26 January 2014

eMule v0.50b Apex 0.1

New modification of official eMule v0.50b dev code from http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=156991
Mainly UI changes with many useful features under the hood ;)
A light version of ClientAnalyzer for tracing bad clients is integrated.
And many others... check it out, but keep in mind it's not a final 0.50b and might be bugs or crashes.
It's not a leecher mod and all is official code inside.
At moment only english.
Feedback is desirable.

Tip #1:

If you start this mod new, Apex download at connect to kad or server,
automaticly newest nodes.dat or server.met.
Also you can do this manuel for servers with rightclick menu in serverwindow
or kad with a double click on statusbar kad contacts.

Tip #2:

You can switch progressbar display in options/display/smooth progressbar.

Tip #3:

Some features are default disabled like category.
You can find the setting in new toolbar on top inside the tools menu.

Tip #4:

The statistic window is set default to old style.
You can change this in options/statistics/ols style graph.

Tip #5:

ClientAnalyzer event logs are default disabled.
To enable, change in prefernces.ini LogAnalyzerEvents=0 to 1
and enable in options/extended verbose log




If 0.50b is final, or if you need earlier send a message to morph4u.

visit us @ www.Sharing-Devils.org
now with a new Board, more languages.
If you have questions or do you need support, ask us :)