07 May 2011

Contest Winners HARDiNFO 2008 Professional Licenses

Congratulation to the 15 winners of a HARDiNFO 2008 Professional License:

  1. ayhan
  2. Jay
  3. gjon
  4. Azziz Mouloud
  5. Sultan84
  6. Phobos Mod
  7. ha14
  8. Viper218
  10. my_immortalize
  11. Siddxxxx
  12. k19s
  13. SinoTiger
  14. Tangobox32
  15. vhick

We send you the personal registration license and the Pro Version download link for HARDiNFO 2008 Professional in the next hours to your email.


ayhan said...

I receive my licence .


walang_sangit said...

for the winners, you're very lucky

my_immortalize said...

I have received my license key but download link not work ...

Thanks this giveaway...

congrat all other winners...

Admin said...

I see. Download link does not work. I contacted Ultimate Systems and wait for answer.
On the page: http://www.usro.net/Products/HARDiNFO/Download/Default.aspx
the trial version might be different and some links also not working.
Please be patient.

vhick said...

Thank you very much for the win and to other winners.

I receive the license and thank you for providing alternative download link for the program :)

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