15 June 2022

eMule v0.60d Broadband x64 2022.06.14

eMule - broadband branch

The initial purpose of this project was to provide an eMule repository (including dependencies) that is ready to build and update the dependent libraries when possible. This branch specifically focuses on providing a build that is better suited to address nowadays file sizes and broadband availability. Default hard-coded parameters of eMule were better suite for small-files/slow-connections, leading to very low per-client transfer rates by nowadays standards.
The focus here is to maximise throughput for broadband users, to optimize seeding.
The focus is as well to introduce the least amount of changes to preserve the original quality and stability of the client.

IP 2 Country
As some other minor change to the upload list, the IP 2 Country is being added back. At some point it will be updated to latest formats, but for now just google GeoIPCountryWhois.csv to download a reasonably recent file and place it in your config-folder.

Just get che zip from the release and replace your current executable. Be sure to make a backup of %LOCALAPPDATA%\eMule first, as this is a "beta" build which requires testing, even if the amount of changes are minimal some external dependencies have been bumped up at compiler flags made uniform to optimize the runtime.



feel free to give some feedback