06 May 2011

15x 7Smoker Pro and 15x XP Smoker Pro Licenses to win for our readers on www.LeecherMods.com

Were you ever in the situation that a tool had misconfigured your windows installation and the system boot up time took minutes instead of seconds? XP Smoker fixes such errors and can as one of the only tools reset this wrong settings to the optimal settings. We had recently on a test system a beta version of another system tweak tool installed and after hitting the included 'one click' optimize function, the system booted up with a huge time delay until the desktop show up and all startup progresses are loaded. Usually it's a matter of seconds to start Windows. WinXP Manager have some similar repair features to fix faulty network driver problems but XP Smoker is capable not only to fix the windows configuration it also speed up the system with AutoTuner, Boot Boost and Game Boost. XP smoker PRO is the most sophisticated system speed up tool and is under constant development since 2004.

click for fullscreen view | watch on YouTube

The product has an excellent cost effectiveness ratio with which no other system tool on the market today can compete with. For $9.99 US Dollar it is better as many 40+ USD System tools. Download the trial version and see by self after you set some optimization with 7Smoker or XP Smoker, how fast your computer could work.

In our test using the AutoTuner, the WebClient service got disabled by default, which is needed if you work with Webfolders, but you can manually under 'Services' configure the settings for this function. In many cases XP Smoker can avoid a windows new or re- installation if your config is damaged or messed up. Furthermore XP Smoker Pro improves the system speed really drastically.

There are a lot System tune-up/speed-up, tweak and boost tools available today but how many are really good. XP Smoker/7Smoker is one of the best.
The functionality is above the average, but what it offers, makes it perfect.
We give a 5 on a scale of 5 in our Rating.

We highly recommend this System tune up tool for our readers.

XP Smoker offers 3 products: 7Smoker Pro for Windows 7 users, Vista Smoker Pro for Windows Vista and XP Smoker Pro for Windows XP.

The program is compact coded with C++6. The main components have a file size installed of ~2MB! With Program Help and uninstaller an overall size of below 5 MB only! XP Smoker need just 16 MB System resources and is the most gentle system tool that we have ever seen.

The support is one of the best. If you have questions the service is quick available.

XP-Smoker.com & WareSoft Software give for our readers 15 one year licenses for XP Smoker PRO and 7Smoker Pro.

To join the contest install the trial version and share your opinion in a comment include your operating system XP or Windows 7.

We draw random 15 winners for XP Smoker pro and 15 for 7Smoker pro on 1. June 2011 and announce them.

Please share the news with your friend. Nice will be if you include a screenshot showing us your desktop.

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Many thanks to WarenSoft for their kind support!


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