04 May 2011

AKu Video Converter Licenses Contest results

Licenses for AKu Video Converter won the following readers:

  1. 1Yashiscool
  2. MOH
  3. Vaibhav Srivastava
  4. Tangobox32
  5. ha14
  6. my_immortalize
  7. Hboy02
  8. Azziz Mouloud
  9. santi
  10. ayhan
  11. SinoTiger
  12. Lalayola
  13. vince
  14. Damonmiles23
  15. Briareoushex



Hboy02 said...

Thanks Leecher Mods. I have received key and installed. The only problem I see is it says that it is good for only 13 months. Does that mean after 13 months I lose the program or just the updates?

Admin said...

Updates are for one year free include. After that time your license will still work just updates not.

my_immortalize said...

Thanks...I have received my license key...
Congrat all other winners...

walang_sangit said...

Congratulation! to all winners,

MOH said...

thx very much for this program many thx to leechermods!!!

vince said...

hi, I got a license. Thanks.

However, I don't need this one, can I re-gift,Admin ?
I tried out before registere ( so as not to waste the key if I don't want it ) and found that this is a very poor performing video converter - slower converting speed, poor output quality, no option to retain original video resolution. lack of editing function, some button not even working, very unappealing skin.

I don't even feel good to give this to anyone since many freeware easily out performed this one, eg format factory, any video converter etc, just to name a few.

I shall just stick to my current converter got from GAOTD.

If anyone would like to have this, they can have it. Just I don't know the procedure on how to do so, since I have to abide by the rule of leechermods.

Please let me know if any request, Admin.

I am so sad to miss out Prayaya V3, the one software that I needed badly since I have to use public computer most of the time. Prayaya V3 would come handy.

Again, thank you for this. Hope to win some more useful software in future.

Vaibhav Srivastava said...

Thanks...I have received my license key...
Congrat all other winners...

Azziz Mouloud said...

Thanks, received the licence.

Tangobox32 said...

Hi Leecher Mods,
I have received the License Key but when I enter the same to activate my product it says it is Invalid. Kindly Help

Thanks & Regards

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