23 April 2011

eMule 0.50a OM v2.1b

 eMule 0.50a|OM v2.1b
Based on official eMule 0.50a


[add]Push Small/Rare Files //Stulle
[add]client percentage (font idea by morph)//Xman
[add]SpeedGraph //eFMod/Stulle
[add]Save Load Sources //beba Mod
[add]More Color in Downloadlistctrl //X-ray
[add]Total UP/Down in DownloadListctrl //taz
[add]Show Name/Time in Tittle //?
[add]FunnyNick //X-Ray
[add]Reconnect on Kad //?
[add]L2HAC //beba Mod
[add]Inform client change ID //beba Mod
[add]Reask on ID change //beba Mod
[add]SpreadBars //ZZULTRA Mod
[add]Better chunk selection //beba Mod
[add]BoostFriend (x2.5)//TKB Mod
[add]show current server in status bar //Tux
[add]Chunk detail in upload //TKB Mod
[fix]SourceForge.net download support //Stulle
[fix]Socket deletion fix //NetFinity
[fix]Some bug //Nissa
[fix]Some Warning Compillation //Nissa
[remove]friend column in uploadlist

[add] Open Incoming in new toolbar //Wizard
[add] Nice Hash //beba Mod
[add] Auto Unban Friend //Telp
[add] Auto-clean bad Kad keywords //Tuxman
[fixed] Accurate compression percentage indication fix [BlueSonicBoy]
[fixed] Many Nissa bug :-p //Nissa

[add]Mod version //beba Mod
[add]Winsock v2.0 //beba Mod [add]AutoIPFilter //Morphca Mod
[add]kick and push //Kts/Telp
[add]Color+/green=friend/orange=SlotFriend/yellow=LowID //Morphca Mod
[add]some Fixs :-) //Nissa
[add]eMulate Others //beba Mod
[add]colors up&down //X-ray

[add] Dynamic Block Requests //netfinity
 [add] Mod Statistic //TUXman
[add] Automatic shared files updater//TUXman>Nissa
[add] Show Low Id in yellow color //Xman
[add] Drop sources //Tuxman
[add] show paused files in gray //[Morph]>FrankyFive
[add] Remove all Friend Slot //TUXman
 [add] Stop this client in download //TUXman
[add] KsideBanner//EF
 [add] slot for everyfriends //NISSA
[add] putt friendslot in download list //NISSA
[add] putt friendslot in upload list //NISSA
[add] putt friendslot in queue list //NISSA
[add] remove friend in download list //NISSA
[add] remove friend in upload list //NISSA
[add] remove friend in queue list //NISSA
[add] Show in upload list: //NISSA
->Slot N°//zz
->Total UP/Down //Morph
->Friend [yes] //?
->Statut Reception //?
[add} Show in Queue List: //NISSA
->Total UP/Down //Morph
->Friend [yes] //?
->Statut Reception //?
[changed/add] LOGO and Banner//NISSA
[add] Server connected in red //NISSA
[changed] Bold tittle in extented //NISSA
 [fixed] official bugs in indexed.cpp [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
[fixed] localization bug in shared files window [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]


ed2k: ed2k://|file|eMule0.50a-OM-v2.1b.rar|1978020|97E133333D0F19F2029222F5371B2AC7|h=GUYSE3HW5EZJNMUZ3UV32IKLNLKSDLDI|/

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