12 June 2010

How to change a hardcoded Modstring in emule.exe

1. use any Hexeditor to open emule.exe with it
2. search the modstring you want to change:
by searching the modname after each letter must follow 00 for example if u search
THC will be string to hex 544843 put after 2 numbers, to say it easy 00, that's 5400480043

an example changed THC v1.0 to Zgt v1.2

3. follow up in exe to ensure u got the right position.

4. save and test

in this sample is some space left to edit before the next function where 00 00 00 must left before. A short official modstr is possible to place there

X-Ray 1.8 =
58 00 2D 00 52 00 61 00 79 00 20 00
31 00 2E 00 38

X.-.R.a.y. .

removing the modname (string) may show ghostmod in dlp ban


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