr viele Hoster noch die passenden Scripte. Wenn euer Lieblingshoster also noch nicht unterstützt wird, dann könnt ihr uns gerne kontaktieren um ein Hoster Script für den jeweiligen Hoster zu schreiben.
Viel Spaß beim Testen!


24 July 2012

Giveaway - Get Free Cloud System Booster Pro for 180 Days


Cloud System Booster is system optimization software, developed by Anvisoft, engaging in providing Internet security solutions. It mainly contains four functions: cleaner, repair, optimizer and application. They can respectively deal with various junk files in disk or registry, repair PC errors, optimize system performance and remove unneeded programs to free up much space, so as to speed up our computer.

Key Features:
Support Windows XP, Vista & 7
Clean up the system in various aspects with one click
Include a Mini Mode for light use
Scheduled scan, system restore, network proxy management are available for convenient use.
Chameleon feature to enable attractive personalized look
Expert mode for custom use
Automatically update and automatically boost are available

We can implement optimizing our computer with one click on the main interface or in the Mini Mode. The Mini mode is a special feature in Cloud System Booster. With it, we do not need to open the main interface. It is cute and easy to use.

We can also free set the time of cleaning our computer. System can be also restored. The chameleon can make us personalize the background of Cloud System Booster with the picture we like. Cloud System Booster embraces two modes: One-click mode and expert mode. The former can clean our computer with one click. It is apt for common users. The latter we can customize the items we need to clean.

The Mini Mode, Automatically update and Automatically boost can be used in Cloud System Booster Pro. They are not provided in Cloud System Booster Free. 

Giveaway on Cloud System Booster Pro

In this Giveaway, Anvisoft did not limit the number of license keys to activate Cloud System Booster Pro which for $19.98.

It is simple to leave a comment below to participate in the Giveaway. The valid email can help us to send you the license code.  The Giveaway will end on 31th July 2012, 12:00 PM GMT and winners will be announced on 1th August 2012 here at leechermods.com. The winners will be selected randomly.

Note: The winners selected are mainly based on the review on System Booster Free. Hope every participant can get a free license key.

Many thanks to Michelle

19 July 2012

eMule 0.50a Chimera 1.9


Change log Chimera 1.9

add Recognize MlDonkey XS Answer
fixed trayicon problem
Improve Better Passive Source Finding
Improve Sorces Management
some Optimization
Updated Ip2Country code

Clean Install is better

Spread This Mod Everywhere you are all authorized !

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05 July 2012

eMule v0.50a -XdP- v5.5 Final




UPDATE : European Community V2 (umeK)*
ADD : FilestatusIcons switchable (eMule+/NeoMule/JVA)
ADD : Display title extension feature [show some infos on title,switchable] (umeK)
ADD : setable Backgroundcolors for client indication in all lists (umeK)
ADD : ModVersionCheck (pP/evil1/official/umek->some changes/extensions)
ADD : Log mod extensions via Log Settings switchable (umeK)
CHANGE : activated AutoURLDetection on all logwindows (umeK)
IMPROVE : reworked Download color feature inspired by the new Backgroundcolor indication (umeK)
IMPROVE : recode of own ModVersionSystem (umeK)
IMPROVE : better mod defaults (umeK)
IMPROVE : better loggingsystem of mod relevant codes (umeK)
IMPROVE : Funnynick feature now bypass usernames with brackets (umeK)
IMPROVE : some code optimizations on Sources Management [Kad-Boost,XS] (umeK)
IMPROVE : optimized blocking method of BadNick/BadMod detection (umeK)
FIX : some parts of the Clientdetail window are displaced (umeK)
FIX : -XdP- love to crash on reconnect :-D (umeK)
FIX : Powershare-control on handling with bad nicks and mods if "excluding" are disabled (umeK)
FIX : hopefully a old bug that cause some strange crashes on kademlia (umeK)
FIX : minor NULL-Pointer bug in AddBannedClient (JVA)
REMOVE : simple marking of LowID clients [not needed anymore because of the new Backgroundcolor feature] (Xman/umeK)
FIX/CHANGE/CLEAN : many other things around the mod (umeK)

*Changelog European Community V2 [v1.4.7]:


REMOVE : Flag indication on Communityclientlistctrl [not needed] (umeK)

Now -XdP- v5.5 as final edition :-D Many thx goes to all betatester + some users for requests.
I hope everyone likes it and use it.



visit us @ www.sharing-devils.org

21 June 2012

eMule 0.50a Chimera 1.8


add Advanced official preferences [ZZUL-TRA]
add Advanced Transfer Window Layout
add ConChecker [eMuleFuture]
add Drop Sources Buttons on Transfer Window [B4n$h33]
add Kad Term Cleanup [eMuleFuture]
add Invisible Mode
add Ip Tracer in all list [B4n$h33]
add Reask Sources After IP Change
add Reconnect to Kademlia [Pawcio]
add Search Catch [Slugfiller]
add Server Auto Disconnect [ZZUL-TRA]
add Share Only the Need Settings [B4n$h33]
add Show Country and Ip in Kad window [X-Ray/Changed B4n$h33]
add Show IP Filter Hits [X-mod]
add Source Cache [ZZUL-TRA/Changed B4n$h33]
Change some settings of default [B4n$h33]
Change SysInfo code part [B4n$h33]
fixed bug in push files [B4n$h33]
fixed some minor bugs [B4n$h33]
fixed visual bug in client dectail [B4n$h33]
fixed wrong display low-id in downloadlist (ty to Giancarlo G. for report) [B4n$h33]
removed old code Inform Clients after IP Change [B4n$h33]
removed some useless info from Copy statistics [B4n$h33]
removed some useless codeparts [B4n$h33]
removed version check [B4n$h33]
some change around anti-leech [B4n$h33]




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07 June 2012

eMule MorphXT v12.6 Private Edition [Engo3k]

eMule MorphXT v12.6 Private Edition Build:  Jun  4 2012

+Commboost  setable [2-500 1=Off]
+Friendboost setable [2-500 1=Off]
+AntiCom - Reduce Score setable + No PS & UpKick
+AntiMod - Reduce Score setable + No PS & UpKick
+Copyable Nick/Mod (Client Deteils) for AntiCom/Mod
+Customable Prioritys
+Advanced Transfer Window Layout (ATWL)
+Client-BAN-Time [setable 1-24H Session] (Standard: 2h)
-Removed - Bad USERNAME Ban


05 June 2012

eMule 0.50a LPE (build 04.06.2012)

eMule 0.50a -LPE-

Build 04.06.2012 [morph4u]

Added: Show system icons in downloadlist switchable
Added: Upload Permission

Bin x64


Bin x86


Bin NoSSE x86




04 June 2012

eMule 0.50a MorphXT v12.6 Engo3K Private Edition (09.05.2012)


Coded by:


eMule v0.50a - [MorphXT v12.5-v12.6] Private Edition [Engo3k]
Achtung! - Private Version - Keine Credits Angegeben.

Build: May 9 2012
+Update to MorphXT v12.6
+High Speed Upload Timer
+blockratio to uploadSpeed
+reqfiles info dialog
+Even Line
+Manual Client Management

eMule 0.50a MorphXT v12.6 Engo3K Private Edition (09.05.2012)

Download http://ul.to/lpjwlee8Download


eMule 0.50a UltiMatix v5.0 (06.05.2012)


.....:::: eMule v0.50a [UltiMatix v5.0] - Based on [SaintAngel] ::::.....
Coded by :
Changelog :
eMule v0.50a [UltiMatix v5.0]
Based on [SaintAngel]
Engo3K changes for eMule v0.50a [UltiMatix v5.0]
Build: May 6 2012
+High Speed Upload Timer[Start 500 KB/s]
+Manual Client Management
+RequestedFilesDialog with Client Mangement
+BlockRatio change to UpSpeed
eMule 0.50a UltiMatix v5.0 (06.05.2012) :
Older Changes :
Build: Jan 11 2011
+Check already downloaded files
+Active Permission
-Saintangel removed all fixes from old magic angel
Build: Dec 18 2010
+Drop sources + dropIcons + auto drop immunity
+Sivka File Settings&

28 May 2012

eMule v0.50a Euro-Com MoD v1.6


A Lite Mod made for the easy use with hundrets of optimizations & fixes
for the official eMule & the European Community V2 coupled with some useful features.


UPDATE : European Community V2 (umeK)*
ADD : Redesigned client detail dialog (BlueSonicBoy/JvA/umeK)
IMPROVE : some code optimizations on Sources Management [Kad-Boost,XS taken from newest XdP-source] (umeK)
IMPROVE : Better dumping (WiZaRd)
IMPROVE : Dumpfile Enumeration (WiZaRd)
IMPROVE : added some Kad optimizations (WiZ,umeK,netfinity,leuk_he)
CHANGE : remove some unneeded loglines for ban actions and adding reason strings (umeK)
FIX : a old bug that cause some strange crashes on kademlia in some situations (umeK)
FIX : minor NULL-Pointer bug in AddBannedClient (JVA)
FIX : a crash if we adding a friend (umeK)
FIX/IMPROVE : many other things around the mod (umeK)

*Changelog European Community V2 [v1.4.6]:

IMPROVE : small general code improvements (umeK)

*Changelog European Community V2 [v1.4.7]:

REMOVE : Flag indication on Communityclientlistctrl [not needed] (umeK)



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29 April 2012

eMule v0.50a -XdP- v5.5 RC3


UPDATE : European Community V2 (umeK)*
ADD : Save last request [SharedfilesCtrl] (JVA)
ADD : See on queue [SharedfilesCtrl + Filefeedback] (Xman/JVA)
ADD : Drop stalled downloads feature with some changes (netfinity/umeK)
FIX : some issues on leecher checks (umeK)
FIX : SUIcheck don't clear invalid state after changed situation (umeK)
FIX : broken Modfaker check if Funnynicks are enabled (umeK)
FIX : changed some ip relevant stuff around the mod because some rar crashes here (umeK)
FIX : an rar issue on Download Permissions code (umeK)
FIX : an issue on reqsocket code (umeK)
FIX : some credit related extras (umeK)
FIX/CLEAN : some kademlia extra stuff what causes to crash (umeK)
IMPROVE : recode most of the detection codes + handling of Antileech and use
now a full integration to the Analyzer (umeK)
IMPROVE : adding a switch and some improvements to exclude ULDL-Badguys from Antileech (umeK)
IMPROVE : now Feature to clearing leecher status working also for detected Analyzer clients like Nick/Modthief/Faker etc.
IMPROVE : Exclude Community and Friends extended (umeK)
IMPROVE : better leecher reason logging (umeK)
IMPROVE : better mod defaults (umeK)
IMPROVE : don't kick downloading clients if waitinglist are empty (umeK)
IMPROVE : reworked Inform Clients after IP Change feature [less code,recode] (umeK)
IMPROVE : Obfuscate HTTP-Transfers (MorphXT)
IMPROVE : some addons/changes on FindBestClientInQueue (umeK)
IMPROVE : small changes on Slotlimiter code (umeK)
CHANGE : remove some unneeded loglines for ban actions,adding reason strings
and show all @ Leecher Log (umeK)
CHANGE : displaying of HashProgress (umeK/X-Ray)
CHANGE : sorting upload slots logic to old version (umeK)
REMOVE : show current server in status bar (umeK)
and many many other changes,fixes and improvements around the mod...

*Changelog European Community V2 [v1.4.4]:
IMPROVE : last small changes on Communitylist check (umeK)
FIX/IMPROVE : Comclientclass handling (umeK)
FIX : hide community status and community relevant loglines if logging are disabled :-) (umeK)
REWORKED : Slotratio handling working now in the right way (umeK)

*Changelog European Community V2 [v1.4.5]:
CHANGE : less community logging (umeK)
IMPROVE : again Comclientclass handling (umeK)
FIX : hopefully community ratio credit calculation (umeK)

*Changelog European Community V2 [v1.4.6]:
IMPROVE : small general code improvements (umeK)

many thx to all betatester for feedback...



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