29 September 2013

EXIL IPFilter Updater (Updated Version)

This little tool will automatically download, extract and copy the ipfilter.dat for the program you chose in the right place.
It makes automatic backup when you start downloading a new IPFilter, in case something goes wrong, it restores it as it was before the update.
The program cleanup what has been downloaded and is no longer needed automatically.
Hope you like it. Also check for update every once in a while, use the URL provided above, or the “Website” button from the Updater.
Main Changes in this Version:
GUI Improvements (redesigned)

Support all popular Bittorrent Clients and eMule. 
A custom folder can also be added where the ipfilter have to be downloaded/extracted to use it with every application which support ipfilters.

You need an Internet connection for the program to work. Please download .NET Framework 4.5 from Microsoft website to run this application.
Homepage: http://exedil.iblogger.org/exil-ipfilter-updater/
Download EXIL IPFilter Updater - Setup.exe

08 September 2013

Ip-Filter By Hooligan (08.09.2013)


based on "eMule-Security IP-FILTER V1639"

Bogon list - 28.07.13
Fake servers list - 28.07.13
Level 1 list - 27.07.13

209,603 filters loaded



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