31 May 2011

Winners of each an year IP Hider Licenses

The random selected Winners of IP Hider are:

  1. tuancho92@***
  2. ajrana888@***
  3. geneq18@***
  4. tt1@***
  5. asjtraining@***
  6. sheldon366@***
  7. charls@***
  8. fghita@***

Colasoft Capsa 7 Professional Winner

We announce the winners of Colasoft Capsa 7 Professional:

  • Nata75
  • Zer00ne Null

You can download the Program on this site.

A license will be send to your email address from Colasoft.

Many thanks to Jane from Colasoft!

30 May 2011

Get this graphically stunning game as a gift - Aion® Premium Gift Pack

I have from NVIDIA® 2 Aion® Premium Gift Pack to much and Give it away.

Aion® Premium Gift Pack

Experience breathtaking graphics with Empyrean Calling™, the new update to Aion®, the award-winning online fantasy game. Download your free* copy of Aion® (worth $29.99) and 15 days of game time now! The serial codes below expire on June 5, 2011. If you prefer to play on a North American server, use the NA game serial code. If you prefer to play on a European Union server, use the EU game serial code. Be sure to redeem your copy before the codes expire!

NA Game Serial Code: Write a comment
EU Game Serial Code: Write a comment

You also get this cool item pack to help boost your new character:

30 Berdin’s Amulet I (gives a 50% bonus to experience points)
Infinite Bottle of Recovery Serum (a hit point potion reusable for 15 days)
5 Revival Stone (self-resurrection stones)
Speckled Ailu Pet (gives 12 additional inventory spaces)
Empyrean Calling™ gives you new graphics enhancements that immerse you in the world of Atreia. Enable the new superior graphics engine option for NVIDIA® high-end graphics cards, and the results are startling!

Aion® 2.5 Details

The Aion® game client is a free gift. NCsoft® needs your credit card information to set up a game account subscription. Your account will not be charged for the free game or the 15 days of game time. If you continue to play, you will be charged the subscription rate you selected. If you cancel your subscription before the end of the 15 days of game time, you will not be charged for a subscription.

28 May 2011

BullGuard Antivirus 10 Review and 15x 1 Year Licenses to win

BullGuard Antivirus 10 is one of the strongest virus protections.
The BullGuard Antivirus has been constructed with special emphasis on reliability and update speed to minimize risk during epidemic virus outbreaks.
Based on the award-winning BitDefender Antivirus technology, BullGuard Antivirus offers users one of the fastest response times to virus outbreaks in the industry.

The AV solution includes:

  • Antivirus
  • Antispyware
  • Antiphishing
  • Spamfilter
  • 24/7 Support
  • Gaming Mode
  • Behavioural Detection
  • Safe Browsing

Many Anti-virus solutions have a perceptibly negatively impact on the system performance after installation. We tested BullGuard Antivirus on several PC's and felt no difference on the system performance once installed.

In comparison to some other anti-virus programs which noticeably slow down the working in windows explorer especially by directories with many files as soon the realtime protection is activated, BullGuard Anti-virus does not have this negative attitude. Moreover even on an old PC will the system startup time not much increase while loading the AV scan engine driver and service.

The Gui (Graphical User Interface) is one of the easiest to use out there. The user will not get overwhelmed with the configuration options. Everything is very clearly arranged that even the less experienced PC user can start straight away to install and use BullGuard AV Solution. The protection is state of the art cause it's based on BitDefender's engine which is known for one of the strongest protection on the market. It recognize new virus threads earlier as many other Antivirus Scanners but on the other hand the false positive rate grows as well. Access to the support is build-in directly in the AV interface, so you can, if you need support assistance, reach it much more easier and don't need to create an extra account for the support access area in webbrowser. The user-friendly interface together with an first class protection makes it to a very successful anti-virus product which does its job very well and work in the background to protect you from all danger.
Particularly noteworthy is the excellent product support which is around the clock available.

The minimum system requirements for installing and using BullGuard are:
Windows XP (SP2 minimum) Vista or Windows 7
512 Mb RAM and 200MB free HDD space. A Dial-up Internet Connection for the regular AV signature updates.

Check out BullGuard's Official Channel on YouTube
Follow BullGuard on Twitter or Facebook to receive the latest news

Our readers have the chance to win one from 15 licenses with one year subscription updates count from the time you activate the license.

Visit BullGuard Homepage there is also a 15 Days free trial to test it first.

How to join the contest:

Install the trial version and post with your comment a screenshot which shows that BullGuard AV is installed on your desktop.

Alternative make a Screen Capture of your Windows Taskmanager showing all running processes or screenshot your expired antivirus subscription screen.

Under all comments which fulfill this simple requirements, we draw random 15 winners on 5. June 2011 and forward the winners email addresses to BullGuard Ltd. Public Relation for the licenses.

Share the news with your friends in forums and social networks that they also have the chance to join into the contest.

Many thanks to Bullguard PR for the kind support!

eMule 0.50a ZZUL-TRA TL 0.2b

eMule 0.50a ZZUL-TRA 1.9 TL 0.2b (TL - Torrent Like)


+ 1:3 fixed ratio

0.1 based on emule 0.50a ZZUL TRA 1.9 coded with vs2k3
+ PBF also for incomplete files (hardcoded)
+ CA only punitive scores
+ No powershare class priority for bad clients detected by CA



Download eMule 0.50a ZZUL-TRA TL 0.2b:

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7366170/emule%20ZZUL%20TRA%20TL/binaries/eMule0.50a.ZZUL-TRA_1.9_TL-0.2b-Bin.zip | DDL Mirror



Download: eMule 0.50a ZZUL-TRA TL 0.1


src: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7366170/emule%20ZZUL%20TRA%20TL/sources/eMule0.50a.ZZUL-TRA_1.9_TL-0.1-Src.zip

eMule0.50a Xtreme 8.1 -LPE- Build 20.05.11


eMule0.50a Xtreme 8.1 -LPE- Build 20.05.11
Changelog (20.05.11)

+ UI change in searchwindow to get more space for search results
+ Fixed lost code in last release
+ Some minor fixes

Bin: ed2k://|file|eMule0.50a-Xtreme.8.1-LPE-20.05.11.rar|2241312|C96834D6F1CCEAAB9186BB81873525A0|h=CMVWVK7SKAMJVDRVBOOZLFKNK7ZKDWYM|/

Bin NoSSE: ed2k://|file|eMule0.50a-Xtreme.8.1-LPE-NoSSE-20.05.11.rar|2224127|7AB55360D9189E454BAEC3A25674C054|h=7ARVAAO4KW3FQ4IY54FRAOPHQJHXYOP3|/

DownloadSSE2 - Mirror

DownloadNO SSE - Mirror

15x one year licenses for ZEMANA AntiLogger goes to our winners

We congratulate our winners from the contest of 15x one year licenses for ZEMANA AntiLogger:

  1. gwoutdoorz@***
  2. mounircit@***
  3. tedgold@***
  4. yuexiaqingren@***
  5. willartsoft@***
  6. degopaoct130880@***
  7. speedy79@***
  8. tarasur7@***
  9. lesnyludek7@***
  10. fanatikf1@***
  11. randywilliams@***
  12. nrtwind@***
  13. octopunk.1974@***
  14. Bora Bozkurt
  15. nicksamina@***
The licenses will be send to your email within the next minutes.

We are sorry for all the delay!

Backup4all Professional License winners


Congratulation to the following 5 License Winners for Backup4all Professional from our contest:

  1. Spider
  2. Oliver Kötter
  3. rrodh
  4. Jim_Di
  5. Hooligan

The licenses are on the way to your email.
The winner Jim_Di should please contact us and provide the email address.

360Amigo System Speedup Licenses Winners


From our contest of Licenses for 360Amigo System Speedup have won:

Vaibhav Srivastava
Abdul Ghani
Azziz Mouloud

Congratulations! An email with a unique license key have been send to you.

Congratulations to the winners of 35 Norton Internet Security 2011 License Keys

Winners of Norton Internet Security 2011 - 6 months license keys:

  1. marcus06@***
  2. redbaron43@***
  3. barg@***
  4. candlestick51@***
  5. king_of_alger@***
  6. lionrg@***
  7. ajrana888@***
  8. stylish.nstar@***
  9. mayursharma1991@***
  10. wes_ti@***
  11. sven87@***
  12. marvlwoods@***
  13. rfl.beckert@***
  14. darkangel7017@***
  15. garula21@***
  16. koolguy_suman11@***
  17. prasadnapa@***
  18. iron31@***
  19. gerkahirsch@***
  20. dm5150@***
  21. karthik.napa@***
  22. liviutzu2ks@***
  23. sandro@***
  24. lemonbee@***
  25. koliomogan@***
  26. whitecell@***
  27. shing99us@***
  28. nadinejoost@***
  29. techrocker240@***
  30. kolbe.andreas@***
  31. delta2008@***
  32. stevenpapadopolos@***
  33. carlosroge@***
  34. hondroyannis@***
  35. dacobero@***

We send in the next hours a unique license key to your email.

Sorry for delay!

23 May 2011

delays... delays

Things can go wrong but so badly , a lot unluck which is happen here.
I'm abroad in Ukraine since a while. They fixed the internet but sold for repair the desktop pc a broken Mainboard. try to change today was without success.
Big problem in Ukraine to buy PC parts. Last Thursday I bought online from internet shop a matching mainboard for the PC. Recieved on Friday at about 19:00 o'clock local time I tested right away and it didn't work. Called them next day morning they said should bring on Monday to check, "OK" I said. So, brought to them yesterday (Monday) they told me that today nobody is there to check must wait another day. I waited next day (Tuesday), call them, and what I got is that "YES, it is really doesn't work but to check if it was already brocken or I did it brocken they have to forward it to Kiew to main centre (far away from Odessa) and I should wait for the result till next week!!!! Unthinkable policie in Ukraine. Now I'm really don't know any more what can I do. The hardware parts are here not sealed in a bag as everywhere else in the world. The prices are dripple as much as i bought similar hardware in Thailand years ago and took with me to here.
We come in a longer delay/ I do see there are 268 unreaded emails pending.
All I have temporary is a for me unreadable os with a foreign keybord that doen't react as it should. Im unable to operate the site under this conditions.
I please all readers to be patient. I do all what i can and want nothing more as operate the site as before to serve you.

everything should be up mid next week.

21 May 2011

Winners of BitDefender Internet Security 2011 - 3 Years Licenses

With delay we announce the winners of BitDefender Internet Security 2011 - 3 Years
We hope that among the winners are some which doesnt have any protection software installed and we could help to protect a few more PC's out there.

  1. Andre
  2. petal
  3. phan thai
  4. Andreas
  5. Sandro
  6. Kitemmurt
  7. AstroSkipper
  8. Manuel
  9. Davidjona_02
  10. Monica
  11. Katja K
  12. Suetonius
  13. Convitbau
  14. Marina Hadjs
  15. Scolli23

Congratulations to all of our winners. Each winner will recieve a unique license key for protecting one PC incl. 3 years subscription updates.
The license keys will be send to you within the next 48 h.
Please check also your spam folder.

19 May 2011

Urgend Announcement


My Internet cable outside has been damaged. ISP says it will takes couple of days to repair the cable. I apologise for delaying of our contests. The activity of the web site will be back to normal by monday.
We will announce the winners of overdue contests on monday and answer all emails.


17 May 2011

PC Pitstop - PC Matic 2x one Year Licenses each cover 5 PC's - GiveAway

The All New PC Matic
PC Matic is the collection of all of PC Pitstop's technologies under one hood and one integrated architecture. This includes our world renowned OverDrive scanning technology with well over 200 million scans under its belt since we opened our doors in 2000. Run the Free Scan now to see what this incredible new application can do for your computer.

 Identify common problems that
 plague most computers for free
 with PC Matic - the ultimate
 maintenance solution for your
 PC. PC Matic will boost
 computer speed, strengthen PC  security and enhance
 system stability.

 Active Malware Protection:
 PC Matic will remove and keep  Malware at bay while
 boosting internet and system  performance. The new Active
 Malware Protection stops Viruses,  Spyware, Worms, Trojan Horses,  Rootkits, Bots, Keyloggers, Adware,  and many other forms of Malware.  Eliminate lockups and computer crashes with PC Matic's advance registry cleaning and patent pending Driver Matic automatic driver update technology. You will never again have to run multiple programs to maximize the performance, stability and security of your system. With just one click, PC Matic will make sure your PC always runs like new.

SuperShield - Malware Protection:
SuperShield is an optional Add-On for PC Matic that prevents malicious programs from running on your PC. Known executeable threats will be blocked and known safe executeables will be allowed to launch. Install this Add-On and sit back while PC Matic keeps your PC secure constantly, in real time.

PC Matic Download Nitro add-on:
Is a DownloadManager for Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Once installed, you will see Nitro at work whenever you download an attachment or file. The
improvement to download speed is determined by two factors: connection quality and the server
the download is coming from.
It comes with a Remote WebUi where you can manage the downloads in a webbrowser window.

16 May 2011

eChanblard MOD eMule 0.50a v19.1

New version of eChanblard!

Hello everyone,

In hard times of hadopi it is important to think about the safety of our beloved emule. We therefore propose today a new version of eChanblard (v19.1)

On the menu:
- Automatic updates (and silent) ip filter
- Updates to the ECS fixed
- Integration of ECS in the transfers tab

Restart your eChanblard launch the automatic update.

Winners of a license for mediAvatar Video Converter Pro

We announce the winners of each a license for mediAvatar Video Converter Pro:

  1. JosephT
  2. Tangobox32
  3. Broudka
  4. vhick
  5. FancyFrenzy
  6. Degopaoct130880
  7. Vaibhav Srivastava
  8. Www Share10s
  9. SinoTiger
  10. Jk2003
  11. Sharma
  12. Lalayola
  13. Valenticarla43
  14. ayhan
  15. Siddxxxx

Winners of Giveaway 25x SUPERAntiSpyware Professional with LIFETIME Updates

There were 66 items in your list. Here they are in random order - each get a lifetime license from this first 25:

  1. Paule
  2. Andreas
  3. Grr
  4. Linu George
  5. drWoo
  6. Barg
  7. Zer00ne Null
  8. Siddharth
  9. Carpiche
  10. Lou Yeah
  11. Kitkatkit
  12. Bero
  13. Raj
  14. RF

15 May 2011

eMule 0.50a Euro-Com MoD v1.2

eMule v0.50a Euro-Com MoD v1.2

A Lite Mod made for the easy use with hundrets of optimizations & fixes
for the official eMule & the European Community V2 coupled with some useful features.

UPDATE : European Community V2 (umeK)*
UPDATE : Links for nodes.dat,server.met & ipfilter.zip (umeK)
IMPROVE : more infos to Euro-Com MoD Stats (umeK)
IMPROVE : some Clientanalyzer optimizations and removed unneeded codes (umeK)
IMPROVE : don't reconnect to banned clients (Enig123)
FIX : few problems relative filepath (umeK)
FIX : only add host sources to existing downloads (WiZaRd)
ADD/CHANGE/REMOVE/FIX/IMPROVE : many other things around the mod (umeK)

eMule v0.50a XdP v5.3 Public beta 2

eMule v0.50a -XdP- v5.3 Public beta 2

UPDATE : European Community V2 (umeK)*
UPDATE : Vista sensing fix (pP/WiZaRd)
IMPROVE : some code from SysInfo (WiZaRd)
FIX : few problems relative filepath (umeK)
FIX : Conckecker logging problem + Crashfix (umeK)
IMPROVE/FIX : many other things around the mod (umeK)

5 Licenses for Backup4all Professional - GiveAway Contest


Backup4all is a backup program for Windows that protects your data from partial or total loss. It automates the backup process saving you time, compresses the data to save storage space (using standard zip format) and encrypts your backup to protect from unauthorized usage.

With Backup4all you can back-up open or locked files (on Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003), such as databases, MS Outlook personal folder (.pst), Outlook Express mail archives (dbx files) and others. When defining a backup, there is also the option to run predefined backups, such as My Documents, My Pictures or Outlook Express emails and settings.
This backup application has ZIP64 support (can create backups over 4GB) and creates standard zip files, meaning that you can access it with any zip compatible utility. It comes with its own built-in CD, DVD and Blu-ray burning support so you can easily backup to DVD, CD, Blu-ray or HD-DVD. Just set the destination to DVD, CD, Blu-ray or HD-DVD and execute the backup job. However, if you prefer, you can use the UDF format.

14 May 2011

Norton™ Internet Security 2011 (6 Months 1 PC) Contest Extended!


Because of the problem that occurred on Thursdays Contest for our readers due to the system outage we add 35x Norton™ Internet Security 2011 (6 Months 1 PC) Starting from today 15.5.2011

Everyone who didn't have won a license for Norton™ Internet Security 2011 are counting into the contest.

Share the news with your friends and write a comment up on: this article to join the contest.

We draw 35 winners at random on 19. May 2011

This Norton™ Internet Security 2011 includes 6 Months updates, it's not a Trial Version! It's the full registered version with unique activation key per winner!

Thank you all.

If anyone want's to but Security Products we can arrange it with a big Discount via PayPal.

Win a free closed beta key for Rise of Immortals™

Win a free closed beta key for Rise of Immortals™ and get an exclusive in-game character skin, "Metal God"!

Excited to try out the latest Free-to-Play, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game from the developers at Petroglyph game studio?
We are too, and are doubly excited to have this opportunity to provide instant access to the game’s closed beta phase, including an exclusive character skin available only to beta participants for signing up early.

13 May 2011

Blogger Buzz: Blogger is back - BitDefender Contest missing - We hope it will be restored soon. [solved]

Blogger Buzz: Blogger is back

We rolled back to a version of Blogger as of Wednesday May 11th, so your posts since then were temporarily removed. Those are the posts that we’re in the progress of restoring.
We’ve started restoring the posts that were temporarily removed and expect Blogger to be back to normal soon.
We're still working on restoring some of the data.

12 May 2011

15x BitDefender Internet Security 2011 - 3 Years 1 PC Licenses GiveAway

BitDefender Internet Security is an all around solution that protects your computer from destructive viruses and protects your privacy, even if you move around the web. All kinds of internet connections are monitored with the included firewall. e-mail traffic, shared directories, Internet content and instant messaging traffic to be examined. Monitoring of wireless network also prevents unauthorized access to your wireless network.

The proactive virus scanner protects you from unknown viruses by already potentially malicious codes are detected. Moreover the software blocks attempts to steal confidential data (phishing).

BitDefender Internet Security fits the firewall settings automatically to your environment.

BitDefender Internet Security version 2011 offers three different user interfaces that will provide both novice users and professionals with all the necessary information. The Smart Scan technology enables a more resource efficient virus scanning. The proactive scanning technology detects viruses even earlier than before.

Product Features:

  • BitDefender Internet Security 2011 provides families with the latest protection against Web-based attacks, faster performance for secure online gaming, and unrivaled parental controls.
  • Match the interface to your level of comfort by selecting between Basic, Intermediate, or Expert settings?and quickly create shortcuts to frequently used controls.
  • Eliminate the chances your data and conversations are leaked to others over email, Facebook, IM, or websites that track your online activities.
  • Establish a two-way firewall with just a few clicks, to continuously monitor your Internet connections and prevent unauthorized access?even over a Wi-Fi network.
  • With parental controls you'll receive reports, by browser, email, or cell phone, on recent online activity for each child's computer in your home network.

This GiveAway of BitDefender Internet Security 2011 provides 1 PCs with three years (starting from today 1095 days) of protection against viruses, hackers, spam, and identity theft without the slowdown!. The resource consumption is very moderate.

We use BitDefender Antivirus by self because it found real threat earlier as many others.
I wrote an article up on this page and here where BitDefender was one of the only AV's who had detect it.

The Program is available in many Languages and can be downloaded for x32bit and x64bit Windows Systems

Homepage and more info

We draw random on 17. May 2011 the 15 winners from all comments and announce the lucky winners.
To join the contest I appreciate if you click the recommend button on Facebook.

Share the news with your friends that they also have the chance to win!

I want to thank a good friend on behalf of all my readers for this great gift made available!

11 May 2011

25x Norton Internet Security 2011 to GiveAway - Extended + 35x License Keys


Are you still looking for a Premium Antivirus Protection?
Then this might be the right thing for you.

Norton Internet Security 2011 with 6 Months subscription single PC License.
25 Licenses are available for the first comments and additional 35 License Keys we draw at random on 19. May 2011

Norton Internet Security 2011 offers fast, reliable and powerful protection against online threats. It protects your PC, your network, your online activities and your identity with innovative detection technologies that effectively combat the aggressive attacks of today.

The more layers of security to the improved Norton Protection System work together effectively. This powerful protection detects and removes threats before they can do on your PC harm. The Norton Protection System stops online identity theft, viruses, hackers, bots, spyware, trojans and other threats - with minimal impact on system performance, without interrupting you in your way of working on the PC.

Norton Internet Security an all-round protection, includes a strong firewall, anti-virus and other security tools for Internet security.

eMule 0.50a Xtreme 8.1 LPE build 11.05.11



eMule0.50a Xtreme 8.1 -LPE-


+ Open Incoming Folder from Toolbar
+ Changed Preview ready and Share visibility icons to overlayicon
+ Changed some icons to better discriminability
+ Small changes under the hood




NoSSE Bin:


DownloadeMule0.50a-Xtreme.8.1-LPE-11.05.11.rar | Mirror

DownloadeMule0.50a-Xtreme.8.1-LPE-NoSSE-11.05.11.rar | Mirror


10 May 2011

Here comes the lucky winners of licensed software

We announce the winners today from our contests of 3 excellent software programs.

DRMRemoval Full edition licenses:

  1. Paf
  2. Mayur
  3. Kite_Pan
  4. Tiger
  5. Siddharth
  6. laila
  7. Thens47
  8. Sheldon366
  9. Jerry Lafferty
  10. Vertin

The contest was running here

15x TeraCopy Pro Licenses to GiveAway:

  1. mikey
  2. Julian Negre
  3. bhuan
  4. Asrielrusdyawan
  5. Compostela
  6. ForallFree
  7. alex7
  8. tux
  9. anupK
  10. rrodh
  11. Wolf
  12. Temp4reg
  13. drWoo
  14. ToGor
  15. a2z_id

From our contest which is located here

10x Personal Licenses for CDRoller 8.x

  1. DigiCat
  2. alex
  3. ha14
  4. Pinhead
  5. kurtum-i
  6. Tangobox32
  7. Sheldon366
  8. Omid
  9. vhick
  10. SinoTiger

CDRoller contest and review

Congratulations to all winners!

We process your email addresses for the licenses.

09 May 2011

Giveaway 25x SUPERAntiSpyware Professional with LIFETIME Updates

I received a big gift from a reader of the blog. He give us 25x 1 PC/User Licenses for SUPERAntiSpyware Professional with LIFETIME updates to Giveaway!

I want to thank you and on behalf of all my readers for this great gift!

SUPERAntiSpyware is one of the best additions to your anti-virus protection. I installed it on my PC where BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 is installed. BitDefender have already one of the strongest protections. BullGuard Antivirus 10 use also the engine in them AV Products which takes care on my Laptop from all danger out there.
After a scan I thought I can not believe my eyes, it found many real threads, which was not detected by AV. Especially bad tracking cookies and some trojans. A few false positive was between but they can be excluded manually and sent for analysis with a note.

There exists a free and a Pro version from SUPERAntiSpyware. SUPERAntiSpyware Professional features a highly advanced Real-Time Protection and Repair broken Internet Connections, Desktops, Registry Editing and more. It examines over 50 critical points of your system each time your system starts up and shuts down to eliminate threats before they have a chance to infect and infiltrate your system. Furthermore: Real-Time Blocking of threats, Registry Protection against Browser Hi-Jackers, Schedule Quick, Complete or Custom Scans Daily or Weekly, Auto-Scanning on application startup.
The main benefits in the Pro version next to the realtime protection are:
Automatic Updates check for program and definition updates every 8 hours with Daily Definition Updates. Read more about the differences between the Free and Pro version here.

SUPERAntiSpyware Pro and Free includes the detection and removal of all sorts of malicious programs including trojans, malware, bad tracing cookies, worms or keyloggers.

6x PowerDVD Deluxe and 1x PowerDVD Ultra 3D Licenses Winners


A PowerDVD Deluxe License goes to:

  • Joe Novack
  • WitoldWojciechowski
  • Farnlee77
  • sean
  • Tomas31973

And PowerDVD Ultra 3D have won:

  • Witwoj77

Congratulations to all lucky winners!

You will hear from CyberLink soon.

08 May 2011

Joboshare DVD Ripper Platinum Winner of the Licenses

From our contest of 15 Licenses for Joboshare DVD Ripper Platinum have won the following readers:

  1. Ma_14
  2. Ramin
  3. ayhan
  4. ha14
  5. Omid
  6. Viper218
  7. riza
  8. ml-16
  9. Farid

Colasoft Capsa 7 Enterprise Edition review and 2 licenses to win

Colasoft Capsa 7 Enterprise Edition is Colasoft's flagship product, merges all capacities of Capsa Professional and Capsa WiFi, pluses a unique enhanced security analysis profile. It provides users the ability to monitor, troubleshoot, and analyze both wired and wireless networks and makes it easy to rapidly detect, isolate and resolve network problems.

A wide range of online video tutorial are available here.

You can analyzing the network traffic for malware, Bittorrent events and all other P2P as well email and messenger applications. Software programs 'call home' include the full url path request and server answer. See all traffic by country, IP, packets and much more. The scope for usage is massive. You see just everything on your network.

IP Monitor from Veronisoft Licenses go to the following readers


Each of our readers have won a licensed copy of IP Monitor from Veronisoft:

  1. Grr
  2. Azziz Mouloud
  3. simon
  4. walang_sangit
  5. Vertin
  6. Vaibhav Srivastava
  7. k19s
  8. Broudka

Oops!Backup Contest winners


A license for Oops!Backup have won the following 10 readers:

  1. Al Why
  2. Adam
  3. kurtum-i
  4. mooshon
  5. vince
  6. sean

07 May 2011

6x DVDFab DVD Ripper Licenses


Goes to:

  1. comp7
  2. andre
  3. alex
  4. malkhaz
  5. Spyros Gialelis
  6. aijay

Congrats! We send the names and email addresses to DVDFab to issue the license. You will heare from them soon.

Win one from 15 one year licenses for ZEMANA AntiLogger

Anti-virus software is Not Enough to Stop Hackers!
Zemana starts where others give up.
Block all known and unknown internet threads. Bank, online shops and browse the web safely and privately.

Zemana AntiLogger lets you:

  • Do your online banking with peace of mind
  • Increase your PC protection
  • Defend against hackers
  • Protect against keyloggers
  • Guard against screen grabbers
  • Surf anywhere and download anything - worry free

Zemana AntiLogger detects all programs that can spy and recording your activity, include private created KeyLoggers, Webcam capture as such found in hacker forums out there where most anti Trojan software fails to detect or skips the application detection.

This is a must have addition to your Virus/Firewall protection!

Contest Winners HARDiNFO 2008 Professional Licenses

Congratulation to the 15 winners of a HARDiNFO 2008 Professional License:

  1. ayhan
  2. Jay
  3. gjon
  4. Azziz Mouloud
  5. Sultan84
  6. Phobos Mod
  7. ha14
  8. Viper218
  10. my_immortalize
  11. Siddxxxx
  12. k19s
  13. SinoTiger
  14. Tangobox32
  15. vhick

We send you the personal registration license and the Pro Version download link for HARDiNFO 2008 Professional in the next hours to your email.

06 May 2011

15x 7Smoker Pro and 15x XP Smoker Pro Licenses to win for our readers on www.LeecherMods.com


Were you ever in the situation that a tool had misconfigured your windows installation and the system boot up time took minutes instead of seconds? XP Smoker fixes such errors and can as one of the only tools reset this wrong settings to the optimal settings. We had recently on a test system a beta version of another system tweak tool installed and after hitting the included 'one click' optimize function, the system booted up with a huge time delay until the desktop show up and all startup progresses are loaded. Usually it's a matter of seconds to start Windows. WinXP Manager have some similar repair features to fix faulty network driver problems but XP Smoker is capable not only to fix the windows configuration it also speed up the system with AutoTuner, Boot Boost and Game Boost. XP smoker PRO is the most sophisticated system speed up tool and is under constant development since 2004.

click for fullscreen view | watch on YouTube

The product has an excellent cost effectiveness ratio with which no other system tool on the market today can compete with. For $9.99 US Dollar it is better as many 40+ USD System tools. Download the trial version and see by self after you set some optimization with 7Smoker or XP Smoker, how fast your computer could work.

In our test using the AutoTuner, the WebClient service got disabled by default, which is needed if you work with Webfolders, but you can manually under 'Services' configure the settings for this function. In many cases XP Smoker can avoid a windows new or re- installation if your config is damaged or messed up. Furthermore XP Smoker Pro improves the system speed really drastically.

There are a lot System tune-up/speed-up, tweak and boost tools available today but how many are really good. XP Smoker/7Smoker is one of the best.
The functionality is above the average, but what it offers, makes it perfect.
We give a 5 on a scale of 5 in our Rating.

We highly recommend this System tune up tool for our readers.

XP Smoker offers 3 products: 7Smoker Pro for Windows 7 users, Vista Smoker Pro for Windows Vista and XP Smoker Pro for Windows XP.

The program is compact coded with C++6. The main components have a file size installed of ~2MB! With Program Help and uninstaller an overall size of below 5 MB only! XP Smoker need just 16 MB System resources and is the most gentle system tool that we have ever seen.

The support is one of the best. If you have questions the service is quick available.

XP-Smoker.com & WareSoft Software give for our readers 15 one year licenses for XP Smoker PRO and 7Smoker Pro.

To join the contest install the trial version and share your opinion in a comment include your operating system XP or Windows 7.

We draw random 15 winners for XP Smoker pro and 15 for 7Smoker pro on 1. June 2011 and announce them.

Please share the news with your friend. Nice will be if you include a screenshot showing us your desktop.

Follow WareSoft Software on Facebook for the latest news.

Many thanks to WarenSoft for their kind support!

05 May 2011

We announce the 5 Winners of a WinRAR License


From our contest on 5x WinRAR Personal licence keys have won:

  1. Tamil
  2. Downbeat
  3. dester5
  4. Modest_1
  5. Bren Wager


WinRAR GmbH need to issue the licenses some information such as name, etc.. we send you the info in an email. Please fill it out and send it back to get a license.

Official Autoposter/Postmaker v3m 1.4.5 Lifetime Free + 635 Forums

Auto post to all your forums at once


- this is NOT a BROWSER emulator
- posts on phpbb2, phpbb3, ipb, ipb3, vbulletin, mybb
- more then 200 forums supported (edit ForumSetup2.ini, ForumSetup.ini adjust the values to your forums)
- all forums setups are shared, fixed and improved.
- save/load your messages
- use tags, icons, prefixes
- proxy support if you need it.
- post partially, to all forums at once, or to one forum you select
- edit and customize the ini at your will
- forums list loaded from internet
- all the best know sections are in it, plus 5 custom id's.
- set up shorcuts for download, info, pass, screen tags
- post notifications check on/off
- use signatures check on/off
- 10 custom sections / 10 customizable names.
- get your linkbacks!
- queue list with auto section choose
- topic reply : for now supports w-bb..you can reply to any of your topics with any user account you input. (and of course get the linkback of your reply)

4fastfile.com Premium HighSpeed Downloader UNO v0.0.1

UNO allows you to download all the available content at full download speed.
It reads the sitemap content from a board and use the highspeed direct links instead.


Forum + screenshots

Download upgrade

Download | Installer | DDL

eMule 0.50a MaGiX v2.6

Hi @ all :-)

Dies ist die vorab letzte eDition des MagiX-Mods.

Ich habe Bugs entfernt und den Ipfilter ausgebaut. Dieser Mod ist sicherer als alle Vorgänger d.h. selbst anfragen für Dateien die nicht geuppt werden sollen kommen auf den Ip-Filter. Ebenso im Download.

Du kannst bei jedem Start einen neuen Hash, clients.met etc erzeugen. Deine Kredite gehen verloren aber andererseits kommst du auch bei den die Dir bereits viel gaben besser weg. Ich empfehle hier den Upkick niedrig zu stellen wenn du die jede Session nutzen willst. Beachte aber die Session sollte erst nach 2 h Pause gestartet werden oder du resetest dein Router für ne neue IP. Sonst wirst Du gebannt für etwa 2h.

Viel Spass Tribu


[+] Uploadmanagement (bei leerer Queue an jeden, dann wird herabgestuft)
[+] change Hash for next Session
[+] Powerrelease [stellst du ein File auf Powerrelease im Share-ordner so verteilst du ihn mit sehr hoher Proirität, auch
an User ohne Rang. Den UploadKick kannst Du
frei wählen(Magix seite).
[+] Uploadmenge für Powerrelease und Friends ohne Block
[+] Friendboost
[+] Upload für Friends (MB)
[+] Powerrelease wird nicht geblockt und hat eigenen UploadKick

[+] Countryblock [IPfilter]
[+] Countryblock - Du kannst Länder blocken (global), oder einzeln [IPfilter]
[+] Countryblock - lesbar im Transferwindow
[+] im Upload oder im Up und Download auch einzelne im Transfer erlauben
[+]Files (Tranferwindow) kannst du auf nicht sharen stellen. Diese Files werden an niemanden geuppt.
- stelle einzelne Files auf 0 Upload
- stelle einzelne Files auf 0 Upload und nutze den Countryblock [IPfilter]
[+] Country im Transferwindow
[+] neue Toolbaricons
[-] IRC
[-] Wizard
[+] cleanQueue alle 10 min (schaltbar)
[+] Fakerank undectable
[+] Magix Creditsystem
[+] Up4Up gibt Upload solang der andere auch gibt
[+] Keine Fileliste an den Server
[+] Kein Upload an non Emule ausser Up4Up
[+] Kein Upload für Leecher, LowID oder nicht Sui
[+] Upload nur Partfile (Powerrelease wird trotzdem verteilt) rest auf den [IPfilter]
[+] Uploadkick nach xxx Mb
[+] banne Leecher
[+] Modname ändern - per Button oder per Hand

Download DDL

6 UltraISO licenses won the following readers

From our contest for UltraISO Licenses have won the following 6 a license:

  1. Willart
  2. psyalemao
  3. fabius
  4. jelson
  5. LukerLove
  6. John

Congratulation to all winners and sorry for the delay.

We forward your email to Xoben from UltraISO for the licenses. You will hear from EZB Systems shortly.

04 May 2011

Winners for Prayaya V3 and TuneUp Utilities™2011 Licenses


15 Prayaya V3 licenses:

  1. Sheldon366
  2. vince
  3. drWoo
  4. Asrielrusdyawan
  5. L M
  6. Alex Manur
  7. L Fernandes
  8. Compostela
  9. Zer00neX
  10. Marek
  11. Supertess
  12. Vertin
  13. Icesbitt
  14. Lvoin
  15. Jono
The licenses will be send from Prayaya to your email.

5x TuneUp Utilities™2011 Licenses goes to:

  1. Golupo62
  2. Terieron
  3. Tomas31973
  4. Soak
  5. Phobos Mod

We send out the licenses to your email within the next hours.


Chromium 13.0 comes with enhanced cookie manager build in

Chromium 13.0.755.0 (84039) and later builds have an enhanced cookie manager build in for http.

cookie set by this page


Winner of Windows 7 Ultimate Retail


The lucky winner of our contest for Windows 7 Ultimate Retail is:



Please check your email.

For all who wasn't have luck this time, we have some good news.
We are in discussion with a local Computer shop and there might come some very related surprises soon. Visit our site regular for upcoming news.

AKu Video Converter Licenses Contest results


Licenses for AKu Video Converter won the following readers:

  1. 1Yashiscool
  2. MOH
  3. Vaibhav Srivastava
  4. Tangobox32
  5. ha14
  6. my_immortalize
  7. Hboy02
  8. Azziz Mouloud
  9. santi
  10. ayhan
  11. SinoTiger
  12. Lalayola
  13. vince
  14. Damonmiles23
  15. Briareoushex


03 May 2011

6x DVDFab DVD Ripper Licenses to win for our readers

From DVDFab comes the best DVD Ripper. It's next to SlySoft AnyDVD the only software which support all copy protections plus it can Rip all Movie DVD's. DVDFab updates the product regular for upcoming new copy protections found in movies. With DVDFab DVD Ripper you can convert your DVD movies direct from disc or from DVD image files (iso, img, nrg) to play on other devices such as iPod, iPad, ZUNE, PDA, PS3, Xbox, many cellphones and personal media players. Rip 4, 6 or even more movies to XviD and burn it as normal data DVD. Today's DVD players support DivX/XviD playback. Read the DVD player specifications about supported Codec formats. The advanced codec settings allows you to adjust your output file parameters. It supports batch conversion and the newest NVIDIA CUDA, multi-core CPUs which speeds up the converting process. DVDFab DVD Ripper can also extract only the audio track for use with music players or other applications. The ripping speed is excellent and the output files are in perfect quality.

Read more for a complete feature list
Check out the FAQ section and the Tutorials on YouTube.

Info's and download are on the homepage and for the latest Beta Version can be found here
DVDFab also offer a wide range on freeware products
A complete product list is on this page
DVDFab offers one from the best Video tools available on the market.

click here for fullscreen

For our readers are 6 unique genuine licenses for DVDFab DVD Ripper available.
The licenses include one year free updates and support. Each license is for one PC. Do not share your license in case if you win, or the license will be blacklisted and updates/activation terminated same as by all other software products.

To join the contest follow us on Twitter and share the news with your friends.
Make sure to subscribe to our newsfeed to have your email address verified.
Do not comment with different names/emails (more than one time) or the system will exclude you from joining into our contests. Everyone has a equal chance to win.

The 6 winners will be chosen random and announced on 07. May 2011

Thanks to Fengtao Software Inc. for the kind support!

02 May 2011

5x WinRAR Personal licence keys - Contest

WinRAR is one of the most powerful archivers to compress files. The compression ratio versus compression speed by RAR is excellent. RAR is widely used as common compression format.
With more than 15 years in constant development and improvements makes it to one of the most mature compression programs. The SFX Module is highly customizable to create easy scriptable installers. With a personal license you can sign the packed files and the user can verify the authentication.
WinRAR offers not only in RAR format packing you can ZIP compress as well. A large number of different packers can be extracted such as 7-zip, ACE, TAR, Gzip and so fort. WinRar is available in more than 50 Languages. Unicode allows handling of non Latin Letters. Moreover there exists portable Versions for U3 and USB Thumb drives. Registered users can also use there WinRAR License for the portable version and a Pocket RAR Version will be provided for free.
The GUI is perfect designed and can be styled up with skins. Comments can be added into the archives and colorful designed. WinRAR has also a powerful archive convert and repair feature.

WinRAR website: http://www.win-rar.com
Shop: http://www.win-rar.com/shop.html
Download: http://www.win-rar.com/download.html

Digg, Tweet and share this news that your friends also can join into the contest. Write a comment and we will choose random 5 winners on 5th May 2011.
The five winners will get a unique key from WinRAR support team for the latest WinRAR Version 4.0.

Many thanks to win.rar GmbH Berlin for the kind support.

15x TeraCopy Pro Licenses to GiveAway

TeraCopy is a compact program designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed, providing the user with a lot of features:

  • Copy files faster. TeraCopy uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times. Asynchronous copy speeds up file transfer between two physical hard drives.
  • Pause and resume file transfers. Pause copy process at any time to free up system resources and continue with a single click.
  • Error recovery. In case of copy error, TeraCopy will try several times and in the worse case just skip the file, not terminating the entire transfer.
  • Interactive file list. TeraCopy shows failed file transfers and lets you fix the problem and recopy only problem files.
  • Shell integration. TeraCopy can completely replace Explorer copy and move functions, allowing you work with files as usual.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Windows 7 x64 support.

The TeraCopy Pro version comes with the following features more:

  • Copy/move to favorite folders.
  • Select files with the same extension/same folder.
  • Remove selected files from the copy queue.

There is also a TeraCopy 2.2 beta out.

Checkout the changelogs for the upcoming version on the Code Sector Blog

TeraCopy is a highly recommended tool not only when you have to deal with large files to copy or move from one to another location. It is a safer way to copy/move files and folders as the integrated Windows Explorer copy feature.

You can download TeraCopy here
Visit Code Secor's Homepage

We have 15 Licenses for the Pro Version.
Write a comment to this post and we draw random 15 winners from all comments on 10. May 2011.
Share the news with your friends, follow Code Sector on Twitter for the latest updates.

Many thanks to Code Sector for the kind support.

01 May 2011

5x cFosSpeed private licenses goes to the following winners of our contest

A personal License for cFosSpeed have won:

  1. Asrielrusdyawan
  2. Joe
  3. Licenzeantivirus
  4. SandMan
  5. Scotty


cFosSupport will send you the licenses to your email address tomorrow.

MailWasher Pro 2011 winners

Each of the following site readers won a license for MailWasher Pro 2011

  1. guruMark
  2. Pramu
  3. kid
  4. Peepen_skaunt
  5. Simon walker
  6. lectuce
  7. Pham Lam 19
  8. Vaibhav Srivastava
  9. tuancho92
  10. nashaat
  11. ayhan
  12. Vertin
  13. amazingAG
  14. Ashwin
  15. XU



Dentoo.info - Hosting - Offering seedboxes and seedbox solutions


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