08 May 2011

Oops!Backup Contest winners

A license for Oops!Backup have won the following 10 readers:

  1. Al Why
  2. Adam
  3. kurtum-i
  4. mooshon
  5. vince
  6. sean
  7. vhick
  8. amazingAG
  9. malik
  10. Hechtsuper0

Congratulations! We send each winner a unique license to them email address.


Al Why said...

Thank you!
Great software!

walang_sangit said...

congratulations to the winners, the backup software is very important at this time

Ali Bedirhan said...

Thank you leechermods

Congratulation to all winners

Ali Bedirhan said...

Thank you Chris , I received my license

amazingAG said...

Thanks. License received.

vhick said...

Thank you very much for winning this one of the best software i ever tried.

Vaibhav Srivastava said...

congratulations to all the winners...

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