22 April 2011

Oops!Backup Contest - 10 Licenses for our readers

Oops!Backup is a "time machine for windows".

Oops!Backup adds to Windows a kind of undo feature for all folders. The program offer options to set a time for backup your files. You can create schedules to backup with exclude rules for certain file types. After the first backup run, the program copies only modified files. It stores a version history of your changed files. Old versions can be also deleted to free up disk space. Restore you files in no time, in case of data loss to an earlier state back.

Product overview:

BackInTime - A Time Machine for Windows
BackInTime technology is unique to Oops!Backup. It enables you to travel back in time to find and recover changes made to your documents, photos and any other files at any point in time. Imagine having a time machine for Windows that allows you to view the state of all your files at any point in time!

ReverseDelta™ to Save Space
Using its ReverseDelta™ incremental technology, Oops!Backup will only back up the actual changes you make to a file – without needing to back up the whole file again every time you make a change.

Double Protection with Backup Drive Redundancy
Automatically keep a double-backup to protect against theft, fire or losing of your backup drive.

Backup to your existing external hard drive
You do not need to buy a separate external hard drive just for backups. Oops!Backup can make use of your existing external hard drive or optionally backup to your USB pen drive.

Continuous Data Protection
Highly tuned file-change-detection technology makes sure that you are protected at all times.

Plug & Protect – A Bonus for People on the Move
The Plug & Protect feature detects when you connect the external drive to your computer and automatically backs up your files to your external drive without needing any action from you.

Back Up Files that are in use
Oops!Backup integrates with Microsoft Volume Shadow (VSS) technology. This integration allows Oops!Backup to automatically back up files that are currently open and in use such as PST files.

Backup to your network or NAS drive using UNC paths
If you have a network drive or a NAS then you can backup directly to it by mapping the network location to your computer. With this you can have multiple Oops!Backup installations backing up to a central server.

Supports Windows 7, Vista & XP (32 and 64 bit)
Oops!Backup works with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Fast backup and recover to selected versions of you files.
Very easy to operate graphical interface.
Locked files can be backed up.
A shadow copy backup device or network drive can be set for double security.
With an integrated search feature you can check your backups with detail information such as file modified date and on the results jump direct to the restore "Back in Time" window.

Cons.: Backup on with 3th party software connected Network Online Drives such as OpenDrive and others (non FAT/NTFS) don't work and report "one or more drives have been ignored because they do not have a valid Volumen Serial Number".

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Oops!Backup is a great backup software, easy to operate and offers professional features.

10 licenses for Altaro Oops!Backup we give to our readers.
Write a comment and let us know if you do regular backups and if you ever lost all important data unrecoverable from you PC.

From all comments we draw random 10 winners on 7. May 2011 and send them the licenses.

Many thanks to Altaro Software!


santi said...

nice giveaway..
i like this...

vhick said...

I remember, I lost all my installers when I was use an image backup for the first time. Carelessly selecting my data drive for a wipe. It is a pain to redownload all of my installers with a slow connection. But now I learn to use it and also do a file backup using GFI backup. What I like with this are the preset for backup setting of popular programs, and also backup selective registry keys.

Thanks for the giveaway!


LukerLove said...

Shared here http://twitter.com/#!/LukerLove

Count me in thanks :)

kurtum-i said...

Nice App, Thanks for GiveAway
goodluck to everyone

ayhan said...

Nice giveaway


DD said...

Great giveaway. I need it

amazingAG said...

I generally do keep back ups for my important stuffs. I would appreciate if you can count me for this giveaway.


Degopaoct130880 said...

I think one more great giveaway

Hechtsuper0 said...

Please let me take part in this contest. Thanks.

Siddharth said...

Great Giveaway sir.Hope ii win one license of this ultimate backup program.


SinoTiger said...

Hi. I am a new reader but I like very much this website. I’ve followed you on Twitter and shared the post on Facebook and Twitter. I need this license. Please count me in. Thanks.

mooshon said...

Great product! and great giveaway!

Adam said...

Thanks for the Offer.Really I've been thinking lately about some features of this software and wondered if I can find some thing similar
in function to that; alas ! the search ended with this giveaway from
Altaro Software! I do a lot of data transfer using external media (HD,USB thumbs ..etc) This program comes in handy
I would appreciate a license for this promising and useful software utility !
I tweeted it:

Amjad Ameen said...

Thanks for the Offer.Really I've been thinking lately about some features of this software and wondered if I can find some thing similar
in function to that; alas ! the search ended with this giveaway from
Altaro Software! I do a lot of data transfer using external media (HD,USB thumbs ..etc) This program comes in handy
I would appreciate a license for this promising and useful
software utility !
I tweeted it:

Jay said...

I backup my files on a regular basis as I have experienced data loss some time ago which was very inconvenient.

Al Why said...

I've just tested this product.
It is great! fits my needs much better than the competition (genie timeline etc.) .
Would love to get a free license for this!

sean said...

I always do a lot of backup at multiple location because all my files are my work. If they were lost, I have to redo everything, and that would be a disaster and may even affect my daily training routine. I need a very good backup software that can be restored to multiple pc with ease, even include all the specific presentation and hyperlink setting. I hope this software will be a solution to my current tedious way of doing backup.

vince said...

I rarely backup my files, if I did, it is by manually copy and paste, tedious, time consuming and exhausting.

I had recently lost all my data when my pc had a hardware failure. Only then, I start to see the importance of backup. Now, I am still looking and trying out some backup software.....I need a speedy and reliable one, and hope this would be the one for me....

laila said...

thank you for this giveaway, no I do not use backup software (I burn the movie and music on DVD only). I have already lost important data due to virus (Windows boot dammage)shared:http://twitter.com/akasa_l/statuses/66338756575244288

malik said...

please count me in!

i dont use backup software , i use returnal susteme safe 2011.

my tweet

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