15 May 2021

eMule v0.60c Community


This is a maintenance release.

Issues found since the release of version 0.60b were fixed; minor enhancements were made:

  • regressions, including one in UPnP Windows service implementation
  • use BindAddr variable in UPnP miniupnpc library implementation
  • restore from tray icon should be more reliable
  • allow MediaInfo.dll version 21.03
  • removed high DPI avareness from manifest

Available downloads

  • eMule0.60c-Installer.exe - this application will install or update eMule; contains all language DLLs
  • eMule0.60c-Installer64.exe - installer for 64-bit Windows only; contains all language DLLs
  • eMule0.60c.zip - "binaries" archive for manual installation; contains only 4 language DLLs
  • eMule0.60c_x64.zip - "binaries" archive for 64-bit Windows only; contains only 4 language DLLs
  • eMule0.60c-Sources.zip - source code for developers.

Direct Download Github:


ed2k Download: