05 May 2011

Winners for Prayaya V3 and TuneUp Utilities™2011 Licenses

15 Prayaya V3 licenses:

  1. Sheldon366
  2. vince
  3. drWoo
  4. Asrielrusdyawan
  5. L M
  6. Alex Manur
  7. L Fernandes
  8. Compostela
  9. Zer00neX
  10. Marek
  11. Supertess
  12. Vertin
  13. Icesbitt
  14. Lvoin
  15. Jono
The licenses will be send from Prayaya to your email.

5x TuneUp Utilities™2011 Licenses goes to:

  1. Golupo62
  2. Terieron
  3. Tomas31973
  4. Soak
  5. Phobos Mod

We send out the licenses to your email within the next hours.



Vaibhav Srivastava said...

Congrats to all winners...

Terieron said...

Congratulations to all winners
Very, very thanks Lecher Mods for the opportunity to win such a great prize.Cordial greetings

Jono said...


Asrielrusdyawan said...

Thanks a lot I win!


vince said...

Thank you Lecher Mods. Thank you Admin.
Congrats to all winners as well.


SoAk said...

Thank you so much.

Best Regards

vhick said...

Congratulation to all winners :)

L M said...

Thanks for the giveaway and the license.

Zer00ne Null said...

Thanks for the
Prayaya V3 license, it will definitely come in handy:-)

Compostela said...

Thanks. I already have the license for Prayaya.

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