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03 August 2013


SmartyDNS is a DNS service provider that mainly aims to unblock restricted media websites and allow to access to these websites that don’t show their content outside of the US or UK with the SmartyDNS Software.

The Smart DNS technology works by changing your default Domain Name Server (DNS) server setting so that you can easily bypass the usual filters and firewalls. The SmartyDNS Client Software connects to a server in the US or UK.

You can change the DNS Server settings in most Routers or in the Network IPv4 settings in Windows and other devices. Doing this make sure that default DNS requests are done with IPv4 if you have IPv6 connectivity as well.

By changing the DNS Server from your ISP's to SmartDNS, most popular US and UK streaming site including Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Pandora will be unblocked from any country in the world!

With SmartDNS you can enjoy your original speed while streaming video and audio or browsing.

SmartyDNS service works on all popular plattforms such as Mac OS, Android, Apple TV, iOS, Xbox, PS3, Wii, Roku etc.

SmartyDNS is offering 50% discount for the first 3 Months. Simply visit this link with Promocode SMARTYDNS. More over there are 14 day free Smart DNS trial accounts available.

26 February 2012

Sothink SWF Decompiler


Did you ever wanted to edit Flash Files with a few clicks easy and powerful?

Modified, edit SWF Games, Logos, Banners, embedded Website Player Interfaces or any animated SWF Objects is with SourceTec SWF Decompiler possible.

Change a logo or banner without having the project source code or recover losted source code.

To make it even more easy there comes a Web browser extension with the Software. Sothink Catcher detect and download any Flash files from webpages.

Sometimes you want to export/extract from a program exe file the included animation. Sothink EXE in SWF Extractor is made for this and shows you all detail info about the swf file.

Sothink SWF Decompiler allows you to modifi for example Yahoo Messenger startup animation and many more applications. Converts SWF to HTML5, FLA or FLEX. Supports Adobe Flash CS3/CS4/CS5/CS5.5 and ActionScript 2.0/3.0

The new Version adds brand new features:

sothink swf decompiler 70

First of all, a shape editor – WYSIWYG was added in shape panel to modify the existing shapes.
  1. You can edit shape elements in WYSIWYG Shape Editor directly instead of opening the third party tool like Adobe Flash.
  2. You are able to import and export gls files
  3. It provides various ways to edit shape element in preview window, such as delete, copy, paste, select, transform, group and etc.
  4. You can set single color, gradient color or bitmap fill color for the enclosed area of the border line of the selected shape.
Secondly, SWF Decompiler 7.0 enhances SWF to HTML5 converting function. Web animation could be developed by HTML5 without any extra plug-in; SWF Decompiler 7.0 is able to convert whole SWF to HTML5.

Thirdly, the new version supports Flash CS5. It provides full compatibility of Flash from CS3 to CS5.

Finally, it upgrades Flash Downloader for Firefox which supports Firefox 8.0. it helps you to capture and save Flash SWF from the latest version of Firefox.

SWF Decompiler 7.0 is available to download now. You are welcome to have a 30-day free trial run.

More information about SWF Decompiler 7.0.

See Sothink SWF Decompiler in Action by editing a Banner:

In this sample changing a Logo in SWF Animation. Watch VideoClip on YouTube.

The user program interface can be switched from English to German, French, Italian, Taiwan and Korean.

No matter if you are new into Shockwave Flash or a professional user, Sothink SWF Decompiler can help you in many ways and save you a lot of time. It's a very feature rich software program and offer a great editor mode.

07 February 2012

SciLor's grooveshark Downloader v0.4.9.2b

SciLor's grooveshark™.com Downloader is a tool for downloading and playing music from Grooveshark™.com. It offers several languages (such as: catalan, french, german, germanbavarian, portuguese, spanish, swedish, turkish, italian, danish, hungarian). This tool has the Tor Project included (optionally).

Are you from germany, where grooveshark(tm) is blocked? This will work for you!
I suggest to use from EU countries (Germany, France, Belgium, Austria,..) permanent a good VPN provider next to your ISP to access the net without limits. Not only YouTube also P2P and so on and save you from possible troubles. Besides that stay anonym while using the internet.

You like the commandline? Then try the command-line offered within this app (-help)
Also nice is the proxy feature.
Thanks fly out to "nilezon" who offered his grooveshark™ API!
Also thanks fly out for all the translators who helped me to bring this piece of software into several languages!



31 January 2012

Broadcom Latest WIDCOMM Bluetooth Driver Version 6.5 Windows 7 (32 and 64 Bit) and 5.6 for Windows XP (32, 64bit)

The Automatic Downloader SetupBtwDownloadSE.exe mostly fail by detecting the device. The Files get extracted to C:\DOCUME~1\USERNAME\LOCALS~1\Temp\WebDownload\ (Driver only without Tools):

Windows Driver Package - Broadcom Bluetooth  (05/30/2009
Windows Driver Package - Broadcom HIDClass  (01/21/2009

The Latest Retail Broadcom Driver WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software installers are:

BTW - Windows XP - 32 bit Download (NEW)
BTW_5.5.0.7400 - Windows XP - 64 bit  Download
BTW_6.2.0.9200 - Windows 7 - 32 and 64 bit  Download
BTW - Windows 7 - 32 and 64 bit Download (NEW)

List of compatible devices

09 January 2012

BDlot Blu-ray Ripper GiveAway

Happy New Year 2012 Giveaway

Dear all we have a new Giveaway from BDlot.

First of all I'm sorry for delay. I had no internet after moving back. I got my permanent Landline middle December. It was impossible to run GiveAways from Android device with 56k Webstick what I used before the DSL line from August to December.

BDlot Blu-ray Ripper is a Blu-ray decrypting and copying tool for users to backup Blu-ray discs in HDD. With BDlot Blu-ray Ripper, you can:

1. Protect your favorite DVDs easily from cracking, scratching, other damages or loss, ignoring any mainstream Blu-ray protections, such as BD ROM Mark, BD+, BD-Live, UOPs, AACS, region code, etc.

2. Enjoy the perfect Blu-ray DVD quality with 1:1 back up of original Blu-ray movies contents (BDAV M2TS audio track, subtitle track, video track, and menu), deleting those annoying FBI and Interpol messages and useless subtitle or audio tracks.

3. Transcode Blu-ray to MKV, MP4 and other formats and watch it on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android-based HTC phones, Samsung mobiles, tablets, as well as other popular portable gadgets.

  • Download this useful software for free at
  • Register with this license code BV-VSEYEDJJ-QQMRIP and activate the software before Jan 16. 2012. 

Many thanks to Carolyn from LotSoft for this great gift for our readers.

08 January 2012

SciLor's grooveshark Downloader v0.4.9o

SciLor's grooveshark™.com Downloader is a tool for downloading and playing music from Grooveshark™.com.
It offers several languages (such as: catalan, french, german, germanbavarian, portuguese, spanish, swedish, turkish, italian, danish, hungarian).

You like the commandline? Then try the commandline offered within this app (-help)
Also nice is the proxy feature.
Thanks fly out to "nilezon" who offered his grooveshark™ API!
Also thanks fly out for all the tranlators who helped me to bring this piece of software into several languages!

ChangeLog SciLor's grooveshark Downloader v0.4.9o:

-Feature: Tray Icon to minimize to tray
-Feature: New commandline arguments for setting username/password and fetching the playlists
-Enhancement: Select first playlist after login automatically
-Change: Keep everything in the search box in commandline mode when working with playlists
-Fix: A possible problem with the search, that some users had.
-Fix: A crash on WinXP when not at 96dpi.
-Fix: A commandline bug (-add)



11 December 2011

SharkThief 0.3.2

sharkThief is a Grooveshark downloader with many features. This little tool allows you to download multiple streams from Grooveshark quickly and easily. The advantage is that you don't have to call up the website but can right away in the program download any song and play a preview. With a advanced song search you can find any song and batch download many songs at one time. Therefore you reach higher speeds as in other Grooveshark downloading tools. The songs are in top quality and the download speed is very fast. The program require .net frameworks 3.5 and runs on any Windows version.

Homepage | Mirror
Facebook Site


04 August 2011

TechSmith Camtasia Studio

Screen capture can be an easy job especially after so many varied tools are available for it, but the scenario is not the same for screen recording. There are few good screen recorders are available and among them there are very few that are actually is easy to use. At the end I must say the count is not that big.

Today I write about a screen recorder which is user friendly and also packed with features. The product is Camtasia Studio from TechSmith.

If you ever need to create a professional looking videos from your screen recordings and that without much hardships then this is the software to use. This is one of the very best, or I should say the best, screencast application you would ever come across.

Camtasia Studio -- Description

The Camtasia studio interface may look intimidating to new users but actually it is very well sorted and user friendly. All the tools are properly placed so that users can get it work without much difficulty. The latest version of Camtasia studio adds many new features that will make it much easier for the users to create and edit videos. It is packed with features and is easily the complete screencast tool that you will get.

27 July 2011

WAV To MP3 (Flac,...) Converter

I know you may think there are a lot of converters here. But WAV To MP3 can not only converts WAV to MP3 format, but also converts more than 20+ audio/video formats. And it allows users to convert WAV to FLAC format, which is free Lossless audio codec but has the much smaller filesize than WAV.

WAV To MP3 is a freeware utility for converting WAV and over 20 other audio and video files to MP3 and FLAC. The software helps users to convert with excellent quality and save money on buying full-featured audio editing software.

The program can help users in many different situations. For example, one can use WAV To MP3 to convert old WAV records to more common MP3 or FLAC. If someone studies a foreign language, the program can be used to convert an educational video or movie in that language to MP3, so that the user can upload it to an MP3 player and study on the move. Also one can convert songs in different formats to universal MP3, which is good for a music archive on the computer or disk. One more interesting way to use WAV To MP3 is to create an MP3 ringtone from a favorite track in WAV, and then personalize the phone, so that its sound is distinguished from all others phones.

WAV To MP3 converts in a few clicks. To start, the user needs to add a file to the program, select the desired output format, bitrate, output folder, and then start the conversion with a mouse click. The program analyses the source file and accurately re-encodes data to produce a high quality output file in MP3 or FLAC.

Buying a professional, full-fledged music editor for occasional conversions is something most users don't want to do. In this situation, WAV To MP3 2.0 offers and easy and free solution to converting to MP3.

WAV To MP3 2.0 runs under Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, VISTA or 7. A free, full-featured version is available for download. For more information about WAV To MP3, visit


22 July 2011

Sothink SWF Decompiler Review and a License for Windows and MAC to GiveAway & Discount 30% Off Special offer for our readers

Lost your flash project file or just want to edit or extract elements from an animated flash file. All these can be easily done with Sothink SWF Decompiler. As one of the first Decompiler for SWF, Sothink can even decompile nearly all flash files created with 3th party tools including IncrediFlash and many more where most other Decompiler for SWF failed to work. Furthermore within a few clicks you can convert SWF to HTML5. Flash inside exe files can be extracted as well.

The Program can be switched from English to German, Italian, French, Chinese and Korean Language.
A live preview of the original Flash file as well as the edited flash next to detail info view in an easy to operate interface which supports drag'n drop are only a few highlights of this excellent software.
Download latest v6: Sothink SWF Decompiler 6.6 Build 4013
Read more about the features
Visit the Forum

Sothink SWF Decompiler is available for MAC and Windows.

A special offer to our readers, purchase SWF Decompiler for Mac or Windows now with 30% Discount using this Coupon code: SuM3p42D

Together with Sothink we give away one License with full support and product updates for the Windows Version and one for the MAC version.

A free 30-Day Trial Version can be downloaded on the Homepage.

To join this contest and win a License:
Download and install the software.
Decompile/Edit any flash file as shown in this sample and upload it (for example to,,, or any other file host). To save the edited file use the old version 4.5 (register with this link)
Include the link of the original Flash file and your edited/modified flash file in your comment. Tell us if you want to win Sothink SWF Decompiler for Windows or MAC.
Optional share this news on Forums, Personal Blogs and Follow us on Twitter/Facebook.

We draw random from all comments which fulfill the requirements a winner of a license for Windows and one for the MAC version.

21 July 2011

Better Grooveshark with Premium Mode Subscription Emulation - Browser Script



Aggregated lyrics
Better Grooveshark now offers a lyrics module. Just hit "Search" and choose your favorite lyrics site from the dropdown. Possible results are aggregated for you in another dropdown. Recall the menu click  'clear local settings'

Enable Premium Mode Subscription
Adds a premium mode which removes the ads instead of hide. Scrobbling

Song info in title bar
The songs name and the artist are shown in the title.

Since version 1.45 every feature may be optionally set in the "BetterGS" menu (button is located in the upper right)

Merged into latest

Compatible with Chrome/Chromium based Browsers (Tampermonkey) and Firefox Greasemonkey


reload in browser url: to make it active.

sharkThief 0.2.9 Grooveshark Music Downloader

sharkThief Downloader for Grooveshark

sharkThief allows you to download music from the online radio service You can select from more than 20 million songs.


#Update 0.2.9
- Adjustments to Grooveshark
- Song Preview removed




older versions

15 July 2011

Multi Commander 32 and 64 bit Free Download

Multi Commander is a multi-tabbed file manager that is an alternative to the standard Windows Explorer.
It uses the very popular and efficient dual-panel layout.

Multi Commander has a everything you need in your daily works with files to make your work fast and efficient.

It has all the standard features like a file manager has like copy, move, rename, view. But Multi Commanders big strength is the special features that allow you to do advanced task with ease. Like Auto-unpacking , Auto-sorting , Browse inside archives, Workspace support, Scripting, Searching and a lot more. And it allows you to do everything from the keyboard.

Multi Commander can be installed and run from portable (USB) device. Will not write any settings/session info on host computer.

Multi Commander is very similar as TotalCommander but offers more options.

For a full feature List visit:

Multi Commander works on Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 / Windows 7 - 32 and 64 bit versions are available to download.

switch to fullscreen

There exists a Beta License but it is no longer needed.

The latest Beta Version as of today is Multi Commander v1.1.1 Build 789


Release v1.1.1 (Build 789)
ADDED - If double click or press return on a file inside an archive. That file will be unpack and executed.
FIXED - Crash problem when editing a file without file extension.
FIXED - When Installed on portable. Session information was not stored on portable device.
-- Build (787)
ADDED - Easier to add support for new languages. (See forum for information)
ADDED - Now possible to add/change and alias for a User Command from the User Command editor.
ADDED - The CustomCommander "MC.Explorer.Goto" can now change both the source/target or left/right view at the same time.
ADDED - Custom command now support external parameters with ${param:0}, ${param:1} and so on. (Parameters from the commandline)
FIXED - Install on Portable (USB) Device now work again.
FIXED - Minor sorting bug.
FIXED - Crash problem with the language editor.

Multi Commander does no longer limit to a 30 days trial. You may now use Multi Commander free of change.


Multi Commander 32bit installer: Mirror1 | Mirror2
Multi Commander 64bit installer: Mirror1 | Mirror2

Portable/Update Beta:

Multi Commander 32bit: Mirror1 | Mirror2
Multi Commander 64bit: Mirror1 | Mirror2

Snagit review and Licenses to GiveAway

Whenever we think of screen capture the first thing that comes to our mind is PrintScr button and windows paint. But there’s much more to a screen capture than just PrintScreen. What if you need to capture a scrolling window or what if you need to capture just the text portion? For these kinds of captures we need specialized screen capture tool. We can get many such tools if we search the internet but today I will talk about the best of them, Snagit by TechSmith. Many of you must be thinking that why I mentioned Snagit it as the best, for those people I will just say please continue reading you yourselves will find out why it is mentioned the No.1 screen capture tool.

Snagit Description & Analysis

Sangit is the most complete and powerful screen capture you would ever come across. Its sheer capacity to capture anything you see on your screen makes it No. 1. Not only can it capture images but it can also capture texts and video clips also. Easy to use and vast number of features makes it more popular. The best thing about Snagit is not only it is a screen capture tool but it is also an image editor. Yes, you heard me right, it does have a separate image editor of its own. So now you can capture and edit on the same tool and don’t have to open 2 or 3 programs for it. The image editor itself is feature rich and thus makes it a perfect combination.

Now let’s look at how it works:

The above screenshot shows the Snagit screen capture tool. It has basically 3 important sections Profiles, Profile settings and Capture button. The profiles section has many predefined profiles for easy capture. Out of all the profiles the All-in-one is the most used. By selecting this profile you can just capture anything. Its inbuilt settings make our job easier. But what if we need to change some settings or create a new profile for our day to day use. Snagit gives us a provision for that also through the profile settings sections. From here we can change various things or create a completely new profile. We can add a new input area, output location and even add effects also. There is also a profile creation wizard with which making profiles are much easier. The third and the most important is the Capture button, clicking which the snagit window minimizes to the taskbar and you can start capturing.

The above screenshot shows what happens when we click on the capture button. For the test purpose I tried capturing the logo of our site.

As soon as you leave the left click that portion gets captured and the image opens in the image editor.

The above screenshot shows the Snagit image editor. The image editor is filled with features to enhance your capture. It has the basic drawing tools and along with it has basic editing tools like crop, resize and rotate. Various effects like grayscale, blur and other color effects are also present. It also has various kinds of stamps and tags. You can even add hotspots, to focus on particular areas, in this editor.

But the 2 most interesting features of the editor are transparent canvas and the options of directly sending the capture to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, email etc...

After trying out different things I finally able to tear the leechermods logo and here it is.

The above screenshot helps you to understand why transparent canvas helps a lot.

I hope I was able to successfully guide you through the description and features of Snagit. Though it has much more things inside but this is the basic work flow. It is not possible to completely tell about Snagit in a single article so I would request you all to go through their learning center, where there are loads of article and videos for your guidance.

Conclusion & Verdict

In this article I just gave the basic work flow of Snagit. There are much more powerful things inside this 32 MB tool. Not only it can capture images it can also capture text, video and web pages. It can basically capture anything you can see on your screen. It is very easy to use and with few clicks you can get a professional look for your capture.
I started the writing by saying Snagit as no.1 screen capture tool and I will also end by saying Snagit as no.1…………………hope by now you all will agree.
Reviewed by: Alpha

We GiveAway 2 Licenses of Snagit for Windows, worth each $49.95.

To join the Contest post a comment include a screenshot from our Website and share the Screenshot on Twitter, Facebook, Blog or any other social media site. If you don't have a Twitter, Facebook account you can alternative just upload the screenshot to any image hoster, tag it and post the link in the comment.

We draw from all comments 2 winners and send them a license.
Your comment must be posted before Friday 22. July 2011

09 July 2011

Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager Review + 5 license codes for Windows 7 Manager to GiveAway

Since long time people are tweaking the operating system and its settings to get the maximum out of it. Now-a-days it is so common that even the school going kids are doing various tweaks like over-clocking their cpu, changing the internet settings to get maximum bandwidth and many more. The problems with these are sometimes or I should say many times you can go wrong and it completely messed up your system. So to be on the safe side you should always use software which specializes for these purposes. Generally these kinds of software are called system utilities. These can tweak, customize, repair and cleanup the system. In short not only can it customize as per your need but it can also return the system back to its original condition.

There are many such utilities available but you need to choose wisely which one to use because a bad choice can have a seriously bad effect on your system. Today I would talk about one such utility which is very good and reliable- Windows 7 Manager from

Description and Analysis:

Windows 7 Manager is a powerful all-in-one system utility for Microsoft windows 7. It includes more than 30 different utility tools and it’s a complete package for tweak, customize, repair and cleanup.

All the tools are nicely distributed under 7 well defined tabs- Information, Optimizer, Cleaner, Customization, Security, Network and Misc. Utilities. As the name suggested each tabs has its own specific utility tools.

Information: This section gives an in depth information about all hardware and software. Knowing the system information is very important because it is always good to know what you are using. This sometimes helps in troubleshooting. This section has a tool called 1-Click Cleaner, which is cleans the system automatically. Quite a handy tool if you are a novice. This section also has a tool called Repair Center, which as the name suggests repairs all commonly occurring problem in windows 7.

Optimizer: As the name goes, this section has all the optimizing tools. It has got system speed with which you can optimize the startup and shutdown speed. It also has startup and service manager, so that you can control your startup items and all the services.

Cleaner: The next tab is the cleaner. It is a one stop spot for all the cleaners junk files cleaner, registry cleaner, desktop cleaner, smart uninstaller etc.

Customization: This section has various tools with which you can customize the looks of you system.
You can tweak the system explorer, desktop, start menu and taskbar. You can even change the windows
7 logon background with this tool.

Security: This section has various tools to increase system security. You can encrypt/decrypt various files and folders, delete them completely so that no file recovery software can recover them, hide a drive and even restrict programs from executing. You can even hide/add/delete control panel items. This section certainly increases the system security to a whole new level.

Network: This section provides us with tools to tweak the network and get optimized internet connection speed. It also has an IP Switcher which can easily switch the IP on different networks.

Misc. Utilities: This has few tools to make your life easier. It is often you need to split for easier and fast transfer so here you can find a splitter and a merger tool to make you job in such condition easier. There are also lots of system utilities and registry tool.



• A complete system utility I have ever come across. It has almost all the tools that’s required for managing an operating system.
• Simple interface and easy to use.
• Tools are effective and actually do the job.
• Program available as 32 bit and 64 bit
• Windows 7 Manger is regular updated and improved


• Offers only 15 days of trial, which I feel is never enough to try a system utility like Windows 7 Manager.
• A better interface is required.
• Few tweaks and features are strictly not for novice or newbie.

Windows 7 Manager gives a complete set of tools to manage, tweak anything and everything of windows 7. All the tools are very easy to use and effective. But among all these there are few tools which you need to handle with care. Novice or newbie should stay away from those and should take expert guidance while using it. The interface looks bit clumsy and need to be worked on. In a nutshell I should say a good and effective tool which everybody should use.

Reviewed by: Alpha

We GiveAway 5x Licenses for Windows 7 Manager.
Post a screenshot of your Desktop showing the Device Manager or System Info to this post as comment and we draw from all comments 5 winners random on 17. July 2011

07 July 2011

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate - Exclusive GiveAway Unlimited User License

First Innovative GPU Accelerating DVD Backup Software - BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate have been released.
LotSoft, an industry-leading multimedia software provider, issued the release of BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate - the first innovative GPU accelerating DVD backup software. As an all-in-one DVD backup software, BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate supports directly copy DVD to DVD and backup DVD to hard drive as ISO image, single MPEG file and raw DVD structure folder.

GPU is short for Graphics Processing Unit (also occasionally called Visual Processing Unit or VPU). It is a specialized circuit designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory in such a way so as to accelerate the building of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display. LotSoft endows BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate with GPU accelerating ability by using CUDA standard. Thus, the speed of DVD copy can be boosted enormously. And experiment data indicates that users are able to finish the entire DVD backup process in no more than ten minutes. The super-fast DVD copy speed up to 6x faster with CUDA can save user’s large bulks of time for entertainment or work.

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate is new generation of DVD backup software. It stands out from peer products thanks to embedded unique GPU acceleration technology and sector-to-sector copying technology, which help users to enjoy a real sense of DVD backup without any video or audio quality loss at super-high speed.
Watch on YouTube

This all-in-one DVD backup software fulfills people’s different demands of DVD backup:
1. Burn DVD to blank DVD in 1:1 ratio, which allows users to manage their DVD collections better.
2. Clone DVD to ISO image or VIDEO_TS folder, which allows users to enjoy the original flavor DVD movie on PC.
3. Extracting DVD main movie or any chapter to single MPEG file for easy playback and space saving.

Besides, all known DVD protections can be easily removed by this software, such as CSS, CPRM, CPPM, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, SONY ARccOS, Rip-Guard, and Disney X-DRM. Continuous updating guaranteed also offers users worry-free DVD backup solutions.

We tested BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate and the speed with GPU acceleration is incredible fast.
In a matter of a few minutes an entire DVD was converted to MPEG on HDD.

The Program can be switched from English to Spanish and Chinese. It's compact coded and require about 36 mb disk space.

Read the user guide for more info.

We offer together with BDlot an unlimited-user license for readers on our Facebook Page.

03 July 2011

sharkThief 0.2.8 Music Downloader

sharkThief Downloader for Grooveshark

sharkThief allows you to download music from the online radio service You can select from more than 20 million songs.


#Update 0.2.8

- Music Player interrupts improved /buffer errors fixed !?
- Refresh Downloads after Delete
- Show File Sizes in MB in Downloads
- Fixed sort by track number
- By new downloaded songs the Vreation Time will be directly shown
- Filter function added to remove same Track numbers



Mac DVD Toolkit worth up to $119.99 GiveAway

We GiveAway Mac DVD Toolkits

DVD Toolkit for Mac delivers all the essential tools for DVD fans. The super DVD package includes: DVD Ripper for Mac, Video Converter for Mac, *DVD Copy for Mac and *DVD Creator for Mac. The toolkit enables Mac users to rip and convert DVDs to almost any video and audio format, create and burn DVDs from videos, duplicate DVDs, convert amongst videos and audios, and extract audio from videos.
This DVD toolkit offers a wide range of editing capabilities such as splitting the file, trimming the title and chapter, customizing the DVD menu, previewing the video, selecting subtitles and audio, and much more.
Let Mac DVD toolkit make your digital life vibrant and rich. Start enjoying your favorite movies anywhere!

Key Functions:

Rip DVDs to Various Video and Audio Formats
Mac DVD ripper that converts DVD to AVI, MPEG, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, WMV, DivX, RM, MOV, 3GP, MP4 and more. Extract MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, AC3, OGG audios from any DVD.

Burn DVDs from Video H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, WMV and DivX
Mac DVD creator and burner that converts video to DVD like AVI to DVD, DivX to DVD, WMV to DVD and MPEG to DVD as well as make DVD folder or ISO image into DVD on Mac OS X.

Copy a DVD to ISO, Backup DVD
Mac DVD copier to copy DVD-9 (dual-layer DVD) to DVD-9 and DVD-5, copy DVD-5 to DVD-5, copy DVD to ISO image or DVD folder, and burn ISO image or DVD folder to DVD.

Convert Among Various Videos/Audios, Extract Audio from Videos
Mac video converter to convert video files from AVI to MPEG, WMV to MOV, and 3GP to MP4, audio files from MP3 to WMA and WAV to AAC, and extract audio from videos.

System Requirements:

Processor: Intel® processor
OS: Mac OS X v10.5 - 10.6
Free Hard Disk: 80MB space for installation (10GB or more for temporary files)
Graphics Card: Super VGA (800×600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher
Others: Recordable DVD drive

The Toolkit contains:

DVD Ripper
Video Converter
DVD Copy*
DVD Creator*
Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac*a



We send out for free genuine, unique Full Version Licenses with support and update rights from Xilisoft Mac DVD Toolkit, ImToo Mac DVD Toolkit, 4Media Mac DVD Toolkit, Joboshare Mac DVD Toolkit, 3herosoft Mac DVD Toolkit, Aiseesoft, Tipard DVD Software Toolkit for Mac, iMacsoft Mac DVD Toolkit or with  other name branded Product collections from MacVideo Studio, Brorsoft and Aneesoft *(Aneesoft Video Converter Suite for Mac), *TOP Software Video Converter for Mac only, XFreesoft.

* = limited amount by cobranded products
*a = Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac (Brorsoft only)

We try to send out sets of licenses for complete MAC DVD Toolkits but since this offer is limited we reserve the right to reduce/replace the one or other but we try that all features will be the same except DVD Creator (eg.: Video Converter for Mac + Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac in a bundle)

Conditions to get one of this Toolkit for free for your MAC:

  • Tell us the differences between one or more DVD/Video Tools for MAC (features, support, updates, the cheapest price, but not about different GUI designs)
  • Post a comment with a screenshot of your desktop.
  • Share the news with your friends.

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02 July 2011

ImageConverter Plus Review + 9 Licenses for our readers


Converting images from one file type to another isn’t easy, especially when there are more than 100 image formats. There are many tools in the market but most of them are not so easy to use. Some even requires professional skill to use it. But among all these I found one image converter which fits all the criteria of being the best – ImageConverter Plus.

ImageConverter Plus is a easy to use professional image conversion tool. It supports a large number of file formats. Not only does it convert images to different file formats it does have image editing options also. The most common ones being resize, rotate, crop, color effect, gamma, watermark etc.

ImageConverter Plus in a netshell:

The ImageConverter Plus has a very easy to use interface. It has 2 main horizontal tabs, Profile and Add Photos. In the Add Photos section we have to add photos. We can add a single image or a folder of images. It has a preview section also to check the images.

The most important section is the profile section. From here you have to choose how to edit the picture, where to save, which format you want to convert, what operations you want to add etc. There are already few inbuilt profiles and you can even add more profiles as you required. Suppose you want to email the picture or you want to store it in Picasa, then you don’t have to tweak much because there are already profiles created for those. Just select either “Optimized for email” or “Optimized for Picasa” and press the start button and your picture will be optimized as per your need. But if you are not sure how your picture will be after the conversion then you can even preview how it will be after conversion. Previewing, before the optimization takes place, is a very important feature and ImageConverter Plus
provide that. It makes it more easier to use and effective.

The good thing about this software is you don’t have to depend only on the inbuilt profiles, as you can create numerous profiles as per your need. Creating profiles is not a tough job. It takes just few steps. Select the operations, and then add the file format, then the location and finally the filename.

My Verdict:
ImageConverter plus is definitely a very powerful image conversion tool. It is packed with features and also easy to use. It supports a lot of image formats and it has some very good editing tools also. Simple interface and ready to use inbuilt profiles makes it novice friendly. It is not like those professional converters in which you need to be an expert to use it. All in all it is the best image conversion tool.
Reviewed by: Alpha

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On 8. July 2011 we draw random from all comments 9 winners and send them instructions to activate the Pro version.

01 July 2011

Yahoo Messenger 11 Final Version + Ad remover

The final version of the Yahoo! Messenger 11 has now been officially released, with build version The latest version of the popular instant messaging software includes many new features, bug fixes and aims to improve the general stability of the product.

Changelog and Homepage

Offline Installer

Ad Banner Remover Plus