Short FAQ


All what you need for first starting eMule:
see details on:

1. Server met (Server list):

2. Nodes dat (Kademila nodes):

3. IP Filter
for example:

or Peerblock


Q: Are Leecher Mods detectable, bannable with DLP (blacklists)?

A: Since years Leecher Mods using random session Modstrings, custom- or official Modstrings. It's impossible to get banned with kind of modstr based AntiLeech protections such as the DLP.

In case your favorite older mod is banned (blacklisted) in DLP and have no custom modstring option, you can hexedit the eMule.exe, search the Modname in binary and change some letters on the right places so that the client send a different modstr. (Mod name/version build).


Hexedit Modstr in a binary
Hexedit Hardcoded Nickname
Banned Mod - Unbanned Mod

Gnutella Limewire and co.:

and by connection problems: file:


Flags, ipfilter, toolbar:
for Bittorrent
for utorrent

Anonymity and Security in P2P:

- Use a SeedBox when you release Torrents
- Get a fast VPN Provider and use a Gateway in countries without Filesharing Laws to protect your real IP