06 April 2007

eMule 0.47c Spike2 1.0


ADDED : Add next connect theft - logging (from netF's WARP-Mod)
ADDED : AddOn-Directory (by WiZaRd, taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
ADDED : Anti-HideOS (optimizes ICS; taken from iONiX 4.4, updated & implemented by Spike2 - might be updated to emulefuture's
implementation later)
ADDED : Better treatment of some mods (Spike2, ideas from WiZaRd)
ADDED : ClientPercentage (by SLAHAM, taken from MorphXT; Feature request from Mauro)
ADDED : Credits Reset Exploit Prevention (netfinity, taken from netF-WARP)
ADDED : DVD-Files aren't cleaned up by the Filename-CleanUp-function (FiX by BlueSonicBoy from TK4-Mod)
ADDED : eMulePlus has a ReaskTime of 28 instead of 29 minutes, so the ReaskTime for them is 28 minutes now ! (Spike2)
ADDED : Extra-cool MiniMule-eye-candy by WiZaRd (taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
ADDED : ICS (Original by enkeyDev, taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
ADDED : Inform sources of an ID-change: eMule-/eDonkey(Hybrid)-Sources will be informed with the OP_CHANGE_CLIENT_ID-opcode of an
ID-change, all other clients will be reasked as usual, because we can't know, if they support the OP_CHANGE_CLIENT_ID-opcode (ALL sources will be REASKED if we are on a LowID; NeoMule & parts from Spike2)
ADDED : IP2Country (Original by Commander/Eastshare, taken from the emulefuture-Mod) --> WITH WiZaRd's FileOrigin-AddOn (taken from
the emulefuture-Mod) and IP2Country-to-ProxyClient (taken from MorphXT)
ADDED : Known Clients Bonus (from netF-WARP, switchable in "Upload Management"-PrefPage)
ADDED : Links in NetworkInfoDlg (Spike2, inspired by Xtreme)
ADDED : LowID2HighID-AutoCallback (L2HAC; Original by eMule+ (?), taken from NeoMule)
ADDED : ML-Donkey's XS-Packets are now correctly recognized in ListenSocket.cpp (Spike2; full support will be added later,
ideas & hints from WiZ)
ADDED : "Obfuscated connection to server required" preference (leuk_he, taken from the newest MorphXT)
ADDED : PaybackFirst (WiZaRd's Implementation, taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
ADDED : PrefSlider (Original by eMule+, taken from X-Ray-Mod)
ADDED : Safe KAD, incl. Kad-Anti-fragmenting (by netfinity and optimized by WiZaRd, taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
ADDED : SearchCatch (Slugfiller, taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
ADDED : SearchColours (WiZaRd, taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
ADDED : Send protocol-extensions only to supporting clients to save overhead (idea from MorphXT, taken from the emulefuture-
mod and modified by Spike2) --> used for ModString, Webcache, L2HAC and ICS
ADDED : Show Compression in UploadListCtrl (Tarod/MorphXT, taken from the X-Ray-Mod)
ADDED : Show 'Download added' in TransferWindow (netfinity)
ADDED : Some AddOns in CommentsListCtrl (from MorphXT)
ADDED : SR13-Import-Parts function can be stopped now (by CiccioBastardo from CB-Mod)
ADDED : Support-Links, Server.met-Updating (Support-links inspired by Xtreme, Server.met-Updating taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
ADDED : TabbedPrefs (Original by TPT, taken from X-Ray-Mod)
ADDED : Understand Crumbs- & TheHorde-opcodes (just for the verbose-log, taken from netfinity's WARP-MOD)
ADDED : UPnP-Support (with Windows-Service-Startup by WiZaRd) (taken from the emulefuture-mod, WiZaRd's / Shadows
BUGFIX : ClientAnalyzer-switchable: fixed bug in UploadClient.cpp (in combined FilePrio and Credit the Analyzer was always used)
BUGFIX : Collection double extension (by CiccioBastardo, taken from the MorphXT-Mod)
BUGFIX : Correct SUI-stats (by WiZaRd, taken from the emulefuture-mod)
BUGFIX : Enhanced Client Recognization - some transferdata wasn't counted - Bugfix by Stulle
BUGFIX : Fix Connection Collision (from MorphXT)
BUGFIX : Fixed a bug in SLS, which caused SLS to not save sources (reported by Frawe, fix by JvA !)
BUGFIX : Improved BanCheck (from Sivka)
BUGFIX : Many fixes and optimizations from the emulefuture-mod, mainly by WiZaRd
BUGFIX : Small changes in Webcache (from newest MorphXT)
BUGFIX : Small fix in WebcacheClient.cpp (Spike2 - fixed timeout-values)
BUGFIX : Some fixes and optimizations from various mods (tagged in the code, i.e. MorphXT, ZZUL BastarD, Sivka-Mod, Xtreme, WARP, etc.)
BUGFIX : UDP Reask sequrity check - Don't accept responses if we haven't asked (by netfinity, from netF-WARP)
BUGFIX : Vista-/Windows2003-fix in otherfunctions.cpp (from MorphXT)
BUGFIX : WiZaRd's Fix for unfair client treatment (http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=116699)
BUGFIX : WiZaRd's Missing-Code-fix in ListenSocket (taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
BUGFIX : WiZaRd's Optimization in LastCommonRouteFinder (taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
BUGFIX : WiZaRd's Respect SoftLimit (taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
CHANGED: ConChecker will be used in Webcache.cpp, too (Spike2)
CHANGED: Raised Webcache-Blocklist-size (by WiZaRd; 2000 --> 10000)
CHANGED: Some default settings
CHANGED: XMan's Reconnect Kad on IP-change to --> Reset Kad-IP on IP-Change (by WiZaRd)
REMOVED: Ban "CrashMules" (not needed anymore)
REMOVED: Dazzle's Create Map (buggy in the princip, so it can't be fixed)
REMOVED: netfinity's DownloadThrottler (was added with WebCache, reverted back to original code / Spike2)
UPDATED: Aux-ports-support by lugdunummaster (from newest MorphXT)
UPDATED: ClientAnalyzer (WiZaRd)
UPDATED: Code-Improvements in CUint128::toBinaryString & toHexString (by netfinity, modified by WiZaRd, taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
UPDATED: ConChecker (by WiZaRd)
UPDATED: Don't kill client / source - features (from MorphXT)
UPDATED: Dynamic Block Requests (by netfinity, taken from netF-WARP) - Download from eDonkey/eDonkeyHybrid should be a bit better now
UPDATED: Emulate Shareaza (just a small adjustment; Spike2)
UPDATED: Extra Kad-Logging (from MorphXT 9.0) to WiZaRd's Anti-Fake-IP (from the emulefuture-Mod)
UPDATED: "Initiate Rehash"-function updated according to the newest code in 0.47c-Partfile.cpp (by Spike2, thanks WiZaRd)
UPDATED: ModIconMapper to the updateable new version (Shadow/WiZaRd, taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
UPDATED: ReadBlockFromFileThread (from netF-WARP 0.3)
UPDATED: SafeHash and FlushThread (from netF-WARP 0.3 and MorphXT 9.5; thanx to JvA for pointing out a bug)
UPDATED: Show Userhash in MyInfo (by WiZaRd, from the emulefuture-Mod)
UPDATED: SR13-Import-Parts (updated from the CB-Mod, "Stop import" by CiccioBastardo, threading code by Sirob)
UPDATED: UltraLeecherSecure (for those who still use it: made same NickName-checks case-sensitive, to avoid banning of innocent clients)
UPDATED: WiZaRd's Missing Buddy Check (taken from the emulefuture-Mod)

Download: eMule-0.47c-Spike2-1.0-bin.rar - (Mirror) - (SRC)


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