02 July 2010

eMule 0.50a THC v1.1

eMule 0.50 THC

Changelog: eMule v0.50a THC v1.1


add: up4up
add: inverse score for bad uploaders..
ex: uploadqueuescore -> -92827

ChangeLog: eMule v0.50a THC v1.0

add "generate new rsa key"
add emulate community nick addons
add no share incoming
add fake rank
add fake rank undetectable
add no ratio
+ changed min queue size
add ConChecker
add SivkaBan
add Corruption Blackbox-BanThreshold
add Dazzle`s Map for faster source adding by IP
add Winsock 2
add SpreadReask
add Reask Queue/srcs after IP change
add Variable Compression
add minRQR
add Faster EndGame Dazzle
add SaveLoadSources
add push small/rare/part files
add DiffQR
add Kick from upload
add push from upload
add ownCredits for clients >0.48a Inverse CS upkick
add anti-leecher
add One Queue Per File
add ICS
add Choosable Modstring
add Delayed NNP
add Simple SlotFocus
add "Gen.nicknames (+ ""{random_nick}"") for ""http://..."" clients"
add Scam warning
add PowerShare
add ClientAnalyzer 1.5
add VQB fullchunk
remove NickThief
remove Optimize for processor
+ More bug fix



Anonymous said...


add:inverse score for bad uploaders..

ex:uploadqueuescore -> -92827

tanks i am testing now

Recon said...

Thank you for the new changelog

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