20 April 2011

CyberLink PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D and Deluxe Review - Get a Retail License for free on LeecherMods.com

PowerDVD 10 from CyberLink is one of the best media player on the market. It excels with advanced features that are in no other player to found. Movies can be converted to 3D which realized a completely new impression with 2D films. We tested extensively the Deluxe version as well as the product flagship PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D Mark II and we are very impressed with what CyberLink has created. Blu-ray discs and BD playback 3D video as well AVCREC & AVCHD support is to found next to advanced Audio features in the 3D Ultra version.
To fully enjoy your movies it will be best if you are equipped with the appropriate hardware, this also includes 3D hardware glasses or supported devices. The sound quality with TrueTheater Surround brings the maximum out of your speakers. If you have a 3D ready HDTV in your living room, then this player will turn you in an magical experience. On a notebook with 3D glasses it is also impressive to watch films with PowerDVD.
The program comes in a beautiful and easy to operate user interface and can be set into 10 different languages. For watching movies you can switch from the classic mode into the cinema mode. A dual screen display mode is also supported. In addition, a karaoke function is included.
Navigating to the folders and files with movies or audio content is easy within your computer and connected network drives. Playlists can be created, exported and imported. Movie collections can be saved and with FancyView navigation seen in an animated, catalog style browsing functionality. Another great feature is, you can upload your video clips direct to YouTube from the Video window.

New and Improved Features in Version 10:

  • Play all your movie, video and music content with PowerDVD’s universal player.
  • Enhance the playback experience with TrueTheater technology. Convert DVDs from 2D to 3D and enhance your video and audio quality for your HD displays.
  • Play even more video formats with support for MKV, FLV, RM, RMVB, 3GP, 3G2 video file formats, in addition to the broad range of formats supported in version 9.
  • Enjoy the best playback performance with optimization for GPU acceleration.
  • Write reviews of your favorite movie scenes and share them as MovieMarks on Facebook and MoovieLive.
  • Share your short comments of movies in real-time on Facebook, Twitter and MoovieLive.
  • Play any Blu-ray 3D movie on your PC. Please note this feature will be available as a free upgrade for PowerDVD 10 consumers in sync with the release of further Bluray 3D titles.

Click here for Fullscreen view | Watch on YouTube

We installed PowerDVD in version 10.0.2325.51 (from 2010-11-26 build 2325). The upgrade feature in the program said "No upgrades available". You should important register after the online product activation and confirm the email from CyberLink by setting a password to access your CyberLink member website.
Under "Updates" you will find as of today, updated versions from 2011-03-07 build 2701. Downloading this file updates PowerDVD to version 10.0.2701.51. Hover with mouse over the Info Icon shows the latest changelog and bugfixes.

CyberLink PowerDVD 10 Ultra price is 99.95 USD and CyberLink PowerDVD 10 Deluxe costs 69.95 USD.

We arranged 6x PowerDVD 10 Deluxe and 1x PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D Licenses.

To join this contest share this publication on Twitter, Facebook or other Social networks with your connected friends. Subscribe to our Newsfeed to have your email address verified. Tell us your favorite movies and music.

On 8th May 2011 we will draw random from all comments 6 winners for the Deluxe Version and one for the Ultra 3D Version. We forward you eMail address and name to Cyberlink's Public relation and you will receive the download link and online activation key.

Many thanks to CyberLink!


gembel polbeng said...

nice giveaway..
count me in,,,
i like dear god by a7x...
and the narnia film...

Sharemore said...

We can say, CyberLink PowerDVD 10 is the program support 3D video, Blu-ray and conversion of 2D to 3D movie best, now. I look forward to receiving a license for this product. Thanks so much for this contest


walang_sangit said...

I've been using windows media player, which sometimes can not play some multimedia codecs, I hope I'm lucky to get one license key for this software because I used to watch movies through my laptop


k19s said...

Hi, PowerDVD 10 Deluxe is a very useful software. One of my favourite film is Rush Hour, and I enjoy listening to song from rihanna.
My tweet is: https://twitter.com/#!/k1922h/status/61031522739818496

Azziz Mouloud said...

Thank you so much neve had really the chance to watch movies on Cyberlink
PowerDVD 10. The first movie will be The Return of the JEDi.


Vaibhav Srivastava said...

Count me in too...
shared https://twitter.com/#!/vibhusri/status/61024944913522688

Joe Novack said...

Favorite movie: Metropolis (by Fritz Lang)
Favorite music: Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond, Tool, Lamb
Count me in, thanks!

Paul said...

I have version 8 pre-installed in my laptop, this will be a much needed upgrade. Count me in.

Hboy02 said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I own several Cyberlink products, just not Power DVD.
Movie: Lord Of The Rings
Music: Contemporary Christian


Linu George said...

Tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/aviator365/status/61092166159699969
Fav Movie : Top Secret
Music: ATB & christian music
Subscribed and verified newsfeed for email.

ha14 said...


Thanks for this contest
Movie: Guns For Saint Sebastian
Music: Living in false eternity

vhick said...

My favorite movie: If Only
My favorite music: House music and Trance

Thanks for the giveaway!


Siddharth said...

Thanks for this Giveaway sir.Please count me in for this wonderful soft.

Tweeted over twitter,link is

Shared Over Facebook,link is

Subscribed to your news feed via email.

Movies- Final Destination,Resident Evil: After Life

Hope i win one.


Hechtsuper0 said...

Please let me win a licence.

Degopaoct130880 said...

I want to take part in this contest. Thankd.

Witwoj77 said...

Super gift, I'd like to win those very programs, because many use the resources of audio and video, favorite music is pop and the film is a Lord of the Rings.


Cornjaco said...

Nice giveaway, thanks.

Tangobox32 said...

Hi, Thanks for this great software. Please do count me in.

Thanks & regards

Farnlee77 said...

Thank You very much for this giveaway, I have very good uses for PowerDVD 10 and wish I get activation key.

My page is : http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=141103409294959&id=100000628209213

Thank You and good luck everyone else!

Terieron said...

Thanks for this Giveaway.Please count me in!
Music:Fourplay Movies: Goodfather
FB link: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=187260541320275&id=100002281979008

ayhan said...

I very like have a PowerDVD 10 Deluxe .

Great giveaway thanks.

ayhan said...

I very like have a PowerDVD 10 Deluxe .

Great giveaway thanks.


LukerLove said...

Count me in thanks

Shared: http://twitter.com/#!/LukerLove

qwer0 said...

Very good software so count me pls :)
My share: http://aciddy.blogspot.com/2011/04/you-can-win-powerdvd-license-at.html
My fav music & video: Joe Bonamassa "Black Rock" & "Blowup" by Michelangelo Antonioni.


.. and Happy Easter :)

jelson said...

Excellent giveaway opportunity! Sign me up. Love to have a license. Thanks!!


jelson said...

OH, almost forgot:

Fav movies: The Matrix & Lord of the Rings trilogies
Fav music: trance

Paul Crousel said...

Thanks for the contest
movie: CHronicles of Riddick

malkhaz said...

great giveaway, really very powerful program for multimedia files. Thank you.
favourite movie 'gladiator" and songs of "Cranberries"
shared http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000509041253
tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/william_of_pale

Sheldon366 said...

please count me in
my favourite movies: Butterfly Effect, Die Hard
music: R.E.M, Duffy, The Cranberries, Bryan Adams

walang_sangit said...

Favorite Movie: Trilogy Lord Of The Ring
Favorite Music: Avril Lavigne, Dido

SinoTiger said...

Well, I'd like to try my luck here.

Lalayola said...

Wow,this giveaway is good.Favourite movie is twilight and music is man in the mirror.

Damonmiles23 said...

Great software to play dvds.Fav movie is anaconda and music is rock.

Jay said...

My favorite movies are action/thrillers & for music hip hop, rock, reggae, new wave.

Briareoushex said...

Cool media player to play on pc.I want one.

Ritacruz7 said...

Love Power DVD as it plays many videos and music.My fav movie is aeon flux,the exorcist and music is reggae,hip hop.

Willart said...

My profile facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002055566704

Tomas31973 said...

Due to the fact that I live a little longer for my taste of music is different. I like listening to music genres such as:
italo disco
And the movie:
Star Wars
Indiana Jones
Terminator and many more
Power DVD just in time to be suitable for watching movies on your PC. Greetings to all and good luck in the draw

Mayur said...

Count me in..
Thanks for giveaway
tweeted https://twitter.com/sharma1118/status/64672789310873600
My favorite movies Avtar, 2012, Matrix.
I like listen classical music.

FancyFrenzy said...

I would watch movies with this.

eXtremeAirs said...

Great multimedia player.Hoping to get one too.

sean said...

This is great but can this be used in pc without 3D hardware ?
If I were to buy a pc with 3D hardware, such pc already comes with similar software build in.

I really want to try this out especially the 3D output quality. It seem fabulous....

WitoldWojciechowski said...

Great program much I wanted him

abath6 said...


Super program, thank's.

vince said...

favorite movies : Saw ( great to watch in 3D, but only the final chapter in 3D ). If I won the 3D license, I can watch all in 3D, a dream comes true...

favorite music : I love most songs from duo band Phoenix Legend album especially 中国我爱你, 自由飞翔, 全是爱


aijay said...

In terms of movies i like avatar, the rock& spider-man.
i like fast & soft music as well.

laila said...

thank you for this great giveaway.shared:http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002104716284&sk=wallhttp://twitter.com/akasa_l/statuses/66327207521419264
My favorite movie is: Love Story 1970 my favorite song: Ne Me Quitte Pas (Jaque Brel

laila said...


facebook profil:


my tweet:


malik said...

nice contest please count me too in .

favorit movie :the hunting in the connecticut

favorite song :orbion 2010 -arman van buuren

my tweet:


ADD_RiVER said...

Thank you for this nice giveaway!
My favorite media player since a long time :)

Jk2003 said...

CyberLink PowerDVD is cool. Count me in.

Thanks for giveaway.

defiler007 said...

Bought it from ipposoft.com with some bonus gifts!

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