30 April 2007

BitComet Build 20070430 Beta

Beta version contains many new features and bugfixs

BitComet is a powerful, clean, fast, and easy-to-use bittorrent client. It supports simultaneous downloads, download queue, selected downloads in torrent package, fast-resume, chatting, disk cache, speed limits, port mapping, proxy, ip-filter, and many more...

GUI Improved: add an option in BT task properties dialog to add this torrent file to my shared torrent list
GUI Improved: add "view task" command to the context menu of my shared torren list
GUI Improved: add a filter in the toolbar of peer shared torrent list
GUI Improved: display peer shared torrent file number in peer shared node of fav list
GUI Improved: add an option to enable BT task search for HTTP/FTP download source in perferences dialog
GUI Improved: add commands to import/export task list and global settings under file menu
GUI Improved: add "rename task" function in context menu of task list
GUI Improved: detail error information will be displayed in tooltip when mouse cursor hover on the red-cross icon of a task which encounter error like disk full
GUI Improved: task rating information will be displayed in tooltip when mouse cursor hover on comment region of the task list
GUI Improved: add hotkey Ctrl+Home/End to move selected tasks to the top/bottom of task list
GUI Improved: support scroll information in all panes on which the mouse cursor is hovering by rolling mouse wheel
GUI Improved: add an options in perferences dialog to enable submit video file snapshot after task download finish
GUI Improved: add an options in perferences dialog to enable protection against ARP cheating attack from LAN
GUI Improved: new designed BitComet resource browser to accelerate open web page from BitComet
GUI Improved: improve displayed information layout in task summary pane
GUI Improved: add "minimize to system tray" to system menu of BitComet button in windows taskbar
GUI Bugfix: all tasks will be displayed as in queue if enabled auto-start task when download rate below specified value
GUI Bugfix: all tasks displayed in task list will be removed if launch clear recycle bin in recycle bin context menu even they are not in recycle bin
Core Bugfix: fix a bug sometimes lead to memory leakage

Based on the stable version v0.86

Website: http://www.bitcomet.com/doc/download-beta.htm

old Betas:

Beta Build Download Folder: http://cn.bitcomet.com/beta/
Mirror: http://us.bitcomet.com/beta/

KLCP update (K-lite Codec Packs)

NEWS: Monday - April 30

An update for the current codec packs can be downloaded HERE. It contains updated versions of ffdshow, Haali Media Splitter and x264.

Homepage: http://www.codecguide.com

Relevant: K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 2.01 Final

29 April 2007

µtorrent 1.7.0 (1355) BETA - Leecher Pack

moded by seba and Leecher.eu.tt

- upload reported to tracker with multiplicator 10
Version with new Bipmap and Icon sets Blue EdiTion: utorrent-1.7-beta-1355.mult10-leecher.exe (209.5 KB)

- upload reported to tracker with multiplicator 10
- download not reported to tracker
- you shown as seeder
- complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry)
Version with new Bipmap and Icon sets Blue EdiTion:
utorrent-1.7-beta-1355.mult10-seeder.exe (209.5 KB)

- upload and download not reported to tracker
- complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry)
- you shown as leecher

- only upload report

- original

µtorrent_1.7.beta_1355_LP.rar (350.88 KB) - (Mirror)

µtorrent 1.7.0 1355 Beta Leecher Pack Multi x 10:

µtorrent 1.7 beta 1355 Leecher Pack Multi x10 Blue EdiTion Premium
- include Language Pack and IP Filter updater
- Graphic transparence fixed

µtorrent 1.7.beta 1355 Leecher Pack Multi x10 Blue EdiTion Premium.rar (955.01 KB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror) - (DDL)

flags.conf Download url: http://german-utorrent.de/downloads/flags.conf
Full include US Last Updated 2007-04-23 Download: flags.conf (48.71 KB)
save as, and copy to: Profile Folder\Application Data\uTorrent

Direct Download Folders: Folder 1 - Folder2

uTorrent Tweaking Guide - original Version Downloads and Mirrors

Do you like a custom uTorrent edition?

We can change the graphics (icons, bitmaps, Menu Bar, etc..). Update url for new versions of uTorrent. Remove or change all backlinks. Customize/change the integrated search engines (url's) to your favorite torrent search. The About and FAQ page to your Website, etc...
We can add multiplicator and report/noreport to tracker on/off TX/RX 0/0 1/0 0/1 1/1 etc..
Create setup bundles and much more.
Localize in up to every language/multiple...

Contact us:
email: webtech[at]mailbox.co.za

Universal Share Downloader v

Homepage and Downloads: http://www.dimonius.ru/dusd.php
Download with all plugins: www.dimonius.ru Mirror: www.ac3filter.net Mirror: www.hawara.com Mirror: www.altupdate.ru
Open SSL The library
(both files to unpack in Windows\.System32)
Open SSL Mirror1 - Mirror2

28 April 2007

eMule v0.47c Uni A-Team v2.5.1

eMule v0.47c [Uni A-Team Mod] based on Xtreme Mod

- Added option for starting in invisible mode
- Added new version of Design settings [Stulle]
- Added new column in uploadlist for remote queue status
- Added new column in uploadlist for displayng current uploading chunk [morphxt]
- Rewritten UniATeam toolbar code to look better with design settings
- Rewritten serverwnd additional buttons code for design settings
- Changed: minor optimizations around invisible mode
- Changed: Spooky mode button is displayed in serverwnd only if it's enabled in options
- Fixed columns with wrong background in DlClients and QueueList
- Fixed bug in connection checker state
- Updated small part around some emulations
- Updated small part around enhanced client recognization
- Updated Webcache [morphxt]
Updated to Xtreme 5.4.2

Clean Install required.

eMule 0.47c UniATeam v2.5.1 bin.rar (9 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)
old Version: eMule 0.47c - Uni A-Team Mod v2.5

25 April 2007

eMule v0.47c Wikinger-Mod v1.1

Changelog eMule v0.47c Wikinger-Mod v1.1:
Apr, 9. 2007

- Active Spreading [DavidXanatos/Ekliptor]
- increased upload priority for Community Clients requesting Powershare-Files

- Slotfocus: focus all upload bandwidth on one (or as little as possible) upload slots
- Drop Clients with low Slotspeed: put clients who accept less than 10% of our slotspeed back to queue
--- don't allow them to entry our upload again for 30 minutes
--- give them 75% of their waitingtime back
- fixed bug with amount based max upload to Community for low ID Clients
- fixed bug putting client back to queue because of a client with higher Upload Level

- Anti-Leecher System [Leecher Detections by Xman/MorphXT/DavidXanatos/WiZaRd]
--- Username and Modstring detection
--- Nick-Thief and Mod-Thief detection
--- Bad and SUspect Packet detection (detects Bad Hello Tags, Extra Bytes, Ghost Mods,...)
--- Spam and other bad actions detection (detects Spammers, XS-Exploiter and Clients hiding files)
--- Detection-Level
-----> Detect only real Leechers (only usernames/modstrings of very bad leechers are detected, no Ghost Mod detection for Webcache/ICS Tags)
-----> Detect all Suspect Clients
--- Punishment
-----> No Punishment
-----> Score *0.9 - Score *0.1
-----> Upload Ban
-----> IP Ban
- never ban Friends
- Log Anti-Leecher actions
- check manual entered own Modstring if it will get banned
- removed some parts of official GPL Breaker detection, we don't need anymore because of own Anti-Leecher System

- force Community Source Exchange until we got 3 answers and repeat it every 6 hours
- fixed major bug saving Applejuice Credits of other Clients
- reduced CPU usage of Applejuice Creditsystem a bit
- find a bit more Community Contacts
- fixed bug Highspeed Creditdownload counter could stop

- default IP-Filter update address
- some minor improvements and changes

- icon for files with enabled Active Spreading in shared files, upload and queue list
- mark clients we removed because of a client with a higher uplad level or they could not accept our slotspeed in 'score' column at queuelist
- Leecher Client Icon
- add/remove friends and start/stop friendslot in every list on transfer window
- show filename of files we are searching for sources via kademlia in kademlia search list (also for keyword searches)
- show current Community Mode in Upload Feedback
- fixed upload priority Powershare was not displayed on upload feedback
- fixed Remote QR status 'full' was displayed instead of 'no needed parts' in rare cases on uploadlist and queuelist

Active Spreading:
With Active Spreading you can search for incomplete sources of your complete files. So Active Spreading
will search for Clients who want to download your complete files. Active Spreading automatically
disables for 12 hours after you found 400 clients sharing the file or you got 300 requests for the file.
It also disables if soft queue limit is reached.

Download: eMule.v0.47c.Wikinger-Mod.v1.1.bin.zip (2.47 MB) - (Mirror) - (DDL)

24 April 2007

eMule 0.47c NetF WARP 0.3a.5


Sub-Chunk Transfer
- Crumbs, enables sharing of not yet completed parts
Faster Endgame
- Dynamic Block Requests, tries to make all sources to complete at the same time
- Delayed NNP, keeps downloading sources a little bit longer in case a part turns out corrupt
- Drop Stalled Sources, cancels stalled or slow downloads when file is about to complete to give way for faster sources
- Redownload only data of banned clients on corruption
Anti-P2P Protection
- Safe KAD (slows down the spreading of bad KAD nodes)
Credits and Payback
- VIP ("Payback") Queue, as the Payback queue but with different bandwidth management
- Balanced Ratio Payback, make clients, who have a ratio higher than your inverse ratio, VIP's
- Smart Part File Push, rebalances between complete and part files based on previous upload
All the features of the ESE Mod

Known bugs:
'Only Recover Banned Data' might cause looping downloads or complete stalls if corruption occurs and NetF fail the recovery process.

*** NetF WARP 0.3a.5 BETA
- Added 'Fakealyzer' (Colour guiding on search results)
- Fixed a few bugs around the new part/crumb map handling code

*** NetF WARP 0.3a.4 BETA
- Some changes to improve download throttling stability
- Fixed the issue with clients getting slots without having any waiting time / score
- Fixed a rollover issue with the datarate calculations (Only occured on very fast links)
- Fixed a numerous bugs with files larger than 4GB in the code introduced with the Crumbs support
- Fixed an issue causing part files to not load after restarting the application
- Fixed some issues with downloading incomplete files smaller than one part

*** NetF WARP 0.3a.3 BETA
- Added basic Crumbs support (Only publishing and download. No verification!)
- Added the 'Fixed TCP port' feature as configurable through the 'NetF.ini' file (set SymmetricTCP=1 in [NetF] section)
- Added a NetF logo in the splash screen [thanks Typoteus]
- Added additional IP checks in 'Safe KAD' code before storing a node
- Fixed a few merging errors that made some lines go missing in the KAD code

*** NetF WARP 0.2b
- Based on eMule 0.47c
- Added disconnection of very slow upload sessions
- Removed some 'Safe KAD' code that become redundant with the 0.47c release
- Removed the 'Fixed TCP port' feature as it caused problem for some
- Changed 'VIP Queue' so VIP upload is always allowed upto 10% of your upload bandwidth even if you have a bad ratio
- Changed, files in release cause clients to automatically become VIP's
- Fixed a small bug in the server list
- Fixed some parts in the upload handling

- Note! There was an unmentioned change in NetF WARP 0.2a that disables the friend auto VIP, this change is still in place.

*** NetF WARP 0.2a
- Based on eMule 0.47b
- Added 'Safe KAD' (filters KAD from unrequested responses (anti-P2P spam), and also limits processed nodes by IP)
- Added 'Drop Stalled Sources' (speeds up file completion)
- Added 'Anti Fragmenting' (splits KAD search responses so they (hopefully) fit into one IP packet)
- Added 'CorruptionBlackBoxFix' (ensure all data been processed before banning) [by Xanatos]
- Added 'Dynamic Corruption Threshold' (to avoid mass banning when using Dynamic Block Requests)
- Added 'Only Recover Banned Data' (only redownload data that is "known" to be corrupt)
- Added 'Fixed TCP port' (may help some clients behind NAT/Firewalls to get HighID)
- Added 'Smart Part File Push' (shifts focus between partial and complete files depending on actual UL/DL ratio)
- Added 'Slot Limiting' (tries to reduce the number of upload slots)
- Added a lot of small optimizations and fixes from the NetF Mod. [by various modders]
- Updated 'Flush Thread' to do more of the work in the actual thread

*** nAM 0.1a BETA
- Based on eMule 0.47a
- Added 'Delayed NNP' (speeds up file completion when there is corruption or problem with the source finalizing)
- Added 'VIP Queue' (good uploaders and friends get their own lane)
- Added 'Known Client Bonus' (gives a small bonus to known clients not seen for 12 hours)
- Added 'Transfer Rate BlackBox' (hides datarate calculations from programmer)
- Added 'Dynamic Block Requests' (speeds up file completion)
- Added 'Active Ratio'(must have when using 'Dynamic Block Requests' to prevent excessive downloading)
- Added 'Safe Hash' (part hashing is done in separate thread) [by SLUGFILLER]
- Added 'ReadBlockFromFileThread' (prevents GUI to become sluggish when uploading) [by SiRoB / MorphXT]
- Added 'Flush Thread' (may help a little when doing heavy downloading) [by SiRoB / MorphXT]
- Added 'Mod version' (makes it possible to distinguish the client from the official one)
- Added 'Anti Shape' (makes credit shaping less profitable)
- Fixed memleak! Deletion in lastcommonroutefinder. [by tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]

Homepage: http://www.emule-mods.de/?mods=WARP

Download: eMule 0.47c NetF WARP 0.3a.5.rar (Mirror) - (Mirror)


µTraitor v1.35


-Add: Language Pack
-Add: WebUI now available on all clients (however only µTorrent has it selected by default)
-Change: You can now select if you want to install WebUI, Settings, Language Pack, Icon and Skin on all clients

uTraitor.1.35.exe (4.13 MB) - (Mirror)

23 April 2007

eMule 0.47c µMule 2.0


- added UploadChunkDisplay
- added Credits Reset Exploit Prevention
- added P2P Worm Detection
- added Safe KAD
- added File Faker Detection
- added Anti-XS-Exploit
- added Obfuscation allways active
- added only obfuscated server connections -> no fake servers and fake search results
- added new toolbar
- added Uploadtoolbar
- added show webbrowser on startup option
- added don´t show progressbars option
- added unlimited search results
- added rating column + availability icons
- added filetype column
- added add comments in downloadlist
- added usenet search
- added reward rare file uploaders
- updaded DynamicBLockRequests
- removed SLS
- removed Sourcecache
- reworked creditsystem
- some bugfixes

eMule 0.47c µMule 2.0.rar (1.45 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

µMule 2.0 is upx compressed.

We have recompressed it with upx 3.01 and got the file size smaller

Here the result:
older upx version emule.exe compressed size: 1,52 MB (1.596.928 bytes)
MD5: 49ed40c785c2e7f1f0e514396a5fb559 emule.exe

new upx version using upx.exe --lzma --best --ultra-brute --all-filters
emule.exe compressed size: 1,29 MB (1.361.408 bytes)
MD5: 830f47fb21f67f6e4e750eba10abf225 emule.exe

Download: eMule 0.47c µMule 2.0 repack.7z (1.27 MB)

µTorrent 1.7 Build 1355 Leecher

NO Report Seeder Mod (Leecher)
- no Upload Report
- no Download Report
- Fakeseeder. You are shown as Seeder

NO Report send to Tracker
- no Upload Report
- no Download Report

- You are shown as Seeder
- Report send to Tracker

NO Download Report
- no Download Report

NO Download Report Seeder
- no Download Report
- Fakeseeder. You are shown as Seeder

- µTorrent 1.7 Build 1355
- Icons and Graphics changed
- New Country Flags
- some more optical enhancements


µTorrent 1.7 Build 1355 Leecher Pack.rar (672.12 KB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

single Builds:

NO Report - Seeder Mod (Leecher)
utorrent-1.7 beta 1355 Leecher.exe (214 KB) - (Mirror)

NO Report send to Tracker
utorrent 1.7 beta 1355 noreport.exe (214 KB)

Seeder Report
utorrent 1.7 beta 1355 seeder.exe (214 KB)

NO Download Report
utorrent 1.7 beta 1355 no download report.exe (214 KB)

NO Download Report Seeder
utorrent 1.7 beta 1355 no download report seeder.exe (214 KB)

utorrent 1.7 beta 1355 Original.exe (508 KB)

eMule 0.47c VeryCD Build 070418 Final

Homepage: http://www.emule.org.cn/download
Changelog cn

eMule v0.47c Build 070418
* Revision bug : L2L transmission phenomenon exists stop
* revision bug : L2L transmission time of each other - sometimes fail
* revision bug : L2L party disconnected again link failures
* revised several procedures Crash functional increase : met documents automatically restore damaged

eMule-0.47c-VeryCD070418-Setup.exe (3.42 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

eMule 0.47c MagicAngel v2.3

based on MorphXT v9.6


- dd apr 2007
ADDED: Reask Sources after IP Change v4 (Xman) [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED: Reconnect Kad on IP Change (Xman) [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED: File Faker Detection (DavidXanatos) [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED: set Punishment for XS-Exploiter (and not just answer them like before) [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED: Use own text to inform Leechers (if empty default text will be used) [evcz/sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED: Intelligent Filebuffer Flushing (WiZaRd) [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED: Color Known Clients list too to Colored Upload [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED: Show Filenames and Search-Keyword of Kad searches in Kad search list [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANGED: Filebuffer flush size min 512KB, max 40MB [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANGED: increased Filebuffer flush size slider tic frequence to 1 tic every MB and range to 512KB [sFrQlXeRt/evcz]
CHANGED: improved colored upload code and added color brown for the download state no needed parts [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANGED: only enable anti-leecher features that can be used (depending on if/wich leecher detection file is loaded) [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANGED: Nick Thief and Mod Thief detection now works also if no leecher detection file is loaded [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANGED: Download URLs: now all links go directly to the download page on SourceForge [evcz]
CHANGED: show more info about leecher hello and info tags in Morph Log [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANGED: minor changes on adjustable file buffer flush time code [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANGED: Magic Angel Other Settings tree group icon [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: bug with SUQWT and extended credit-table-arrangement (thanks to Stulle for the note) [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: Emulate Others eDonkey and MLDonkey didn’t work [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: XS-Exploiter Detection didn’t work [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: minor bug of v2.2 that a soft leecher couldn’t be identified as a hard leecher anymore [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: Color Queuelist was coloring knwon clients list in v2.2 [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: Magic Angel Toolbar Icons were missing in v2.2 [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: showing Magic Angel Mod icon for Mod Thief Leechers [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: all eMule Morph compiler errors [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: eMule Morph bug showing wrong tab icon on switich tabs in Webserver preferences [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: eMule Morph bug opening wrong tab on re-opening Webserver preferences [sFrQlXeRt]
REMOVED: Community detection preferences (they had no use because this leecher was detected with Bad Hello detection) [sFrQlXeRt]
REMOVED remaining codes of old Reask Sources after IP Change v2 (we have v4 now) [sFrQlXeRt]
UPDATED: German language file with new Magic Angel preferences [sFrQlXeRt]

eMule 0.47c MagicAngel v2.3.rar (2.71 MB) - (Mirror)

22 April 2007

Torrent Leecher Guide 1.0 PDF

Download PDF:
Torrent_Leechers_Guide_1.0_byProlamer.pdf (483.17 KB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

BitSpirit LP


BitSpirit Leecher Pack
Based on BitSpirit

- Es wurde keine Veränderung vorgenommen... / No changes to the Original

no Report
- Es wird kein Upload/Download an den Tracker gesendet (0 | 0) / No Report to Tracker
- Sie werden als Seeder angezeigt / You are shown as Seeder
- Der sogenannte "Stop Befehl/Event"* wird dem Tracker nicht gesendet, somit erscheinen Sie in keiner "Snatchliste"** / no event to tracker - you are not shown in snatchlist.

- Es wird kein Download an den Tracker gesendet (ihr Upload ganz normal) (x | 0) / No Download will be send to Tracker
- Sie werden als Seeder angezeigt / You are shown as Seeder
- Der sogenannte "Stop Befehl/Event"* wird dem Tracker nicht gesendet, somit erscheinen Sie in keiner "Snatchliste"** / no event to tracker - you are not shown in snatchlist


* Stop Event: Der Befehl vom Clienten zum Tracker, wenn dieser den Torrent fertig runtergeladen hat
Stop Event: the Comand to Tracker as soon the torrent is finished downloading.
** Snatchliste: Der Begriff für eine Liste, in der man sehen kann wer den Torrent als letztes heruntergeladen hat.
Snatchlist: A List which shows who has downloaded the Torrent at last time.

Homepage BitSpirit org: http://www.167bt.com/intl

BitSpirit LP.rar (3.76 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

µReus v1 Beta


µReus v1 Beta info:


µReus – hacked shu mod with the best plug-ins
This is a hacked version of Shu Mod (
This package includes the latest plugins and recommended plugins:

- 3D View
- Advanced Statistics
- Sudoku
- AutoCategory
- Peer Injector
- Chat
- Ratings
- Client Spoof
- Country Locator
- Monitoring Plugin
- Multi-Port
- Progress Bar
- RSS Feed
- Seeding Columns
- Speed Scheduler

(Note: To run µReus you need to install SUN JAVA RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT 1.6.x or higher)

Hacked Shu Mod Beta ( Changelog

build 194
fix: always enable update button
Fix: Show you as a seeder(100% done and no download report) first announce bug
fix: can’t use show as seeder with download reduction mix
fix: can’t use show as a seeder with start fake upload when x% done

build 193
fix: per torrent : show as a seed wasn’t saved correctly

build 192
removed fake seeding mode (up & dl)
removed fake upload multi mixed with seeding mode
added: show me as a seed for Fake Upload Speed Ratio ++
change: console log now show under the “plug” checkbox so you are no longer annoyed by the spam in the console log
fixed: completed flag was sent all the time when showing as a seed using no report

build 191
probably bugfix : fixed the real received value

µReus change log:

- Based on latest Hacked Shu Mod Beta (
- Made better installer with more options
- Fixed some bugs
- Many more improvements

Follow these steps:
1. Download Java runtime 1.6 or higher
2. Install Java
3. Download µReus
4. Install and run µReus

Download µReus:
µReus_v1_Beta.msi (14.26 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror) Folder: http://dump.no/files/327d79ae2489/
uTorrent 1.6.1 Clientspoof.rar (38.03 KB) - (Mirror)

Terms of Use:
Use this program at your own risk. Do not come whining if you get banned. Support the torrent community and upload. Otherwise it won't last long. And always remember, this product is private, you are one of not to many who are lucky enough to get it. Do NOT share this product with anyone you do not know. Doing so will get this product banned and you will not be able to use it anymore!

µComet v1 Alpha


µComet – BitComet 0.86 Leecher Pack + Greedytorrent


- no upload and download report to tracker
- you will shown as leecher
- complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry)

REPORT Version
- only download will be not reported to tracker
- you will shown as seeder
- complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry)

NO REPORT Version + Emu
- no upload and download report to tracker
- you will shown as leecher
- complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry)
- emulates Bitcomet 0.57

REPORT Version + Emu
- only download will be not reported to tracker
- you will shown as seeder
- complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry)
- emulates Bitcomet 0.57

- no changes

-upload multiplier

How to use:
1. Save a .torrent file to your desktop
2. Open it with one of the µComet versions.

(Note the emu versions doesn’t work on all trackers)

(Only µComet REPORT version and µComet REPORT+emu works good with µGreedy.)

How to use report versions with µGreedy:
1. Save a .torrent file to your desktop
2. Run µGreedy
3. Set report my upload as a number in µGreedy
4. Open the .torrent file with one of theµComet report versions

Follow these steps:
1. Install µComet
2. Run one of the µComet versions

µComet_v1_Alpha.msi (18.57 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

Latest BitComet Beta:
BitCometBeta_20070409_setup.exe - Beta Changelog

BitComet Tools - FLV Downloader- FLV Player 1.4 - FLV Converter1.0 - Tracker 0.5 - BitCometLite1.2
Terms of Use:
Use this program at your own risk. Do not come whining if you get banned. Support the torrent community and upload. Otherwise it won't last long. And always remember, this product is private, you are one of not to many who are lucky enough to get it. Do NOT share this product with anyone you do not know. Doing so will get this product banned and you will not be able to use it anymore!

Hacked µTorrent 1.7 - Leecher Pack


utorrent 1.7 build 1170 mod (utorrenthacked 1.7.exe) - NO Report
This version does not report upload and download. You will be shown as seeder.

1. save a .torrent file to your desktop
2. open it with hacked utorrent.


uTorrent 1.7 Leecher:
Hacked utorrent 1.7 (uTorrent Start 1.7.exe + uTorrent Hacked 1.7.exe)
You will be shown as seeder. You download will be shown as 0,10kb and your upload will be normal.

1. open .torrent with utorrent(start)
2. wait till the availability bar turns blue instead of red
3. close utorrent(start)
4. open hacked utorrent

µtorrent 1.7 beta 1170 LP2

  • utorrent-1.7.0-build-1170__mult10_leecher.exe
  • utorrent-1.7.0-build-1170__mult10_seeder.exe
  • utorrent-1.7.0-build-1170__noreport.exe
  • utorrent-1.7.0-build-1170__report.exe
  • utorrent-1.7.0-build-1170__original.exe
  • utorrenthacked 1.7.exe - noreport. You will be shown as seeder.
  • uTorrent 1.7 Leecher: You will be shown as seeder and you download will be shown as 0,10kb Your upload will be normal.

µTorrent 1.7 Extreme Leecher EdiTion Pack Beta Installer Version
incl. IP Filter updater, Menu Bar, Country Flags and more...

After installation move or copy the subfolder under \Program Files\Torrent 1.7\utorrent
to your Windows Harddisk e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\Your Windows Username Account (Logon name)\Application Data\uTorrent
For example: c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\uTorrent
the Folder contains the following files: ipfilter.dat, flags.conf, main.ico, tabs.bmp, tstatus.bmp, toolbar.bmp, tray.ico, flags.bmp

µtorrent 1.7 beta 1170 LP.exe (3.35 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

21 April 2007



Latest version is, which adds gzip support and fixes a small bug in the "creation date" parsing. You can now download the executable from the SourceForge servers, or get the updated source from CVS. There is also a torrent for the executable version here. (Be aware that at this time the source may not actually compile. We're working on cleaning it up. For now it is available for educational purposes only.)

The intent behind TorrentSpy is to give the BitTorrent power-user all the information they can get in one place. The primary motivating feature is the ability to see in real time the current number of complete/incomplete users on a torrent. The other neat feature is the ability to see which of your files in a multi-file torrent are complete and which are not. It can easily be set up to work as the default .torrent application, so that you will always know the status before you start your download. It gives you quick shortcuts to related Tracker web interfaces, and it's got a smattering of other fine features.

TorrentSpy is not meant to replace the normal BitTorrent client, only to suppliment it. It will never have integrated downloading or anything remotely like that.

To Do List
  • The code is in place for a piecewise graph of the complete chunks of each file, a GUI element just needs to be created.
  • Make an "uninstaller" for all the people who whine about their pristine registry.
Homepage: http://torrentspy.sourceforge.net
Download Page: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/torrentspy/

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 2.01 Final

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 2.01

Changelog 1.71 -> 2.01 | (2007-04-20)

- Updated ffdshow to revison 1112
- Added CoreAVC [version]
- The QuickTime ActiveX control for Internet Explorer is now listed as a separate component in the installer.
- The RealMedia ActiveX control for Internet Explorer is now listed as a separate component in the installer.
- Removed LAME CLI/DLL
- Removed LameDropXPd
- Removed OggDropXPd
- All three above are now available as separate installers
- Removed MP3 Source
- Removed ShoutCast Source
- Removed FLAC filters
- Removed Monkey's Audio filters
- Added DC-Bass Source [version 1.00]. This filter replaces the above four removed audio filters. It additionally adds support for the following audio formats: True Audio (.tta), Alac (.alac) and Tracker (.mod .it .xm .umx. s3m .mtm .mo3).
- Removed MMCompView
- Updated MusePack decoder to version
- Added RadLight OptimFROG audio decoder [version]
- Added CDDA Reader [version]
- Added CDXA Reader [version]

Full changelog

Homepage: http://codecguide.com

Download: klmcodec201.exe (27.48 MB) [Mirror1] - [Mirror2] - [eMule] - [Mirrors - some contains the older Beta 1]

K-Lite Codec Pack 3.01 Full/Standard/Basic [download] [changelog]
A new version of VLC player has been released today. Download it HERE.

Firefox Extension Megaupload SX 4.3

This Extension enable Download from Megaupload by limited or full Download slots just like the Megupload Toolbar without the need to install the Toolbar by it self. A highly recommended Extension for Firefox user.

Installation instructions (English Version)

To install the megaupload extension click the button below to start the installation.
If it does not start try clicking with right mouse button and Save target as...
Then save it to your desktop, go to File > Open File (Firefox) and open the file you have downloaded.
The installation will start.

Homepage: http://pbreak.freehostia.com/site/megaupload/


eMule 0.47c X-Ray v1.1


Main Features
DynamicBlockRequest [netfinity]
Slot Control [sivka/JvA]
SafeHash [Slugfiller/SiRoB]
Drop Stalled Sources [netfinity]
Save Upload-Queue-Wait-Time [moonlight]
Connetion Checker [eWombat/WiZaRd]
ReAsk Sources after IP Change [maella/Stulle]
ActiveConnectionControl [Obelix/MaxUpload/JvA]
AutoSoftLock [David Xanatos/JvA]
SourceDropSystem [sivka/JvA]
many Improvements [Xman/WiZaRd/David Xanatos/SiRoB]

eMule 0.47c X-Ray MoD 1.1

Type Idea Source/Edit Description Used Tag
Feature SiRoB SilverSurfer SolidGraph // X-Ray :: SolidGraph
Feature Mighty Knife StulleMule Static Server Handling - don't remove static servers // X-Ray :: StaticServerHandling
Feature SiRoB MorphXT Software Column in Upload- & Queuelist // X-Ray :: ClientSoftwareColumn
Fix JvA JvA Fixed major Uploadbug - thx 2 LorenzoC & hackersondope2002 // X-Ray :: FullChunk



eMule 0.47c Silversurfer v2.1

based on eMule 0.47c eMuleFuture 0.3
modified by dlarge

- added Auto Soft Lock (Xanatos taken from X-Ray)
- added Nice Hash (KTS/dlarge)
- added SLS (Load/Save Sources) (KTS/dlarge)
- added Low ID retrys (KTS/dlarge)
- added Don't kill source if it's the only one complet source (Sirob)
- added Don't kill client if we are the only one complet source (Sirob)
- added don't overhide pszReason (Sirob)
- added UDPReaskSecurityCheck (netfinity)
- added Credits Reset Exploit Prevention (netfinity)
- added Fake HighID prevention (netfinity)
- added Horde op-codes (netfinity)
- added next connect theft (netfinity)
- added Extra safety check for Sockets (Maella)
- added Fix for Check if a source has now chunk that we can need (Maella)
- added Fix for multiple OP_HELLO (Maella)
- added Extended clean-up II (Maella)
- added 80% score for non SUI clients (Xman)
- added ask for download Priority (Xman)
- added filter out unreachable LowID-sources reveived via sourceexchange (Xman)
- added Fix for Add passive source after we evaluated OP_REQUESTFILENAME (Xman)
- added display the obfuscation icon for all clients (Xman)
- added Power Release (Xman)
- added preview also for music files (MorphXT)
- added Fix for Used to not wait uploadqueue timer (110ms) (MorphXT)
- added temp workarround to prevent a chrash on shutdown (MorphXT)
- added Don't draw hidden Rect/Columns (MorphXT)
- added Update Item Thread (MorphXT)
- added Import Parts (MorphXT)
- added DL Part completion speed-up code (BlueSonicBoy)
- added ReadBlockFromFileThread (MorphXT)
- added Queued Flush Thread (Xman)
- added Flush Thread (MorphXT)
- added Slot Release (Slugfiller)
- added Chunk Dots in Downloadlist (Slugfiller)
- added MultiSort in all Lists (Slugfiller)
- added SafeHash (Slugfiller)
- added Confirmed Download (xrmb)
- added Better Client Attaching (Xanatos)
- added Loop Improvement (Xanatos)
- added Report Hashing Files (Mighty Knife)
- added Automatic shared files updater (Monki/Stulle)

- changed Tooltips Info in Systray

- updatet german.dll

- fixed Bug in Update Page 2
- fixed Bug in Queuelist for Qr Info
- fixed little optical Bugs in Downloadlist
- fixed Bug for Smart Upload Control

- removed Session Ratio (Wizard)
- removed Multi FU (Wizard)
- removed Power Share (Wizard)
- removed unused Codes (clean sources a little bit)



eMule 0.47c Sharki v0.5


v 0.5

Code optimizations from ScarAngle 1.9 & X-Ray 1.0

Morph - reduce CPU
Xanatos - CriticalPacketFix
WiZaRd - LoopImprovement
X-Ray - BetterClientAttaching NeoMule

Change Predict CS Reverese by Dazzle - changed for end of game
Removed Upload Kick @ 1.65 Predict handles kicks
Change Preferences defaults

v 0.0

Add SUQWT from ScarAngel 1.9 without extended credits%u29
Add Upload Kick @ 1.65
Add No Ratio > 4KB
Add Upload only 2 a/e/xmule
Add Upload 2 remote QR 87500 or HQ of drop system if set
Add Not share incoming
Add Not report completed
Change Xtreme CS
Add Xman code fixes 4 chunk selection
Change ICS can be turned off

eMule 0.47c Sharki v0.5.rar (4.81 MB)

20 April 2007

Java 7 Build b11 April 10, 2007

Summary of changes in JDK 7 build b11
Windows Platform
other Platforms: http://download.java.net/jdk7/binaries/

eMule 0.47c Blackbeard v1.9


Blackbeard v1.9 FIXED

- New management of the sources
- Addition of missing codes
- New management of consumption memory
- Cleaning (started from code useless)
- New quickstart (gatchy Wink )
- Chunk Chooser from Xman's Xtreme (zz or Maella chunk system)
- New drop system (pP)
- More fake communities
- Lots of little fixes

eMule 0.47c Blackbeard v1.9.rar (1.61 MB)

old Versions:
eMule Blackbeard v1.0.rar (5.46 MB)
eMule Blackbeard v1.5.rar (1.59 MB)
eMule Blackbeard v1.6.rar (1.59 MB)
eMule Blackbeard v1.7.rar (1.59 MB)
eMule 0.47c - Blackbeard v1.8.rar (1.61 MB)

µtorrent 1.7.0 (1170) BETA - Leecher Pack



µtorrent 1.7 beta 1170 LP.rar (354.22 KB)

18 April 2007

Azureus Leecher Edition - RBM


FEATURE: Core | Health items now show if a torrent is being shared/published [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Creation of self-signed certificates for SSL (etc) via UI [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Set download speed per torrent [Parg]
FEAUTRE: Core | Universal Plugin and Play (UPnP) support [Parg]
FEATURE: Dev | ToolTip access functions for table cells [TuxPaper]
FEATURE: Plug | Tracker plugin supports simple category view [Parg]
FEATURE: Plug | Webui support for password protected trackers [Parg]
FEATURE: Plug | Webui attempts to get access to system clipboard to fix copy/paste issues [Parg]
FEATURE: Plug | Plugin interface extensions for basic plugin config [Parg]
FEATURE: Plug | External authorisation framework [Parg]
FEATURE: Plug | WebUI + XML/HTTP i/f now have separately configurable username/password via Plugin config (*not* plugin.properties) [Parg]
FEATURE: Plug | WebUI can now use signed jars, if configured, so that clipboard access doesn't require local config [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Better scrape result reporting, including new "Next Tracker Access" column [TuxPaper]
FEATURE: UI | Tooltip for Health Icon [TuxPaper]
FEATURE: UI | New language: Japanese [Gouss]

CHANGE: Core | Core update checker now uses aelitis.com server to grab latest version instead of SF's one [Gudy]
CHANGE: Core | Default socket write buffer now a more conservative 1460 bytes for smoother uploading [Nolar]
CHANGE: Core | Central control of global outgoing peer connection rates...i.e. a better SlowConnect [Nolar]
CHANGE: Core | Unused potential peer connections are cached for later use [Nolar]
CHANGE: Core | Tracker now doesn't return peer list on "stopped" event [Parg]
CHANGE: Plug | Tracker web plugin configuration moved to plugin config from core config [Parg]
CHANGE: Plug | Tracker web contexts now have the option to not apply IP Filters - this affects the web plugin and xml/http interface [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | About Window is closeable by hitting the 'ESC' key [Gudy]

BUGFIX: Core | Fix for Library Paths using single quotes [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Fixed shared plugin dir location on OSX [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | File Open dialogs now correctly remember their last path [Nolar]
BUGFIX: Core | Plugin loader picking up .zip files instead of corresponding .jar files [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Don't delete the imported .torrent file if the import dir happens to also be the Save torrent dir [Nolar]
BUGFIX: Core | Torrents leave READY state quicker after other torrents are re-queued [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: Core | Fix for Fast Resume not working when a 0-byte file exists in the torrent [Nolar]
BUGIFX: Core | Fix for Fast Resume not working when Incremental File Creation is enabled [Nolar]
BUGFIX: Core | Show error message if previously-allocated data cannot be found, instead of re-creating it [Nolar]
BUGFIX: Core | Force a file handle recycle every 50M read so the OS cache clears (Win2k, possibly other OSes) [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: Core | Tracker stats wrong [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Not deleting backup torrents (.bak) when MyTorrent->remove + delete [Parg]
BUGFIX: UI | # Column now on by default again [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: UI | Fix for Bug #966867: Context Menu not appearing after setting up columns on Linux [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: UI | IP column now sorts by hex groups [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: UI | Fix for .torrent icons with new Azureus.exe [Parg]
BUGFIX: UI | Fix for text color on some Table cells not moving when row moved [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: UI | Moving torrent from Uncategorized category to new category now removes the row from the display [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: UI | Fix for empty table rows appearing in Peers Details tab and Pieces tab [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX: UI | Windows : Tray Icon should come back after explorer crash (needs latest SWT build) [SWT team, Gudy]
BUGFIX: UI | 192 bytes memory leak fixed on OSX [SWT Team, Gudy]

+ Leecher features

Download: Azureus.Leecher.Edition-RBM.rar (5.62 MB)

eMule 0.47c ZZULtimativ 1.4 Final


ZZULtimativ 1.4b PreSP2 bugfix release
Build Date: 24.04 by Musiklover
- SlideBar[emule+/emulefuture]
* Bugfix release

ZZULtimativ 1.4 Final:
*Versionsnumber corrected (fixed).
* fixed some little bugs

ZZULtimativ 1.4 alpha 3 (alpha 3 = pre Beta and RC)

* fixed some little bugs
+ added ClientIP to Cliendetails & KnownClientsList
+ readded Scheduler & Notifier
* fixed ReAsk after Ip change now saved correct

ZZULtimativ 1.4 alpha 2 (alpha 2 = 2nd Beta)

+ ClientIcons from Xtreme
+ SlideBar[emule+/emulefuture]
+ Better Chunk Selection[XMan]
+ Extended Credit-Table-Arrangement[XMan]
+ More Creditsystems
+ added Overlayicon for Community Clients[MightyKnife]

ZZULtimativ 1.4 alpha 1 (alpha 1 = 1st Beta)

- Dynamic Hide OS[XMan]
* Xmans Flushthread Optimation
+ Spreadbar,HideOS,SelectiveShare,ShareOnlyTheNeed[Morph/Stulle]
- ICS/AntiHideOS

ZZULtimativ 1.3

* more Creditsystems
* readded missing resource Strings
* fixed double Badguy icons
* added German Language DLL
* fixed a bug in transferwnd.cpp thx to MadDog ;)
* updated Clientanalyzer from emulefuture0.3[wizard]
* moved options from Security 1 to Security 2 Prefpage
* Fixed AntiCommunity now saved
- Friendnotes
+ Choose EF-Mod Antinickthief or CA Antinickthief
+ Choose Score Reduce /3 for Leechers detected by EF-Mod Antileech
+ MassRename & Simple Cleanup Dialogs[emulefan]
+ EF-Mod Antileech System[eMulefan]
+ Intelligent Chunk Selection ICS [wizard/netfinity]
+ AntiHideOS[Wizard/enkeyDEV]

LimiTed EdiTion

emule.0.47c.ZZULtimativ.1.4 BLUE EdiTion.bin.rar (2.31 MB) - (Mirror)

emule.0.47c.ZZULtimativ.1.4 LinkstarXP EdiTion.bin.rar (3.2 MB) - (Mirror)

emule.0.47c.ZZULtimativ.1.4 GreenXP EdiTion.bin.rar (2.55 MB) - (Mirror)

org. bin + src:
24.04: ZZULtimativ_1.4b_PreSP2_bugfix_exe.rar (1.81 MB) - (Mirror)
bin: emule.0.47c.ZZULtimativ.1.4.bin.rar (2.01 MB) - (Mirror)
src: ZZULtimativ.1.4.src.rar (4.09 MB) - (Mirror) - eMule 0.47c.ZZUL BastarD.1.8.3.src.rar (1.44 MB)

old Versions:
emule.0.47c.ZZULtimativ.1.3.beta8.rar (1.76 MB) -
src: eMule 0.47a ZZUL-BastarD 1.8.0 src.rar (1.86 MB)

14 April 2007

NRPG Ratio Master v0.5 leaked ALPHA 1 Build

Whats new:

0.5-alpha1 compared with 0.34
- Faster
- Less RAM and CPU usage
- More secure
- Smaller size
- Using natural tcp connections instead of BitesRoad library
- Using BitSharp library (open source)

Don’t use on big trackers, because the interval system isn’t fixed, yet.

http://nrpgratiomaster.hit.bg/NRPG RM NG-a1.exe

(Mirror1) - (Mirror2) - (Mirror3)

11 April 2007

eMule 0.47c ZZULtimativ 1.4 alpha 3

based on
ZZUL BastarD 1.8.3

ZZULtimativ 1.4 alpha 3

* fixed some little bugs
+ added ClientIP to Cliendetails & KnownClientsList
+ readded Scheduler & Notifier
* fixed ReAsk after Ip change now saved correct

ZZULtimativ 1.4 alpha 2

+ ClientIcons from Xtreme
+ SlideBar[emule+/emulefuture]
+ Better Chunk Selection[XMan]
+ Extended Credit-Table-Arrangement[XMan]
+ More Creditsystems
+ added Overlayicon for Community Clients[MightyKnife]

ZZULtimativ 1.4 alpha 1

- Dynamic Hide OS[XMan]
* Xmans Flushthread Optimation
+ Spreadbar,HideOS,SelectiveShare,ShareOnlyTheNeed[Morph/Stulle]
- ICS/AntiHideOS

ZZULtimativ 1.3

* more Creditsystems
* readded missing resource Strings
* fixed double Badguy icons
* added German Language DLL
* fixed a bug in transferwnd.cpp thx to MadDog ;)
* updated Clientanalyzer from emulefuture0.3[wizard]
* moved options from Security 1 to Security 2 Prefpage
* Fixed AntiCommunity now saved
- Friendnotes
+ Choose EF-Mod Antinickthief or CA Antinickthief
+ Choose Score Reduce /3 for Leechers detected by EF-Mod Antileech
+ MassRename & Simple Cleanup Dialogs[emulefan]
+ EF-Mod Antileech System[eMulefan]
+ Intelligent Chunk Selection ICS [wizard/netfinity]
+ AntiHideOS[Wizard/enkeyDEV]

ZZULtimativ 1.2.03

so letzte TestVersion hab nun alles drin, was ich erstmal drin haben wollte, und noch ein paar Sachen entfernt die ich für unnütz halte, als nächstes werd ich mir mal eure restlichen Wünsche anschauen ...

+ DownInBold[emulefuture]
+ Ip2Country File Origin[emulefuture]
+ Link for Server.met in serverwindow[emulefuture]
+ ModIconDll + Modicondll-Update[emulefuture]
+ Auto Hardlimit[emulefuture]
- Scheduler
- Help
- VersionCheck
- Mobile Mule
+ Official Ratio Code
+ Queuesize 1000 - 30000 oder Infinite Queue[slugfiller]
+ Neue Grafiken in den Optionen THX Son Riab
+ Winsock2[Spike2]
+ Mehr BadMods hinzugefügt und von einigen Boosts ausgeschlossen
+ Andere Creditsysteme hinzugefügt(Lovelace,Official,Pawcio,Eastshare)[NextEvolution]
+ ed2k-Link Forum[Hawkstar]
+ Clientbantime einstellbar[Spike2]
+ Analyzer schaltbar[Spike2]
+ geändert IP2Country[emulefuture]
+ AddOn Directory hinzugefügt[emulefuture]
+ Push & Ban in mehr listen

Hoffe hab niemand im Changelog vergessen, was durchaus sein kann, wenn ja ist das keine Absicht und der jenige wird schon nicht dadran umkommen ;P

ZZULtimativ 1.2.0

+ Readblockfromfilethread[sirob]
+ dynamic hideOS[xMan]
+ hideOS without PowerRelease[Spe64]
+ add more illegal mods
+ remove BigBang from ServerFilter
+ manual Ban
+ some Code Optimations & Memleak fixes[XMan/Wizard]

ZZUltimativ 1.1.X

+ mehr Illegale Mods hinzugefügt
+ ModThief-Detection funktioniert jetzt mit dem Einstellbaren modname

ZZULtimativ 1.1

* manche Sachen erstmal wieder entfernt (HOS/ICS/SON)

ZZULtimativ 1.0.9
* changed HideOs-Code to code from Morph
+ ShareOnlyTheNeed [Morph]
+ Spreadbar[Morph]
+ Reduce Spreadbar CPU use[Morph]
+ WebServerBanFix[Wizard]
+ Memleakfixes in WebServer[Wizard]
+ AntiShape added to official creditsystem[Netfinity]
+ Avoid Credits Accumulate faker[Morph]
+ XS-Workaround[Wizard]
+ make Clientanalyzer Switchable
+ Automatic Firewalled Retries[Wizard]
+ find best sources[XMan]
+ fix arg[Avi3k]
+ WINSOCK2[eWombat]
+ Mod Statistics[Slugfiller]
+ ServerMessageFilter[Wizard]
+ Optimations[WiZaRd/XMan]
+ Obfuscation FiX[Wizard]
+ Show Related Source Colored[WiZaRd]
+ selection fix[Avi3k]
+ Prefs Sidebanner
+ IntelliFlush[Wizard]
+ Dynamic Block Requests[Netfinity]

ZZUltimativ 1.0.8
+ Remove Unused AICH Hashes[XMan]
+ CClientUDPSocket::SendTo() Optimize[BlueSonicBoy]
+ CUDPSocket::SendTo() Optimize[BlueSonicBoy]
+ CPartFile::DrawStatusBar() Optimize[WiZaRd]

ZZUltimativ 1.0.7

+ Smart Upload Control v2 (SUC) [lovelace]
+ Reduced CPU Usage in Uint128.cpp[netfinity/xman]
+ Optimized Spreadbarshader[netfinity]
+ several Memleak-Fixes[Wizard]
+ WhoIs[KTS]
+ Log Friend Activities[MightyKnight]
+ Manual Reask Server & XS[LSD]
+ Drop Single Source[KTS]

ZZUltimativ 1.0.6

+ Reask Source after ip Change
+ Enhanced Client Recognization, Recognize more Clients [Spike2]
+ Code improvement [Maella/Xman/Sivka/Sirob]
+ fakemanager[KTS]
+ FakeCheck[KTS]
+ LSD Buttons
+ Emulate Other[Spike2]
+ Ip2Country[EastShare]
+ SLS[enkeyDEV]
+ Drop Sources[LSD]
+ Update Ip-Filter,FakeCheck,Ip2Country.csv
+ MSS-Setting[KTS]

ZZUltimativ 1.0.5

* bugfix in options
+ ShowSharePermission[xmule-mod]
+ FunnyNick[KTS]
+ Decrease Source Exchange Speed[Spanish-Man]
+ permissions modifiziert
--> bei permission friends only kommen nur comm und friends in die queue
--> bei permission none niemand

ZZUltimativ 1.0.4

+ ReadBlockFromFileThread[Sirob]
+ SafeHash[slugfiller]
+ SpreadReask[slugfiller]
+ No Spread Reask for Xtreme[Spike2]
+ SafeDeleteMacros[eWombat]
+ Push Rare Files[KTS]
+ Push Part Files[KTS]
+ einstellbare Comm/AntiComm/Friend/Partfile boosts
+ Splash[SonRiab]
+ Exit Smoothly[TKB]
+ gesendeten Modstring selbst eingeben[Spe64]
+ Deutsche übersetzung des WS[engo3k]

ZZUltimativ 1.0.3

+ Use HideOs without PowerRelease[Spe64]
+ HideOS[Slugfiller]
+ Extented Splashscreen[KTS]
+ UPNP-Support[XMan]
+ see OnUploadqueue[XMan]
+ Show UploadQueue in Feedback
+ Changed Modname to ZZULt1m4t1v (because XMan`s UltiBan)
hatte noch was vergessen im Changelog
+ Optimizer[Xlillo]
+ SystemInfo in Transferwindow & Statistic[sicks]

ZZUltimativ 1.0.2

+ Clientanalyzer[Wizard]
+ QueueSize Fix[Wizard]
und noch nen Bug gefixt wenn Slotfocus deaktiviert war wurden die Clients nicht nach einen Chunk aus dem Upload gekickt

ZZUltimativ 1.0.1

Slotfocus abstellbar[kts]
Max Slots einstellbar[kts]
zusätzliche Pref Page
Up/Down Spalte in Uploadliste[kts]

ZZUltimativ 1.0.0

+ Mod Name geändert
+ Community/Friend Boost funktioniert jetzt
* Upload Only 2 eMule geändert
+ Copy feedback[Miles]
+ Community Visualization [Mighty Knife]
+ Community Boost (10x)
+ AntiCommunity Punish(100x)
+ Friend Boost(10x)
+ Friend & Community Boost (20x)
+ Anonym Mod[sicks]
+ Push & Kick[Telp]
+ Remove & add 2 ip-Filter[sicks]
+ CPU Optimization & Memleak Fixes[Wizard]
+ Optimizations[SpanishMan]
+ UpLoad only 2 eMule[sicks] -> changed that upload to Amule,too
+ AutoUnBan Friend[KTS]
+ Enhanced Client Recognation[Spike2]
+ Faster Reask for Ml-Donkey[Wizard/Spike2]

Download: ed2k link:emule.0.47c.ZZULtimativ.1.4.alpha3.rar
emule.0.47c.ZZULtimativ.1.4.alpha3.rar (2 MB) - (Mirror)
emule.0.47c.ZZULtimativ.1.4.alpha2.rar (1.98 MB) - (Mirror)
old: emule.0.47c.ZZULtimativ.1.4.alpha1.rar rarpass:

LimiTed EdiTion: emule.0.47c.ZZULtimativ.1.4.alpha3.BLUE.EdiTion.rar (2.33 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

eMule 0.47c X-Ray MoD 1.0


X-Ray MoD 1.0

Type | Idea | Source/Edit | Description | Used Tag
Update | itsonlyme | SiRoB | New ModID and Modname Code | // X-Ray :: Modname
Update | Slugfiller | Xman/MorphXT | Minor Update of SafeHash Code | // X-Ray :: SafeHash
Update | SiRoB | Spike2 | Updated "Fix Connection Collision" Code | // X-Ray :: FixConnectionCollision
Update | Spike2 | Spike2 | Enhanced Client Recognization | // X-Ray :: EnhancedClientRecognization
Update | Maella/Stulle | Spike2/Neo | ReAsk Sources - inform eMule's and Donkeys via OP_CHANGE_CLIENT_ID | // X-Ray :: ReAskSrcAfterIPChange
Update | netfinity | Xman | DynamicBlockRequest - merged few xman changes into netfinity's code | // X-Ray :: DynamicBlockRequest
Update | Michael Fatzi | DavidXanatos | Updated major parts of the Speedgraph code (CDialog->CWnd) | // X-Ray :: Speedgraph
Update | A. Kazakovsky | WiZaRd | Updated major parts of the SysInfo code | // X-Ray :: Statusbar
Update | David Xanatos | JvA | AutoSoftLock v2 - now you can set a global- and a file-based ASL-Value | // X-Ray :: AutoSoftLock
Readded | | | Readded IRC
Feature | Slugfiller | SF-IOM/JvA | Set UploadPriority in Downloadlist and DownloadPriority in ShareList | // X-Ray :: DLULPrioExtension
Feature | ??? | TK4Mod | Show Unknown Protocol Tags received from Client in Client Detail Dialog | // X-Ray :: UnknownProtTags
Feature | BlueSonicBoy | TK4Mod/JvA | Redesigned Client Detail Dialog | // X-Ray :: RedesignedClientDetailDlg
Feature | itsonlyme | David Xanatos | ReqFiles | // X-Ray :: ReqFiles
Feature | MorphXT | NeoMule | MultiFileStatusBars | // X-Ray :: MultiFileStatusbars
Feature | slugfiller | David Xanatos | Modeless Dialogs | // X-Ray :: ModelessDialogs
Feature | enkeyDEV | Spike2 | Save/Load Sources | // X-Ray :: SLS
Feature | WiZaRd | eMulefuture | Save Friendslot | // X-Ray :: SaveFU
Feature | netfinity | Spike2 | UDP Reask security check - Don't accept responses if we haven't asked | // X-Ray :: UDPReaskSecurityCheck
Feature | netfinity | Spike2 | Known Client Bonus | // X-Ray :: KnownClientBonus
Feature | WiZaRd | eMulefuture | IntelliFlush | // X-Ray :: IntelliFlush
Feature | EastShare | MorphXT/Xman | IP2Country - added flags, new icons(e+) + Kadflags(emulefuture) + Update | // X-Ray :: IP2Country
Feature | Yun.SF3 | MorphXT | IPFilter Update | // X-Ray :: IPFilterUpdate
Feature | Slugfiller | eMulefuture | Show Estaminated Time till downloading from Client | // X-Ray :: QRETA
Feature | ??? | eMulefuture | OwnPrefs (preferences_xray.ini) | // X-Ray :: OwnPrefs
Feature | ??? | eMulefuture | FreshPrefs | // X-Ray :: FreshPrefs
Feature | Official | MorphXT/Stulle| Own Mod Version Check | // X-Ray :: X-Ray Version Check
Feature | MaxUpload | Stulle | Global Hard Limit | // X-Ray :: Global Hardlimit
Feature | leuk_he | eMulefuture | Obfuscated HTTP-Transfers | // X-Ray :: ObfuscatedHTTPTransfers
Feature | eWombat | eMulefuture | Winsock2 Support | // X-Ray :: Winsock2
Feature | Slugfiller | Spike2 | InfiniteQueue | // X-Ray :: InfiniteQueue
Feature | Slugfiller | TKB/JvA/Stulle| SlotRelease (Big Thx Stulle for your help) | // X-Ray :: SlotRelease
Feature | Xman | Spike2 | 80% score for non SUI clients | // X-Ray :: ScoreReducedNonSUIClients
Feature | Xman | Xtreme | Uploadtoolbar | // X-Ray :: Uploadtoolbar
Feature | WiZaRd | eMulefuture | Redesigned Shared Files Window | // X-Ray :: RedesignedFilesWnd
Feature | Stulle | Stulle | Compat Client Stats | // X-Ray :: CompatClientStats
Add | JvA | JvA | Added some more checks for AutoSoftLock and ActiveConnectionControl
Replace | DonkeyHote | WiZaRd | Replaced the old (buggy) toolbar code with the new one | // X-Ray :: Toolbar
Replace | itsonlyme | eMulefuture | Replaced QRDiff code with itsonlyme's one (thought it was little bit buggy) | // X-Ray :: QRdiff
Replace | Commander | NeoMule | Replaced the old Clientpercentage with NeoMule's | // X-Ray :: ClientPercentage
Replace | DarkMaster | DarkMaster | Replaced the old Toolbar with the new one designed by DarkMaster | // X-Ray :: Toolbar
Changed | VQB/WiZaRd | Spike2 | Removed Normal- and FriendChunkNr and changed FriedUploadamount to max 4gb | // X-Ray :: FullChunk
Remove | sivka | | Don't interrupt upload if waiting queue empty or friend-slot | // X-Ray :: HoldULSessionOnEmptyQueue
Remove | Xanatos/JvA | | Removed Skinable Toolbar | // X-Ray :: SkinableToolbar
Remove | Avi3k | hebmule | Extended Shared View | // X-Ray :: ExtendedSharedView
Fix | DavidXanatos | NeoMule | Critical Packet Fix | // X-Ray :: CriticalPacketFix
Fix | WiZaRd | eMulefuture | Threadsafe Fix | // X-Ray :: ThreadsafeFix
Fix | MadDog | JvA | Fixed Trayicon bug that Downloadbar wasn't shown
Fix | JvA | JvA | Fixed Sortbug of TotalUpDown | // X-Ray :: TotalUpDown
Fix | WiZaRd | JvA | Fixed small displaybug around XP-GroupBox | // X-Ray :: XP-GroupBox
Fix | WiZaRd | JvA | Fixed wrong lables of NiceHash Settings | // X-Ray :: NiceHash
Fix | WiZaRd | NeoMule | Fixed Loop-Bug in ClientList.cpp | // X-Ray :: LoopImprovement
Fix | Xman | Xtreme | Fixed destroy splashscreen bug when you close emule right after start | // X-Ray :: SplashExtended
Fix | JvA | JvA | Fixed minor Load/Save Bug of ReleaseBonus-Preferences | // X-Ray :: ReleaseBonus
Fix | dlarge | JvA | Fixed major Bug of VariableReaskTime-Preferences | // X-Ray :: VariableReaskTime
Fix | JvA | JvA | Fixed major Bug of DropSources-Preferences | // X-Ray :: DropSystem

Note: If you upgrade from a earlier X-Ray you have to set all ModPrefs again (Own Preferences File).

X-Ray MoD 0.3

Type | Idea/Src from | Description | Used Tag
Merge | | Merged to 47c Codebase
Update | Xman | Updated Sourcecache Implementation | // X-Ray :: Sourcecache
Update | WiZaRd | Updated AutomaticKademliaFirewalledRecheck Implementation | // X-Ray :: AutoKadFirewallRecheck
Feature | Slugfiller | SearchCatch | // X-Ray :: SearchCatch
Feature | itsonlyme/Neo | CacheUDPsearchResults | // X-Ray :: CacheUDPSearchResults
Feature | eWombat/WiZaRd| Connetion Checker | // X-Ray :: ConChecker
Feature | Maella/Stulle | ReAsk Sources after IP Change | // X-Ray :: ReAskSrcAfterIPChange
Feature | Spike2/Pawcio | Reconnect to Kademlia (after Connection error) | // X-Ray :: ReconnectToKadAfterConnectionError
Feature | WiZaRd | Reset Kad-IP on IP Change | // X-Ray :: ResetKadIP
Feature | Slug./Stulle | Spread ReAsk | // X-Ray :: SpreadReask
Feature | Stulle | Variable ReAsk Time | // X-Ray :: VariableReaskTime
Feature | Spike2/TK4 | Enhanced Client Recognization | // X-Ray :: EnhancedClientRecognization
Feature | Max/Obelix/JvA| ActiveConnectionControl | // X-Ray :: ActiveConnectionControl
Feature | NeoMule | AutoSoftLock | // X-Ray :: AutoSoftLock
Feature | Peace/JvA | Added icons to show the Queue Difference better | // X-Ray :: QRdiff
Feature | Avi3k | Extended Shared View | // X-Ray :: ExtendedSharedView
Feature | WiZaRd/JvA | 3D-Text for PrefSlider | // X-Ray :: 3DTextForPrefSlider
Feature | WiZaRd/JvA | X-Ray Color Style for the PrefSlider | // X-Ray :: PrefSliderColors
Feature | pHoeniX | Fadeout on Exit | // X-Ray :: FadeoutOnExit
Feature | pHoeniX/eMF | XP-GroupBox | // X-Ray :: XP-GroupBox
Feature | WiZaRd | Relax on Start-Up | // X-Ray :: RelaxOnStartUp
Feature | WiZaRd | Now so you can always see e.g. UL/DL stats even if the client is offline | // X-Ray :: OfflineFriendData
Feature | Tarod/MorphXT | Show Compression in UploadListCtrl | // X-Ray :: ShowCompression
Feature | WiZaRd/Lama | New nice looking Statistics | // X-Ray :: WiZaRdStats
Feature | Bastard/eF-Mod| Nice Hash | // X-Ray :: NiceHash
Feature | WiZaRd/Bastard| Nice Move | // X-Ray :: NiceMove
Feature | TPT/Xtreme/JvA| ProcessPriority - differs from Xtreme, Priority is set AFTER complete start | // X-Ray :: ProcessPrio
Feature | Xtreme | Don't overwrite bak files if last sessions crashed | // X-Ray :: DontOverwriteBakFiles
Feature | pHeonix/Neo | Added Tabbed Preferences | // X-Ray :: PPgPrefTabs
Feature | Sivka/JvA | SourceDropSystem | // X-Ray :: DropSystem
Feature | Stulle | Auto Drop Immunity | // X-Ray :: AutoDropImmunity
Feature | Sivka | Don't interrupt upload if waiting queue empty or friend-slot | // X-Ray :: HoldULSessionOnEmptyQueue
Feature | Sivka/Xman | Stop Downloading from one single client | // X-Ray :: StopDownload
Feature | Spike/WiZaRd | Faster Re-Ask on MLdonkeys | // X-Ray :: FastReaskforMLDonkey
Feature | netfinity | Anti-Shape | // X-Ray :: AntiShape
Improve | NeoMule | BetterClientAttaching | // X-Ray :: BetterClientAttaching
Improve | NeoMule/WiZaRd| LoopImprovement | // X-Ray :: LoopImprovement
Improve | Xman | Init-Hashtable optimization | // X-Ray :: KnownFileListHashTableImprovement
Improve | Xman | Don't refresh list-item on deletion | // X-Ray :: DontRefreshOnItemDeletion
Improve | WiZaRd | Proper KadClientList-Client deletion | // X-Ray :: ProperKadClientListCleanup
Add | | Added many Preferences Security Checks and Limits to the Slotcontrol
Add | Xanatos | Added some code to SessionDownloadFeature | // X-Ray :: SessionDownload
Changed | JvA | Few things in ChunkSettings and the calculation | // X-Ray :: FullChunk
Removed | Xman | Better Chunk Selection - it's not needed at the moment cause of the zz code
Removed | NexteMF | Official Toolbar Code
Fix | Sirob | Fix Connection Collision | // X-Ray :: FixConnectionCollision
Fix | | Fixed some things for the debug mode
Fix | DavidXanatos | Fixed a Bug in the new XS v4 for Obfuscation
Fix | Xman | Crashfix At Mmsocket
Fix | shadow2004 | Show the correct serverport in networkinfodlg if obfuscution is used
Fix | WiZaRd | XS-workaround for older clients
Fix | | Small displayfix in Splashscreen (thx WiZ for reporting)

X-Ray MoD 0.2 Alpha

Type | Idea/Src from | Description | Used Tag
Merge | | Merged to 47b Codebase
Feature | SF-IOM | Completed SafeHash Implementation | // X-Ray :: SafeHash
Feature | Morph/Xtreme | Threaded FlushBuffer | // X-Ray :: FlushBuffer
Feature | Xtreme | Queued Disc-Access for Read/Flushing-Threads | // X-Ray :: QueuedFlushThreads
Feature | Morph/Xtreme | ReadBlockFromFileThread | // X-Ray :: ReadBlockFromFileThread
Feature | O2/Xtreme | Hash Progress | // X-Ray :: HashProgress
Feature | MorphXT | Display current uploading chunk | // X-Ray :: UploadChunkDisplay
Feature | MorphXT | Display current downloading chunk | // X-Ray :: DownloadChunkDisplay
Feature | eF-Mod | Show Total UP/DOWN | // X-Ray :: TotalUpDown
Feature | xrmb | Confirmed download | // X-Ray :: ConfirmedDownload
Feature | xrmb | See the need | // X-Ray :: SeeTheNeed
Feature | Slugfiller | Show chunk dots in downloadlist progress | // X-Ray :: ChunkDots
Feature | Slugfiller | DoubleLucas | // X-Ray :: DoubleLucas
Feature | Slugfiller | QPFPush - Gives an inverse boost to less popular files for more equality | // X-Ray :: QPFPush
Feature | Moonlight/Scar| Save Upload-Queue-Wait-Time | // X-Ray :: SUQWT
Feature | Sivka/Stulle | Release Bonus | // X-Ray :: ReleaseBonus
Feature | netfinity | Drop Stalled Sources | // X-Ray :: DropStalledSources
Feature | netfinity | Delayed NNP | // X-Ray :: DelayedNNP
Feature | netfinity | Reask Partstatus on NNP | // X-Ray :: ReaskPartstatusOnNNP
Feature | JvA | All P2P get their correct icon and clients with ext.-prot. get an overlayicon | // X-Ray :: CorrectAppIcons
Changed | WiZaRd | Makes eMule to keep the PROPER limit of the queue | // X-Ray :: QueueSizeFix
Changed | JvA | Changed executable icon
Removed | Slugfiller | NoNeededRequeue due to netfinity's code | // X-Ray :: NoNeededRequeue

X-Ray MoD 0.1 Alpha

Type | Idea/Src from | Description | Used Tag
Feature | netfinity | DynamicBlockRequest | // X-Ray :: DynamicBlockRequest
Feature | BlueSonicBoy | DL Part completion speed-up code | // X-Ray :: PartCompletionSpeedUp
Feature | Xman | Better Passive Source Finding | // X-Ray :: BetterPassiveSourceFinding
Feature | Xman | Better Chunk Selection | // X-Ray :: BetterChunkSelection
Feature | Xman | Find best Sources | // X-Ray :: FindBestSources
Feature | Slugfiller | NoNeededRequeue | // X-Ray :: NoNeededRequeue
Feature | Avi3k | Colored Queue rank difference to the download list | // X-Ray :: QRdiff
Feature | Morph/JvA | Colored Clientstate | // X-Ray :: ColoredClientstate
Feature | Commander | Client Percentage | // X-Ray :: ClientPercentage
Feature | Xanatos | Session Download | // X-Ray :: SessionDownload
Feature | VQB | OwnCredits | // X-Ray :: OwnCredits
Feature | Sivka/JvA | Slot Control | // X-Ray :: SlotControl
Feature | VQB/WiZaRd | FullChunkTransfer | // X-Ray :: FullChunk
Feature | WiZaRd | You can set the minimum Nr. of Chunks that will be transfered @ Friend-UL | // X-Ray :: FUChunkNr
Feature | JvA | You can set the minimum Nr. of Chunks that will be transfered @ Normal-UL | // X-Ray :: NormalChunkNr
Feature | Xman | Sourcecache | // X-Ray :: Sourcecache
Feature | Neo | Preferences Banner | // X-Ray :: PrefBanner
Feature | Neo/eMule+ | Preferences SlideBar | // X-Ray :: PrefSlider
Feature | eF-Mod | New Statusbar Arrangement and fixed some bugs in the eF-Implementation | // X-Ray :: Statusbar
Feature | DonkeyHote | New Toolbar including fixes and several changes (Thx to TommyB for the optic) | // X-Ray :: Toolbar
Feature | Xanatos/JvA | Toolbar is now skinable, so you can use your own images for the bar | // X-Ray :: SkinableToolbar
Feature | eF-MOD | High resulution speedmeter on toolbar with some fixes from David Xanatos | // X-Ray :: Speedgraph
Feature | Xtreme | New SplashScreen Arangement | // X-Ray :: SplashExtended
Feature | SF-IOM/Xtreme | SafeHash | // X-Ray :: SafeHash
Feature | Xman/NetF | If your upload is > 80 kb/s emule switch to lower compression | // X-Ray :: VariableCompression
Feature | Xman | Code Improvement for choosing to use compression | // X-Ray :: CompressionChoosing
Feature | Slugfiller | Requested blocks are now clipped to chunk limits and max. allowed block size | // X-Ray :: ReqBlocksClipping
Feature | WiZaRd | Improved Uploadcaching | // X-Ray :: ImprovedUploadCaching
Feature | Avi3k | Improved Kad's encoding code for CUInt128 | // X-Ray :: KadEncode
Feature | WiZaRd | AutomaticKademliaFirewalledRecheck | // X-Ray :: AutoKadFirewallRecheck
Feature | SiRoB | Outlined Percentage | // X-Ray :: OutlinedPercentage
Feature | Slugfiller | ModID | // X-Ray :: ModID
Feature | NeoMule | ModLog | // X-Ray :: ModLog
Change | | Changed several Colors
Feature | itsonlyme | Modname is shown everywhere in the mod | // X-Ray :: Modname
Tweak | SiRoB | Don't send extended tags to client that don't support it to reduce overhead | // X-Ray :: ExtendedProtokolCheck
Fix | WiZaRd | Some MemLeakFixes

Web: http://sourceforge.net/projects/x-ray-mule/

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