21 March 2015

Emule 0.50B Beta1 Released


Dear eMule users,

it has been a few weeks months years since the last eMule version saw the light of the day, but finally a successor is about to be completed. As the name indicates 0.50b is a more of a maintenance release, focusing on bugfixes and smaller improvements. The most important one is the reworking of the upload code and better IO handling, which allows eMule to more efficiently handle high bandwidth lines, utilizing the full upload capacity (which means others can download faster). Other changes include optimized internal handling of the AICH hashes, the replacement of the (defunct) Filedonkey search option with the ContentDB and the update of used libraries, like miniupnpc making UPnP compatible with more devices. And of course as always quite a few minor bugfixes and changes.

A note to developers: The "official" development IDE has changed from VS2003 to VS2008.

You can download the new version here:




Note: A Beta version will more likely crash than a release, because it doesn't ignores any (even smaller) errors in order to make it possible for us to find and fix them.

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