28 July 2010

eMule 0.50a No.Name

eMule 0.50a No.Name

Changelog eMule v0.50a No.Name:

add 80% score for non SI clients [Xman]
add Additional Security Check [Wizard]
add Anti Corruption [WiZaRd]
add Anti Leech System [B4n$h33]
add Anti-nickthieftag [B4n$h33]
add Anti Shape [Netfinity]
add Auto-Kick Data [B4n$h33]
add Auto-Kick Timer [B4n$h33]
add Automatic Firewalled Retries [Wizard]
add Automatic shared files updater [ghc]
add Average Queue Ranking [Xman/Changed B4n$h33]
add Ban Client with Bad UserHash [B4n$h33]
add Better Passive Source Finding [X-Ray]
add Client percentage [B4n$h33]
add Client Times and Qrs in downlist [B4n$h33]
add Catch oversized public key in credit.met file [SiRoB]
add Choose Your ModString [Spee64/Chenged B4n$h33]
add ConChecker [X-Ray]
add Copy statistics [dlarge/Changed B4n$h33]
add Detection for uncounted upload [pP]
add Dynamic Block Requests [Netfinity/B4n$h33]
add dynamic IP-Filters [Xman]
add Dynamic Reask [B4n$h33]
add Don't drop trickle slots [pP]
add Drop Blocking Clients [XRay]
add Drop System [pP]
add Emulate other [Spike2]
add Enhanced Client Recognition v2 [Spike2]
add Fake eChanblard [Umek]
add Fake Rank [B4n$h33]
add Fakealyzer [Netfinity/Changed B4n$h33]
add filter clients with failed downloads [Xman]
add Filter FullQueue [B4N$h33]
add Filter LowID [B4N$h33]
add Filter NoEmuleClient [B4N$h33]
add Filter NoNeedPart [B4N$h33]
add Filter out unreachable LowID-sources [Xman]
add Filter some Suspect Bad Uploader [B4n$h33]
add Find best sources [Xman]
add Font in bold [$ick$]
add Friends in color and in bold [RoadRunner]
add Funny Nicks [xrmb/Canged B4n$h33]
add Generate New Personal Security Hash [LSD]
add Horde op-codes [Netfinity]
add Increases the Score to the Good Clients [B4n$h33]
add Inform Clients after IP Change [Stulle/Changed B4n$h33]
add IntelliFlush [WiZaRd]
add IP2C Auto Update [ev!l1/Changed B4n$h33]
add IP Client at clientdetail [B4n$h33]
add IP Filter Auto Update [Alias/Changed B4n$h33]
add IP to Country [TK4/Changed B4n$h33]
add L2HAC [Neo Mule]
add manual reask for new sources [KTS]
add manual Reask Nnp/FullQ/All [Lsd/Changed B4n$h33]
add manual swap A4AF [X-Ray/Changed B4n$h33]
add Mass Rename [AcKroNiC]
add Mod ID [B4n$h33]
add Mod Log & add Leecher Log [pP/Changed B4n$h33]
add Multi Server Connect [Sarutobi]
add never ban friend [KTS]
add no share single file in Upload Priority [B4n$h33]
add Node.dat Auto Update [pP/Changed B4n$h33]
add Out lined Percentage in Bold [B4n$h33]
add Own Preferences.ini = No.NamePrefs.ini [B4n$h33]
add Powershare [B4n$h33]
add Publish files on the Server [Dazzle/Changed B4n$h33]
add Publish files on the Kad [B4n$h33]
add Publish small incomplete files fix [Wizard]
add Queuerank at clientdetail [Xman]
add Quickstart [DavidXanatos]
add QRdiff [pP/Changed B4n$h33]
add Random Modstring [B4n$h33]
add Relax on startup [WiZaRd]
add Reset Kad-IP on IP-Change [Spike2]
add Rqr only color Swithcable [B4n$h33]
add Save load Sources [Xman]
add Server Rotation [B4n$h33]
add Set Server.met URL [pP]
add Share Level [Dazzle]
add Side Banner [TPT/Changed B4n$h33]
add slot controll [pP/Changed B4n$h33]
add Slot Focus [pP]
add Some Time count in client detail [B4n$h33]
add Show Chunkdots [Slugfiller]
add Show clients with shared files visible in brown marked [B4n$h33]
add Show Complete up/down [B4n$h33]
add Show CPU/MEM usage in Transferwindow [$ick$/Changed B4n$h33]
add Show Donwload in bold [B4n$h33]
add Show Download in Color [pP/Changed B4n$h33]
add Show Downloading Time in Downloadlist [SLAHAM]
add Show Fake Queue Position Sent at client detail [B4n$h33]
add show filename immediately [Xman]
add Show Free Space on Title [B4n$h33]
add Show flag Ip to Country [X-Ray]
add Show LowIDs in color [Xman/Changed B4n$h33]
add Show MQR in DownloadlistCtrl [Spike2/Changed B4n$h33]
add Show paused files in grey [MorphXT Mod]
add Show progress of hashing files [O2/Changed B4n$h33]
add Show RQR/Speed [iOniX Mod/Changed B4n$h33]
add Show Server in Transferwindow [Mondgott/Changed B4n$h33]
add Show Speed Meter [?]
add Show version see clientversion in every window [Xman]
add Stop Single Client [Xman]
add Swithc ModString [B4n$h33]
add UDP Reask security check [Netfinity]
add Upload Priority in DownloadlistCtrl [evl/Changed B4n$h33]
add Upload Protection [B4n$h33]
add Upload to Uploader [B4n$h33]
add Visualize Ip near User Name [B4n$h33]
add Visualize Mod Icons [B4n$h33]
add WinSockV2 [eWombat]
Change Don't accept to short message-filters [Wizard]
Change Slot Controll Code [B4n$h33]
Change some setting of default [B4n$h33]
fix Memory Leak on Low ID Smart Check [Dolphin]
fix QueueSize [Wizard]
fix Statusbar [Eulero]
fix sorting [WiZaRd]
fix Wrong Hover [Wizard]
fix Wrong null userhash [ilmira]
IrcFix [B4n$h33]
remove limit search result [B4n$h33]
remove information advertising of the server [B4n$h33]
remove ratio [B4n$h33]
some bug fix [B4n$h33]
some change in opcodes.h [B4n$h33]
some crash fix [B4n$h33]
Some Kad Fix [Wizard]
Some Update for old code


Download eMule 0.50a No.Name

Special Thanks to: King-Zeus, Dozer, fabius, feeling, ghc and Mr.Ado

Spread This Mod Everywhere you are all authorized!


eMule 0.50a MorphXT+ v12.4

.....:::: MorphXT+ ::::.....
- Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick -

La MorphXT+ è basata sulla MorphXT originale ma usa un session ratio di 1:7 (invece di 1:3)
per non avere problemi con le attuali aDSL italiane troppo sbilanciate sulla banda di download.



eMule 0.50a MorphXT+ 12.4

CHANGED: Original session zzRatio of 1:3 (UL:DL) increased to 1:7 to works fine
with Italian standard aDSL connections - 1280:256 and 2048:256 [FrankyFive]
CHANGED: Minimal upload limit to avoid the zzRatio limitation from 10KB/s to 20KB/s
and average upload limit from 10KB/s to 15KB/s (now you need to give more
than before :p ) [FrankyFive]
CHANGED: Minimal upload limit to avoid download limitation from 10KB/s to 20KB/s
(you need to give more than all other eMule clients) [FrankyFive]

CHANGED: Many standard icons [FrankyFive]
CHANGED: Some default options [FrankyFive]
CHANGED: Modstring to avoid the ban of official MorphXT v6.3 - v7.2 - v.7.7 - v.8.0 or later [FrankyFive]
CHANGED: HDD Protect - Increased max File Buffer Size to 20Mb with steps of 256KB [FrankyFive]
ADDED: HDD Protect - Slidebar on "extended settings" to select Buffer Time Limit (1-30 mins) [FrankyFive]
ADDED: Auto configuration for Italian standard aDSL connections (on Wizard panel) [FrankyFive]

Bin: emulev0.50a-MorphXT+v12.4-bin.zip
SRC: emulev0.50a-MorphXT+v12.4-src.zip

27 July 2010


PROTECTiON iD v6.4.0


- detection of every major PC ISO Game / Application protection
- currently covers 499 detections, including win32/64 exe protectors & packers, .net protectors, dongles, licenses & installers
- sector scanning CDs / DVDs for Copy Protections
- files / folders can simply be drag & droped into pid
- strong scanning routines allowing it to detect multiple protections
- easy scanning via shell context menu
- usefully misc tools included
- coded 100% in Win32 assembly language
- fully 32bit & 64bit compliant
- working from Win9x to Windows 7

Homepage: http://pid.gamecopyworld.com/

Trial Reset 4 Final


Trial-Reset is an registry cleaning tool. The main function of Trial-Reset is remove the keys generated by commercial and freeware protector.

Trial-Reset doesn't crack the program but only extends the Trial period.

What's new v4.0 Final (Public):
-Fixed auto-backup
-Fixed some minor bugs

What's new v4.0 RC1 (Public):
-Added IntelliLock scanner
-Added Net Reactor scanner
-Added Protexis Licensing scanner
-Added ZXProtector scanner
-Fixed plugins crash on x64 os
-Fixed command line regression

What's new v4.0 beta 3 (Public):
-Added FlexNet scanner (probably works also on SafeCast 2.x)
-Added Nalpeiron scanner
-Added Manco Licensing scanner
-Added support for x64 version of protectors (see WoW64 in options menu)
-Rewrite plugin's interface to be more fast and flexible
-Various user interface improvements and changes

What's new v4.0 beta 2 (Public):
-Fixed memory leak that cause random crash
-Rename NoobyProtect to Safengine Licensor
-Reactivated the scanner progress
-Fixed various regressions

What's new v4.0 beta 1
-Fixed ASProtect scanner for reduce false positive
-Fixed Obsidium scanner and update to new version
-Update WinLicense scanner to support new versions
-Added NoobyProtect scanner
-Fixed Win64 compatibility problems
-Fixed various graphic problem in Windows AERO
-Speed optimization in the file scanner

Downloadtrial-reset40final.7z 496.84 KB | Mirror

eMule 0.50a MorphXT v12.4 Private Edition by Engo3k

eMule v0.50a - [MorphXT v12.4] Private Edition [Engo3k]
Update to MorphXT v12.4 [Stulle] 26-07-2010


CHANGED: HDD Protect - Increased max File Buffer Size to 20Mb with steps of 256KB [FrankyFive]
ADDED: HDD Protect - Slidebar on "extended settings" to select Buffer Time Limit (1-30 mins) [FrankyFive]
ADDED: Save Last Request - SharedFilesWindow [JvA]
CHANGED: Aktive Share Permission - remove clients from Waiting queue after Permission change (upload clients are still completed)
CHANGED: Many standard icons
Add: Push Part Files
Add: Average Queue Ranking
Add: Show Session Download
ADDED: Release Boost
ADDED: color red for PowerShare Files up/queuelist
CHANGE:FileReaskTime for NNS & Unknown Src. to 29 mins (Full 58 mins)
ADDED: see onuploadqueue/feedback
ADDED: max client upload time (5-360 mins)
ADDED: max chunks to transfer
ADDED: remove block ratio (BR:) clients
ADDED: Total UpDown column with pos./neg. colors - green/red
ADDED: Unlimited Slot
ADDED: Clear Banlist
ADDED: Don't Ban Friends
ADDED: 0 Score for QR-Full Clients
ADDED: Client-BAN All List
ADDED: Color for LowID/Friend/PowerShare/PBF/Community/Unlimited Slot
ADDED: Reask single Clients in Transfer Windows
ADDED: Push to Upload from downloadClientList & queuelist
ADDED: Drop Client in Transfer Windows (to another File)
ADDED: Whois-Client Provider Info all Lists
ADDED: GeoIP-IP Location Finder-Karte all Lists
CHANGE: PBF for partfiles
CHANGE: PowerShare restrictions for partfile or finished files to 800 src.
CHANGE: Slot Limiter ->(1-255)
REMOVE: Friends restrictions (zzRatio 3KB/s to ->0KB/s = Unlimited)
ADDED: Show IP (ClientDetailDialog)
ADDED: Kick All Upload Slots
ADDED: Kick single Upload Slot
ADDED: Clients Share Visiblity (Pink)
ADDED: Friend Boost*200
ADDED: Community Boost*200
ADDED: Antileech v41 Bad USERNAME Ban
REMOVED: My Mod's Ban
ADDED: Don't remove spare trickle slot in UploadList
to disable Slotfocus Use Client datarate (KB/s) & d'rst-slot off


26 July 2010

RunAsDate 1.10 - Run a program with the specified date/time

RunAsDate is a small utility that allows you to run a program in the date and time that you specify. This utility doesn't change the current system date and time of your computer, but it only injects the date/time that you specify into the desired application.
You can run multiple applications simultaneously, each application works with different date and time, while the real date/time of your system continues to run normally.

RunAsDate works under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Older versions of Windows are not supported. The is also x64 version available in a separated download, for using with x64 applications.

Homepage: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/run_as_date.html

CCleaner 2.34.1200 Slim


CCleaner v2.34.1200 Changelog:

- Extended cookie cleaning to include HTML5 Web Storage.
- Improved Index.dat cleaning by deleting ones not locked by the system.
- Improved "Install date" detection and accuracy for Uninstall Tool.
- Improved file lock detection when analyzing to avoid false reporting.
- Improved scrolling for list control to avoid repaint problems.
- Improved cleaning of Recycle Bin.
- Improved jumplist support to avoid possible UI lock.
- Updated eMule cleaning.
- Minor bug fixes.

Full Changelog: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/version-history

Download: http://coblitz.codeen.org/http://www.crap-cleaner.de/
Download other builds: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds

eMule 0.50a MorphXT 12.4

Changelog eMule MorphXT v12.4:

ADD: Visual Studio 2010 project files and solution [Stulle]
ADD: Display check mark next to currently assigned category [Stulle]
CHANGE: update cryptolib Version 5.6.0 (3/15/2009) [Stulle]
CHANGE: update pugxml.h (http://www.codeproject.com/KB/cpp/JCraneArticle.aspx) [JCrane2/tychen]
CHANGE: update zlib 1.2.5 [Stulle]
CHANGE: update libpng 1.4.3 [Stulle]
CHANGE: Rename CMemDC to CMemoryDC [Avi-3k]
CHANGE: Some other minor changes to compile on VS 2010
CHANGE: Rewrote the passing of params for drawing country flags to work in VS10 [Stulle]
+ bug in VS10 MFC; fixed code not only for VS10, used in all solutions
CHANGE: Also sort aMule for mods (if availablel) [Stulle]
CHANGE: Added additional wait time and security checks for flush threads on exit [WiZaRd]
+ possible crashfix
FIX: Sorting of client status (QR,...) to make sense at last [Stulle]
FIX: Crash on shutdown in ipfilter [Xman]
FIX: Force periodic updates was reset to previous state on applying [Stulle/thx Hiwi]
FIX: Download from http sources (e.g. sourceforge) broken because of sending user-agent [WiZaRd]
+ Added option to maintain list of URLs that should not receive user-agents
REMOVED: Display of session download in ChunkBar in DownloadClientsCtrl [Stulle]

BBS: http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=150281

24 July 2010

µTorrent 2.0.3 Build 20683 Leecher Mods - µTorrent universal DHT Patcher (version 1.8 - 2.0.3) updated


µTorrent v1.8 - 2.x universal DHT Patcher:
upx decompress and patch a installed utorrent.exe (usually under Program Files\utorrent\).


- DHT always enabled. Removes the restrictions on torrents marked as private.
- Removes 1st start Toolbar Ads install (Ask, Yandex).

Download: utorrent.2.x.universal-DHT.patcher.exe 302.00 KB


µTorrent Mods with multiplier 10 and multiplier 100 (report uploaded x10, x100), DHT Patch, No 1st start Toolbar installer, fake upload, stealth (not shown on tracker):

utorrent.exe - original (upx decompressed)

utorrent-DHT.exe - DHT Patch applied, Toolbar Nag removed

utorrent-dht-steath.exe - DHT Patch applied, Toolbar Nag removed, stealth mod on tracker (send always downloaded and uploaded and corrupt = 0, no complete flag)

utorrent-DHT-invert.exe - DHT Patch applied, Toolbar Nag removed, report downloaded data amount as uploaded

utorrent-DHT-x10.exe - DHT Patch applied, Toolbar Nag removed, multiply x10

utorrent-DHT-x11.exe - DHT Patch applied, Toolbar Nag removed, multiply x11

utorrent-DHT-x100.exe - DHT Patch applied, Toolbar Nag removed, multiply x100

utorrent-DHT-x101.exe - DHT Patch applied, Toolbar Nag removed, multiply x101

utorrent-DHT-x111.exe - DHT Patch applied, Toolbar Nag removed, multiply x111

utorrent-DHT-fakeup1.exe - DHT Patch applied, Toolbar Nag removed, adds a 1 in front of uploaded data amount

utorrent-DHT-fakeup2.exe - DHT Patch applied, Toolbar Nag removed, adds a 2 in front of uploaded data amount

utorrent-DHT-fakeup5.exe - DHT Patch applied, Toolbar Nag removed, adds a 5 in front of uploaded data amount

utorrent-DHT-fakeup8.exe - DHT Patch applied, Toolbar Nag removed, adds a 8 in front of uploaded data amount

DownloaduTorrent 2.0.3 Build 20683 LP.exe (355 KB)

Fiddler Web Debugging Proxy Beta


Fiddler is a Web Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet. Fiddler allows you to inspect all HTTP(S) traffic, set breakpoints, and "fiddle" with incoming or outgoing data. Fiddler includes a powerful event-based scripting subsystem, and can be extended using any .NET language.

Fiddler is freeware and can debug traffic from virtually any application, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and thousands more.


Fiddler [7/23/2010]
Support for Regular Expressions in more places
Improved Compare Sessions feature
Firefox 4.0 compatibility for FiddlerHook
Various bugfixes

Changelog Beta Version: http://www.fiddler2.com/Fiddler2/newbeta.txt

Changelog Final Version: http://www.fiddler2.com/Fiddler2/new.txt

BBS: http://groups.google.com/group/httpfiddler

Homepage: http://www.fiddler2.com/fiddler2/ | http://www.fiddler2.com/fiddler2/version.asp


23 July 2010

µTorrent for Windows 2.0.3 Build 20664 Leecher Mod


DHT Patch:

search pattern:
74 04 80 4B 46 02
replace pattern:
EB 04 80 4B 46 02

Changes in v2.03 uT Mods

Remove 1st start Dialog Toolbars (Ask, Yandex) Bytes Pattern.
Search in uTorrent.exe (upx -decompressed) and replace 74 17 with 90 90 see pattern:

83 C4 08 38 5D ?? 75 ?? 38 5D ?? 75 05 38 5D ?? 74 17 8D 45 ?? 50 FF 35 ?? ?? ?? ?? 8D 95

83 C4 08 38 5D ?? 75 ?? 38 5D ?? 75 05 38 5D ?? 90 90 8D 45 ?? 50 FF 35 ?? ?? ?? ?? 8D 95

(note: ?? are jokers for dUP patcher)

...all the rest to bittorrent protocol see utorrent universal patcher...

Sample mods with multiplier 10 and multiplier 100 (report uploaded x10, x100), DHT Patch, No 1st start Toolbar installer (Sponsor Nag 1st install Dialog Screen):

utorrent.exe - original (no changes in binary, upx extracted)

utorrent-DHT-No1stStartAds.exe - DHT Patch applied, Toolbar Nag removed

utorrent-DHT-No1stStartAds-invert.exe - DHT Patch applied, Toolbar Nag removed, report downloaded data amount as uploaded

utorrent-DHT-No1stStartAds-x10.exe - DHT Patch applied, Toolbar Nag removed, multiply x10

utorrent-DHT-No1stStartAds-x100.exe - DHT Patch applied, Toolbar Nag removed, multiply x100

DownloadInstaller 5in1 (444 KB)
µTorrent for Windows 2.0.3 Build 20664 Leecher Mods.7z 4in1 (407.72 KB)

Windows Gui for paq8, ZPAQ,... Data compression/decompression

The smaller the files compressed the faster the download.

Lossless data compression software benchmarks / comparisons:

Data Compression Programs:
http://cs.fit.edu/~mmahoney/compression/ - http://mattmahoney.net/dc/

Program Downloads:

PeaZip 3.2.1

http://peazip.sourceforge.net/ - http://sourceforge.net/projects/peazip/files/
ZPAQ (experimental - ZPAQ currently PeaZip supports only storing/extracting to full pathnames, so output options will be ignored for that format.)


Perfect Compress v6.13 R2

Support nearly all command line packer + parameters. Not by all packers support selected multiple subfolders to compress.
http://moises-studios.110mb.com/ - http://moises-studios-corp.blogspot.com/

ZPAQ self extracting archives

Y!Supra1.0.0.60 - 201 files, 4 folders (exe, jpg's, bmp's)
not compressed: 2,42 MB (2.547.291 bytes)

7zip: Y!Supra1.
723 KB (741.102 bytes)

paq8px v6.7 /-7: Y!Supra1.0.0.60.paq8px
522 KB (534.773 bytes)

paq8o /max: Y!Supra1.0.0.60.paq8o
550 KB (563.557 bytes)

paq8pf: Y!Supra1.0.0.60.paq8pf
641 KB (657.165 bytes)

gif2apng 1.4 - convert gif to apng

APNG can be smaller than GIF. This program will make your GIF animations smaller by converting them into Animated PNG format. Simple gif2apng.c source code compiles under Windows and Linux. Command line: gif2apng.exe anim.gif [anim.png]




gif2apng 1.4
- Turned on transparency (blend=over) optimization
(works fine with Firefox 3.6.7 and later)

- Added MacOS binaries

18 July 2010

eMule 0.50a eMuleFuture 1.0 Public Beta

eMule 0.50a eMuleFuture 1.0 Public Beta

Changelog eMuleFuture v1.0 Public Beta (from v0.7):

based on Tombstone Xtended v1.0

removed : XPMenu (+XPGroups)
removed : Faster Upload timer (obsolete)
removed : IntelliFlush
fixed : Vista sensing [pP]
fixed : download preview chunks first for ICS [taz]
fixed : VS2005 / VS2008 compatibility issue for IP2Country [Fafner]
replace : GetCpuUsage with
adjust : client datarate code @ Preferences.h for Slot Focus changes from UploadListControl [taz]
update : Automatic shared files updater v3.5 [Stulle/WiZaRd]

! several small bugs fixed which were introduced by the merge [taz]
! fixed wrong icons on SharedView Ed2kType [WiZaRd]
~ updated conchecker to my latest version [WiZaRd]
+ re-added IntelliFlush (hardcoded!) [WiZaRd]
+ added XPMenues (WiZaRd's "quick hack" edition ) [WiZaRd]
+ added "open incoming dir" to Win7 thumbbuttons list [WiZaRd]
+ added "open incoming dir" to toolbar [WiZaRd]
~ updated ip2country to use the latest flags [WiZaRd]
~ updated modicon code [WiZaRd]
! fixed reg handle leaks in "Vista sensing" [WiZaRd]
+ added Open Incoming from tray [taz]
+ added Completed in tray [Stulle]
+ added friend handling [Xman]
+ added ip2country .dll autoupdate [WiZaRd]
- removed ScarAngel && Mephisto from BadClientFlag [taz]
+ added easy mod version [WiZaRd]
+ added EMF nodes.dat as default/fallback URL for bootstrapping [WiZaRd]

+ added SOTN [WiZaRd]
+ added preferences for XPMenues [WiZaRd]
! fixed Kad ID finding for friends [WiZaRd]
+ ed2k links are now captured and you can select the category to add them to [taz]

~ password is now hidden while entering [WiZaRd]
! fixed crash when calling "FindSourceByIP" with byKadVersion > 1 and uCryptTargetID == NULL [taz]

~ hid the "FileIdentifierDesc" loglines in release builds
~ added CA stats to clipstat

Homepage http://emulefuture.de

15 July 2010

Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 PGO Build by Tete


Removed the manifest of C-Runtime from some DLL files. Added the manifest of OpenMP into xul.dll file.

Homepage: http://www1.plala.or.jp/tete009/en-US/software.html#FX40_VC8PGO
Whats new: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/4.0b1/whatsnew


08 July 2010

FUU (Faster Universal Unpacker) 0.1.1 Beta


Latest changes:

FUU v0.1.1 (29/06/2010)


- Minor release

fixed bugs:

- Avoid the resize of the main GUI window.
- Fixed an inconsistency between the about showed in the "About" menu and the one showed in the "About" button.
- Fixed the problem with "Refresh" button.
- The open file dialog now has filter strings.
- Editbox is now editable so, you can type the path of the file.


- Updated the TitanEngine library (current version 2.0.3).
- Added a clickable blogspot link and email address.
- Added a save file dialog in every included plugin.
- Added "Drag&Drop" for .exe and .dll files.
- Added a "Copy Overlay Data" button.
- Added "Auto Scroll" to the browse file edit box.

code refactoring:

- Added comments to every function in the main GUI and every plugin (see SVN).
- Added a "GetControlHandles" function (see SVN).
- Improved the way we check for Windows Messages.

new features:

- Added a simple signatures identifier using PETools signatures database (thanks marciano!)
- Added three newer plugins for nPack, Packman and dePack.
Homepage: http://crackinglandia.blogspot.com/

07 July 2010

eMule 0.50a Xtreme 8.0 LPE (07.07.10)


eMule0.50a Xtreme 8.0 -LPE-


+ Some minor fixes around the update to newest codebase


06 July 2010

eMule0.50a Xtreme 8.0 -LPE-


eMule0.50a Xtreme 8.0 -LPE-


based on eMule0.50a Lite [dolphinx]

+ Update to eMule0.50a Lite



05 July 2010

eMule 0.50a X-Mod / Lite


Coded by DolphinX

Release Notes:

X Mod mainly update its codebase to official 0.50a and add some features from Xtreme 8.0.

Some new features are added:
1. In the new version, speedgraph window can be customized.
You can edit „SpeedGraph.ini“ in the config dir to change the window alpha value, background image, text or colors.
Use „Reload SpeedGraph config“ to see the changes instantly.
2. Chinese Traditional language is supported.
3. Integrated DLP is updated to v42

Also some reported bugs are fixed:
1. fail to read catalogs' Auto cat assignment from ini.
2. fail to read transfer/uploads/cumulative/total overhead from ini.
3. crash when drag a file in download list.

The 32-bit binaries are compiled with Windows 7 SDK in Visual Studio 2008 SP1.
The 64-bit binaries are compiled with Windows 7 SDK in Visual Studio 2010.


0.50a X-Mod

- updated to 0.50a codebase

- recode eMulePlusIniClass and fix bugs related
- crash when drag a file in download list
- rare crash when disconnect a client whose KadState is FWCHECK while kad is closed
- ignored files was checked in sharedfilelist
- some web interface bugs
- memleak when a file is hashing done after closing eMule and AICHHashset write buffer is enabled

- X-Ray :: AICHSecurity AICHHashRequested check
- fix Statistics issues in old X-Mod
- send buffer option
- High Speed Upload Timer
- libs console error output

- replace hton*, ntoh* with _byteswap_*
- ShowRequestedFiles dialog show info icon morph4u
- replace the rest of CAsyncSocket with CAsyncSocketEx
- improve GetFilePrioAsNumber (WiZaRd)
- combine connect and disconnect thumb buttons into one
- rename CMemDC to CMemoryDC for VC 10 compile
- get aich value in json
- auto change sockets' send and receve buffer
- localize tab title in shared files window
- don't block HTTP sources via DeadSourceList (Avi-3k)
- do not show some message box on start up if eMule start with system
- use some auto close XMessageBox instead of AfxMessageBox
- move CheckSlotSpeed into SetMaxUpload, now slot speed will be changed if Max Upload is changed (once375ml)
- replace CAtlList with (unordered_)set in AICHSyncThread and Fincan Hash Detection
- save Fincan community hash met file and check last update time
- improve userhash check in Integrated DLP
- Only resolve hostnames for downloads if partfile found [WiZaRd] (Stulle)
- some translations in zh_CN
- update Integrated DLP to v42

- CAsyncSocketEx UDP Support
- speedgraph window customize configuration
- VC 10 project files
- CHttpDownloadDlg send If-Modified-Since and check status code 304
- zh_TW language dll

code from Tombstone v2.1
- Removed unnecessary user limitation that prevented downloading files in the default cat alphabetically
- Fixed localization bug in shared files window
- MetaDataDlg is now added on-the-fly when you change the ext controls pref setting

code from Xtreme 8.0
- add: Some more countries to country flags feature (tomchen1989)
- add: Fincan community hash detection (WiZaRd)
- add: retrieve MTU from system (netfinity)
- add: AICHHashset write buffer, reduce diskio while hashing (zz_fly)
- improved: Made SafeHash ready for new AICH based file identifier (like official) (Stulle)
- fixed: minimize to systray issue issue (Enig123)
- fixed: don't transmit for nested/overlapping data requests (emuleplus)

based on emule Xtreme

compiled with:
id3lib 3.9.0-devel 2009-08-30 (lite)
libpng 1.4.3
zlib 1.2.5
Crypto++ 5.6.1 SVN 498 (lite and mod)
CxImage version 6.00 (lite)
miniupnp 1.4 09/06/2010
boost 1.43.0

Release Notes:

Lite Mod mainly update its codebase to official 0.50a and add some features from Xtreme 8.0.

Some new features are added:
1. Chinese Traditional language is supported.
2. Integrated DLP is updated to v42.

Also some reported bugs are fixed:
1. fail to read catalogs Auto cat assignment from ini.
2. fail to read transfer/uploads/cumulative/ total overhead from ini.
3. crash when drag a file in download list.

The 32-bit binaries are compiled with Windows 7 SDK in Visual Studio 2008 SP1.
The 64-bit binaries are compiled with Windows 7 SDK in Visual Studio 2010.


0.50a Lite 1.6.0
- updated to 0.50a X-Mod code


based on emule X Mod

compiled with:
zlib 1.2.5
Crypto++ 5.6.1 SVN 498 (lite and mod)
miniupnp 1.4 09/06/2010
boost 1.43.0

SourceForge: http://emulex.sourceforge.net

eMule 0.50a MorphXT 12.3 - Engo3K Private Edition 03.07.10


eMule v0.50a [MorphXT v12.3 - Engo3K Private Edition] (03.07.10)
Based on MorphXT v12.3 [Stulle] 14-06-2010


CHANGED: HDD Protect - Increased max File Buffer Size to 20Mb with steps of 256KB [FrankyFive]
ADDED: HDD Protect - Slidebar on "extended settings" to select Buffer Time Limit (1-30 mins) [FrankyFive]
ADDED: Save Last Request - SharedFilesWindow [JvA]
CHANGED: Aktive Share Permission - remove clients from Waiting queue after Permission change (upload clients are still completed)
CHANGED: Many standard icons

Add: Push Part Files
Add: Average Queue Ranking
Add: Show Session Download
CHANGE: -Made sorting for client status (QR,...) back to MorphXT v12.2

eMule 0.50a Xlillo 0.22

eMule 0.50a Xlillo 0.22 Basata sulla MorphXT 12.0


eMule Version 0.50a [Xlillo v0.22]


- unknown -

Add many bug-fix from Beba mod
Add many improvement code from Beba mod
Add some bug-fix from other mods
Many little fix and improvement in code made from me

Compiled with VS 2008 SP 1
Compressed with UPX 3.05

Homepage: http://www.ackronic.net/ackws/smf/index.php?topic=3987.0



02 July 2010

eMule 0.50a THC v1.1

eMule 0.50 THC

Changelog: eMule v0.50a THC v1.1


add: up4up
add: inverse score for bad uploaders..
ex: uploadqueuescore -> -92827

ChangeLog: eMule v0.50a THC v1.0

add "generate new rsa key"
add emulate community nick addons
add no share incoming
add fake rank
add fake rank undetectable
add no ratio
+ changed min queue size
add ConChecker
add SivkaBan
add Corruption Blackbox-BanThreshold
add Dazzle`s Map for faster source adding by IP
add Winsock 2
add SpreadReask
add Reask Queue/srcs after IP change
add Variable Compression
add minRQR
add Faster EndGame Dazzle
add SaveLoadSources
add push small/rare/part files
add DiffQR
add Kick from upload
add push from upload
add ownCredits for clients >0.48a Inverse CS upkick
add anti-leecher
add One Queue Per File
add ICS
add Choosable Modstring
add Delayed NNP
add Simple SlotFocus
add "Gen.nicknames (+ ""{random_nick}"") for ""http://..."" clients"
add Scam warning
add PowerShare
add ClientAnalyzer 1.5
add VQB fullchunk
remove NickThief
remove Optimize for processor
+ More bug fix