31 August 2010

RatioMaster 1.9.1

RatioMaster 1.9.1

UPDATE: please redownload new package, fixed last minute problem with configuration file name conflict.

List of changes:

- Bug fix : fixed big memory leak in some cases
- Bug fix : fixed handling of HTTP redirect responses on some trackers
- Update : new translation and client files (24 languages)
- Update : compiled with VS 2010 and tested on Win7 64bit :)

For any additional questions or submitting of new language files please visit this thread: http://www.moofdev.net/forums/index.php/board,46.0.html.

Visit the forums on www.moofdev.net if you have questions or suggestions for future releases

Important: RatioMaster is moving to http://www.moofdev.net, so please update your bookmarks .

Download it, Read about it, or see list of changes.

Homepage: http://www.moofdev.net/news/34


Mirror: RatioMaster-1.9.1.zip

29 August 2010

uSerenity 2.0.4 Build 21586

uSerenity 2.0.4 Build 21586

see Feautures page

- fixed fakeupload crash on old computers without SSE2

Download: mediafire
Password: uSerenity86


uTorrent Extras Pack:

• uIpfilterX by Nexus23 Corp (uCodename Kahana)
• uTorrent Language File
• Skin (Statusbar + Toolbar)
• TCP-Z Connection Monitor and Half-Open Patch
• Flags

DownloaduT-Extras.exe 1019.79 KB

27 August 2010

BitTorrent 7.0 Build 21591 Leecher Pack *updated*


BitTorrent 7.0 Build 21591 Leecher Pack

BitTorrent 7.0 Build 21591 Leecher Pack
- Special Edition -

- All Mods with DHT Patch (ignore Private flag).
- Removed in exe embedded ASK Toolbar installer and 1st start setup.
- Clean unpacked program exe (BitTorrent.exe size 1,15 MB).
- Blue Program Icons.
- Add IPFilter Peerblock Download Link.
- Removed collect Stats

Changed Default Torrent Search Engines by new install:
- Add and config The Pirate Bay as default search engine.
- Changed Google search to https encrypted, added Torrentz.com to search engines.

Language Pack: http://download.bittorrent.com/dl/bittorrent.lng

DownloadBitTorrent 7 Build 21591 LP.exe (390 KB)

BitTorrent 7.0 Build 21591 Leecher Pack - Extra

Contains 10 Extra Mods:

Styled in Blue Color Design.

DownloadBitTorrent 7 Build 21591 LP-SP.exe (407 KB)- Download

BitTorrent 7.0 Extras Pack:

• uIpfilterX by Nexus23 Corp (uCodename Kahana)
• BitTorrent Language File
• Skin (Statusbar + Toolbar)
• TCP-Z Connection Monitor and Half-Open Patch

Peerblock: www.peerblock.com
Latest IP-FilterX: ed2k-ipfilterx.sourceforge.net/ipfilter.dat
Skins: www.utorrent.com/skins

DownloadBitTorrent Extras Pack (IP Filter, Skin, Languages, TCP Patch).exe (869 KB)
Extras.exe (1.01 MB) w. Half Open Limit Patch 4.2

Latest uTorrent 2.2 + 3.0 Betas with DHT-Patch

uTorrent-LatestBetas-DHT-Patch.7z 638.53 KB

uTorrent -Serenity- 2.0.4 Build 21515 & 21431


uSerenity 2.0.4 Build 21515 by Owyn

- now fakeupload changes your real client stats about upload so you can see it
- updated to 21515 Build which finally has the bug with events reported by me fixed

Download: mediafire
Password: uSerenity15

uSerenity 2.0.4 Build 21431 by Owyn

- now fakeupload changes your real client stats about upload so you can see it

see Features page

Homepage: http://utorrentleechermodserenity.wordpress.com

DownloaduSerenity 2.0.4 Build 21431

DownloaduSerenity 2.0.4 Build 21515

26 August 2010

CCleaner 2.35.1219 Slim


Changes in CCleaner 2.35.1219 (August 25, 2010):

* Added Session Cleaning for Firefox and Google Chrome.
* Added support for Google Chrome Canary Build.
* Added support for SRWare Iron browser via Google Chrome rule.
* Added support to clean custom Chromium based browsers. e.g. CustomLocation1=CHROME|C:\Chromium\IronPortable\Profile\Default CustomLocation2=CHROME|C:\ChromePlus\ChromePlusUserData\Default
* Added application support for Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe ImageReady CS, Nero Burning ROM 10, Google Calendar Sync and Google Talk.
* Improved application support for Adobe Photoshop CS3, Google Earth, Adobe Flash Player.
* Added support to search Uninstall Tool items by Publisher.
* Improved Custom Files and Folders accuracy to avoid duplicate reporting.
* Improved Include/Exclude Options.
* Improved Startup Tool functionality.
* Improved Registry detection algorithm for Missing Shared Dlls.
* Improved exception handling when cleaning W7 jumplist.
* Updated URL references to use piriform.com.
* Minor GUI tweaks and usability improvements.

Full Changelog: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/version-history


Download other builds: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds

25 August 2010

eMule 0.50a SBI Leecher v2.2 Unpacked

OEP = 006D0EC6

+ made process performance better by running emule.exe unpacked.

Name: eMule 0.50a SBI Leecher 2.2
Coder: Butcho
Date: 2010-06-18
Forum: www.sb-innovation.de
Basic Version: eMule 0.50a Original
Coding Support: gentil_monsieur, sarutobi and morph4u (thx)
Beta Testing: Renk, Vation, saebrtooth, Instab and hitman (thx)


-add upload/queue only for complete files [sbi security]*
-add upload/queue only for incomplete files [sbi security]*
-add kick client after x minutes upload [sbi mod | sbi control]
-add kick client after x kilobytes upload [sbi mod | sbi control]
-add manual remove kad contact [kad window]
-add auto more searches button [searchwindow]
-add auto more searches time [sbi time]
-add update eMuLeecheR server.met each startup [sbi mod]
-add update eMuLeecheR server.met button [transferwindow]
-add no upload/queue for other client software [sbi security]*
-add no queue for leecher [sbi protection]*
-add move to waitingqueue button [upload queue]
-add push all friends to uploadqueue button [waiting queue]
-add drop low id clients buttons [transferwindow]
-add auto drop low id clients [sbi mod]
-add auto drop low id clients time [sbi time]
-add no queue for leecher [sbi protection]*
-add only disconnect server on spooky mode [sbi control]
-add automatic shared files updater (fix coded)
-add request shared files column in known clients list {thx morph4u}
-some fixes of previous version
-some other code changes
-update code to 0.50a

DownloadeMule 0.50a SBI Leecher v2.2.7z

ED2K: eMule 0.50a SBI Leecher v2.2.rar

24 August 2010

RDesc 2.33 with four new servers

New version of RDesc that comes to us with some interesting changes. The first and most visible is the change of the window to add links, now presented as a tab of the program. This change occurs in the first place and ease of use in larger resolutions links box is bigger and allows to integrate the link checker in the tab. In addition, a new option in the window that allows you to add automatically check the links to add to the picture. You can uncheck this option and function as now, just check the links by pressing the button "Check links". Now also the comments box is multiline, allowing us to add more data to them.

This new version also implements support for Click'n'Load 2, which allows us to add links to RDesc using this option, to run RDesc must be open. Also new is the increasing limit of 2000-5000 history links.

As usual with a new version compatible with new servers arrive, in this case the list is increased by 4. These are: Enterupload.com, UserShare.net this also allows downloads and continue to make several simultaneous downloads. Uploadbox.com captchas allows automatic and resume downloads, Share-online.biz captchas support automatic but without resume downloads.

The resolution of errors Fixed bug that sometimes appeared to move folders in order, that occurred when changing the password to extract it to cancel and to give you clear the password. Servers have been updated egoshare, Zippyshare.com, Uploading.com, 2shared.com, ziddu.com, filesonic.com, 4Shared.com and Mediafire.

Homepage: http://rdesc.com/noticias/69/RDesc-2.33-con-cuatro-nuevos-servidores/

DownloadRDesc_2.33_portable.zip 1.01 MB
Portable: http://rdesc.com/fileere/RDesc_2.33_portable.zip
Installer: http://rdesc.com/fileere/RDesc_2.33.exe

eMule 0.50a eChanblard 19.0

Hey everyone!

We are pleased to offer you a mod (modification) of emule full, not derived from another mod.
This version eChanblard 100% (versions 8 and above) is not like the previous one derived Sivka, or Pawcio MorphXT.

On Saturday, August 14, we put online a new version of eChanblard - v19.0.
This version is the new practices "of espionage," particularly in these current days. This new version is now in place ways to protect yourself.

Several new features:

- Improved IP Filter
- Disable default servers

As usual, a simple restart eChanblard will offer the automatic update.
DownloadeChanblard.zip 11.09 MB

bin: http://echanblardwebsite.free.fr/eChanblard/eChanblard.zip
source: http://echanblardwebsite.free.fr/eChanblard/echanblard0.50a-Sources.zip

other downloads:
IpFilter: modos.echanblardnext.org/ip%20filter/ipfilter.txt

22 August 2010

eMule 0.50a MorphXT 12.4 Private Edition [Engo3k]


Changelog Private Edition [Engo3k] 21.08.2010

Fix: upload aussetzer nach hinzufügen von ed2k links mit hohen Anzahl an Quellen
Fix: Official MorphXT v12.4 Bug (eMule reagiert nicht mehr nach abbruch/löschen eines DL Files)
CHANGED: HDD Protect - Increased max File Buffer Size to 20Mb with steps of 256KB
ADDED: HDD Protect - Slidebar on "extended settings" to select Buffer Time Limit (1-30 mins)
ADDED: Save Last Request - SharedFilesWindow
CHANGED: Aktive Share Permission - remove clients from Waiting queue after Permission change (upload clients are still completed)
CHANGED: Many standard icons
Add: Push Part Files
Add: Average Queue Ranking
Add: Show Session Download
ADDED: Release Boost
ADDED: color red for PowerShare Files up/queuelist
CHANGE:FileReaskTime for NNS & Unknown Src. to 29 mins (Full 58 mins)
ADDED: see onuploadqueue/feedback
ADDED: max client upload time (5-360 mins)
ADDED: max chunks to transfer
ADDED: remove block ratio (BR:) clients
ADDED: Total UpDown column with pos./neg. colors - green/red
ADDED: Unlimited Slot
ADDED: Clear Banlist
ADDED: Don't Ban Friends
ADDED: 0 Score for QR-Full Clients
ADDED: Client-BAN All List
ADDED: Color for LowID/Friend/PowerShare/PBF/Community/Unlimited Slot
ADDED: Reask single Clients in Transfer Windows
ADDED: Push to Upload from downloadClientList & queuelist
ADDED: Drop Client in Transfer Windows (to another File)
ADDED: Whois-Client Provider Info all Lists
ADDED: GeoIP-IP Location Finder-Karte all Lists
CHANGE: PBF for partfiles
CHANGE: PowerShare restrictions for partfile or finished files to 800 src.
CHANGE: Slot Limiter ->(1-255)
REMOVE: Friends restrictions (zzRatio 3KB/s to ->0KB/s = Unlimited)
ADDED: Show IP (ClientDetailDialog)
ADDED: Kick All Upload Slots
ADDED: Kick single Upload Slot
ADDED: Clients Share Visiblity (Pink)
ADDED: Friend Boost*200
ADDED: Community Boost*200
ADDED: Antileech v41 Bad USERNAME Ban
REMOVED: My Mod's Ban
ADDED: Don't remove spare trickle slot in UploadList
to disable Slotfocus Use Client datarate (KB/s) & d'rst-slot off


20 August 2010

eMule PRO 2.0 (Build 11. Aug. 2010)

*** eMule PRO 2.0 ***

faster than ever...

eMule PRO 2.0 Build 11. Aug. 2010
- update to v2.0

Happy downloading... :-)

18 August 2010

Ratio Faker for Linux and MAC Testbuilds


Test build for Mac

This is not a final build. If you are a regular user you shouldn't be using this.
If you are a power-user test it and see if you can find any detection vector on the reports.
Was tested on a hackintosh with Snow Leopard 10.6.3. Let me know on what other versions runs.
It doesn't fake any report yet (I disabled this on purpose). Test it on public trackers.


Test build for Linux

This is a test build intended for power users, if you think you don't fit in this category, don't download.
It does not fake anything (has been disabled on purpose).
It uses GTK libraries, and requires Java JRE 1.6.
Was tested on Linux Mint 9 and using Transmission.
Test it with your favorite bittorrent client and let me know if you notice any detection vector.

Homepage/Downloads: http://ratiofaker.blogspot.com/


ccleaner.pngCCEnhancer is a small tool which adds support for over 270 new programs into the popular program CCleaner. The tool uses the WinApp2.ini system built into CCleaner to easily add new rules and definitions for programs. The rules were sourced mainly from the Piriform Support Forum, with several sourced from other places around the internet.

Program with Onlineupdate: http://content.thewebatom.net/files/CCleanerEnhancer.exe

Updated Winapp2.ini (copy to ccleaner folder) http://content.thewebatom.net/files/winapp2.ini | Mirror

Chromium Browser def: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=26037

17 August 2010

eMule v0.50a MorphXT v12.4 - Engo3K Private Edition (18.08.10) Bugfix Testversion!


Compile Date: 13.08.2010
ed2k://|file|Emule v0.50a [MorphXT v12.4 - Engo3K Private Edition] (18.08.10) [Bugfix Testversion!].rar|2525012|48F6AED49D6C386B05DF0100CFB817BA|h=LPGOI6LN5E7PWYQTCP4DZKQR64Z5OQXN|/

16 August 2010

uTorrent Serenity 2.0.3 Build 21177

uSerenity Mod
uSerenity 2.0.3 Build 21177

see Feautures page

- added more options for FakeUpload
- added compatibility for portable uTorrent
- fixed start problems with AMD processors

Download: mediafire
Password: uSerenity23

15 August 2010

BitTorrent 7.0 Leecher Pack *fixed*


Original exe other as by v6.x is upx'd payload in heater. Ap0x RL!dePacker 1.41 - OEP: 0046F78A Quick Unpack

DHT Patch:
74 04 80 4B 46 02
EB 04 80 4B 46 02

Ask Toolbar install screen:
74 11 FF 75 0C 8D
90 90 FF 75 0C 8D


BitTorrent 7.0 (build 21180) Leecher Pack

- DHT (overwrite private Flag) always enabled.
- Ask Toolbar Ads install removed.
- Mods with Upload Multiplier 10, 11, 100, 101, 111.
- Fake Upload Report adds a 1, 2, 5 or 8 in front of uploaded data.
- Invert report downloaded as uploaded.

- ripped embedded addons: tb_ask- (PK-zip)

- removed sec. payload (-1.78 Meg)

- cleaned dump (-290 Kb)

- made smaller pack

DownloadBitTorrent-7.0-LP.exe 388.13 KB
Compressed: BitTorrent-7.0-LP-compressed.exe 1.00 MB

14 August 2010

Firefox Speed up and Clean up Tools

SpeedyFox 1.4.3 (vaccum SQLite databases in profile folder)

Version history:

1.4.3 Latest SQLite engine (3.7.1) support
1.4.2 Unicode profile/path names support
1.4.1 Windows 2000 support, main icon display is fixed, small bug fixes
1.4 command line support, see menu Help->Command line syntax for details
1.3 Better optimization (all databases), fixed issue of detecting if Firefox is running
1.2 Ability to select custom Firefox profiles
1.1 Portable and 5 times smaller executable
1.0 Initial release

Homepage: http://www.crystalidea.com/speedyfox

BBS: http://www.crystalidea.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=9

Download: http://www.crystalidea.com/download/speedyfox.exe


Firefox Prefs.js Cleaner


Completely portable
Choose any Firefox profile
Creates a backup of prefs.js
Removes one or many selected addons

Homepage: http://5pm.zwares.com/post/877786598/tool-firefox-prefsjs-cleaner


06 August 2010

eMule 0.50a Bowlfish.12a



Changelog for eMule 0.50a Bowlfish.12a

- Merged to 0.50a [Ki3r]
- Updated libpng to 1.4.1 [Ki3r]
- ADDED: Several fixes (MORPH) [Ki3r]
- ADDED: Some more countries to country flags feature by tomchen1989 [Ki3r]
- CHANGE: Code tweak to open less upload slots at high speed [Ki3r]
- CHANGE: Some bad translated strings [Ki3r]
- FIX: Crash on shutdown in ipfilter by Xman [Ki3r]
- FIX: Download from sourceforge broken because of user-agent [Ki3r]

Changelog for eMule 0.49c Bowlfish.11c
2009 (Not released)

- Merged to 0.49c [Ki3r]
- ADDED: Anti-Leecher Feature (MORPH) [Ki3r]
- ADDED: Several fixes (MORPH) [Ki3r]
- ADDED: Hide MOD_VERSION from DLP Mods [Ki3r]
- ADDED: Mod recognition [Ki3r]
- CHANGE: Transferred amounts always showed in completed column because our transferred column is used for source types [Ki3r]
- CHANGE: Some bad translated strings [Ki3r]
- FIX: Incomplete chunks showed as complete [Ki3r]
- FIX: Sort in several places [Ki3r]
- FIX: IDC_UIP size in ADDSOURCE dialog [Ki3r]
- REMOVED: Optimizations provoking memory leaks (MORPH) [Ki3r]
- REMOVED: separator in client actions in DownloadListCtrl [Ki3r]

Homepage: http://bowlfish.sourceforge.net/


02 August 2010

Universal utorrent.exe and bittorrent.exe DHT Patch

www.ImageBanana.com - unpacked.png
This will finally work for all bittorrent.exe v6.x and utorrent.exe to skip private flag and always enable DHT Mainline:

FF FF 85 C0 74 04 80 4B
FF FF 85 C0 EB 04 80 4B

µTorrent v1.8 - 2.x and
Bittorrent 6.x DHT Patch


- DHT always enabled. Removes the restrictions on torrents marked as private.
- Removes 1st start Toolbar Ads install (Ask, Yandex).

Remember it doesn't unpack downloaded BitTorrent-6.x exe installers. Extract the NSIS installer with UniExtract or 7zip first!

I can handle UPX only for the moment.
Copy me to the same folder as Bittorrent.exe (extracted) or utorrent.exe lives.

REM: I search also for 1st Start Ads Toolbar Screen to remove it. There are 2 different Pattern for utorrent and Bittorrent. Only the matching one will apply so ignore the message Can't find pattern!Trying next one...before patched show once.

Usage: solves for example the problem as written here
Based on rootw0rm's patch. There exist another way by schoenewelt.

Downloadutorrent.2.x.+.bittorrent.6.x.dht.patcher.exe 387.50 KB