26 April 2011

Prayaya V3 - Portable Virtual Operating System + 15 licenses for our readers

With Prayaya you can take you favorite programs on a pen drive and run them on any computer include your desktop environment and system setting. Prayaya also protect the host computer to get not infected from possible viruses as it's totally secure and run independent of the host computer with its own registry, and OS settings. There will be no traces left behind on the host PC. Test or try a complete new software on Prayaya V3 so that you will avoid the risk of a malicious software and your PC system will be protected.

All the software that you installed on the Prayaya V3 virtual operating system can work on almost any windows OS without reinstallation. Prayaya V3 also makes your host system faster and more secure because all the software and files are stored on the virtual system, no trace and files will be left on the host system. Get Prayaya V3 and experience your brand new digital life.

Prayaya V3 runs on Win2000, WinXP and Win7, but it does not support 64 bit OS currently. Prayaya V3 proves to be working best on Win XP computers.

Prayaya V3 can be installed and run on both local hard disk drives and external storage devices. You are recommended to install it on local hard disk drives or external disk drives of high speed.

Read more about the features.
Click here to watch the Prayaya V3 video guide.

Prayaya V3 comes in a tiny size. Microsoft Windows 7 is nearly 4Gb, Windows XP is about 600MB big in size, but the setup file of Prayaya V3 is only 6 Mb and takes just a minute to download and install.

Prayaya Electronics Ltd. give to our readers 15x Prayaya V3 licenses.

Join the contest and take the chance to win one.
Share the news with your friends so that they also can join this contest.
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On 02. May 2011 we draw from all comments 15 winners for the licenses random and forward the email addresses to Prayaya Electronics Ltd. for the licenses.

Big thanks to Prayaya Electronics to sponsor us this great giveaway!


Hechtsuper0 said...

Pls let me take part in this great contest.

Degopaoct130880 said...

I'm really interested in this usefull tool Tls let me have a licence.

Gabygehrke said...

In some written post I read only good comments. Pleas let me take part.

alex said...

Great Software! Thanks!

kurtum-i said...

thanks, count me please, Very usefull app.

Broudka said...

Count me in please, thanks ;)

Adam said...

I would like a license of this handy tool

Sheldon366 said...

Thanks for the giveaway. Might come in handy :)

Joe said...

Great contest!

Jay said...

Thanks count me in pls.

SinoTiger said...

Thanks for your sharing.This is a very nice give-away!!!Please put my name in for it.Thank you for bringing this offer to us!!!
I appreciate if you could count me for this giveaway.

ayhan said...

Great giveaway

Asrielrusdyawan said...

I Like using The Virtual OS to support My Mobility!
Hope I can win a license for this One!
Please Count me in Bro!


ha14 said...

Important to have a secure desktop once we go outside and work on another pc.

walang_sangit said...

I have 2 USB drives, which only I use to store data, but it seems this software is great for USB drives I tried in mine, because I often switch the computer while online


Vaibhav Srivastava said...

count me in...

akasablog said...

thank you for organizing this contest, please count me too.

Zer00ne Null said...

I thought Damn Small Linux was compact at 50 MB, but at 6 MB Prayaya V3 blows it away. I could cram more anti-virus apps, drivers, and backup data in my flash drive. I'm definitely interested in this one.



Parahat said...

Please count me in, Thanks

Santi said...

nice giveaway..
count me in...

Yashiscool1 said...

Nice Give away..

Please count me in..

Marek said...

Great program.
Please count me in

Supertess said...

just reading up on this software and liking it and here is a chance to get a copy. thanks to the sponsors.

Tangobox32 said...

Thanks for this giveaway. Please count me in.


Vertin said...

plz count me in, thank you very much

Pvocanson said...

A new system on USB stick, great idea.
Please count me in

Sidd said...

Thanks for this Giveaway .i want prayaya.Please count me in.

Tweeted over Twitter,link is

Shared over facebook,link is

Pramu said...


Thanks for your hardwork to get us this nice giveaway. Please consider me in this contest. Thanks in advance

Icesbitt said...

Please count me in.

Pinhead said...


Count me in, thanks.


amazingAG said...

Its a great application. Please count me in.


Lvoin said...


drWoo said...

Sounds interesting... will be nice to have a license for the pro version... Thanks for the drawing!

Jono said...

Nice software! Count me in, thanks!


L Fernandes said...

A nice alternative to virtual machines or portable apps.
Thanks and count me in!

lmff said...

Nice prog.
I hope I win one license!

Ninibebe said...

I have been waiting for this giveaway for long time.
Please count me in.

vince said...

Hope I am not too late for this draw.
Really very useful and I need it.

Admin said...

No you wasn't too late to join the draw. The comment system time zone differs from the websites timezone which is GMT -11

vince said...

Admin, thank you so much for this. I Have been waiting for a long time for this and very regretted to miss out the offer from GAOTD last year. I need this one so badly.

Thank you again to include me in the draw.

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