09 April 2011

FileSonic Giveaway for our readers 20 x 1 month premiums and 5 x 3 months

FileSonic offers fast File Hosting with the ability to earn money from downloaders.

The Account Dashboard is very clear. All information can be seen at a glance. Detailed statistics, earnings and settings as well as remote uploads from almost all existent 1 Click Hosters can be controlled centrally from there. You can upload from the website, via remote and there are 3 FTP Servers around the globe in USA, Europe and Hong Kong. A cool image hosting feature comes with each registered account where you can create albums and more.

A Firefox 4 compatible Affiliate Plugin is is also available which manage remote uploads and much more.

Furthermore, there is a link checker which gives quickly information if a link is still available or not.

Also check out PlaySonic.

If you are a heavy user and Filesonic is your choice, you can obtain for only 149 USD a Lifetime account and your files life forever plus get 2 X 1-month premium vouchers to share for free! That's the price most competitors charge for a one year account!

A Premium User by FileSonic enjoy the following plus features:

Upload files up to 5GB
Upload and share bigger files with a premium account

Unlimited Parallel downloads
Download as many files as you want, ALL at the same time and never wait again!

Unlimited high speed downloads
Download files at an incredible speed!

Download files of any size
With a premium account you no longer have restrictions on the files you download!

As free registered User you get:

Maximum upload file size 1 GB
Secure, password-protected links
Remote FTP & HTTP uploads
Files kept on servers for 30 days
Download speed Limited
Maximum download file size 400 MB

Read more about FileSonic in the News

Sign up now by FileSonic if you don't have already and we upgrade your Account for free to:

20 x 1 month and 5 x 3 months premiums.

FileSonic.com, fast and easy file storage.

Spreed the news with your Friends and write a comment to this post. From all comments we select random 25 out for the premium upgrades!

We give out the Premium Accounts on 26. April 2011 and announce it on our site!

Thanks to FileSonic to provide us this great GiveAway.


hooligan said...

filesonic is wirklich eins ehr guter hoste
speed is top
nur das captcha nervt seit neustem
mei8n JD is jedenfalls voll mit fs links;-)

مارك الراسي said...

will be reposting it on Facebook :) count me in :)

Vaibhav Srivastava said...

wooow.... kool giveaway from a good site... FileSonic is too much good in speed... shared about this giveaway under http://twitter.com/#!/vibhusri/status/56790567811690497
count me in...

walang_sangit said...

filesonic is currently the most widely used filehosting by my friends and I want to have them too

Bob D said...

Wow, this sounds great!

Tuancho92 said...

Thank you.You can count me.

aytien said...

Thank you very much. I very like Filesonic.

Briareoushex said...

I like filesonic.Count me in.

Santi said...

very nice giveaway...!!!!
count me in...

Alex said...

Nice giveaway. Please count me in.

Lalitjsraks said...

count me too .

OCTOPUNK said...

I want one too! Filesonic has excellent service and i use it every day as a free user so it would be great to have premium account! Thank you for this nice giveaway!

Daniel said...

I share a lot with FileSonic. It's fast and really good.

Please count me in!

ha14 said...

Thanks for this opportunity, premium is so great.

Domencio said...

It's great. Please count me in!!

Boo4bie said...

this is what i'm looking for! Count me in.

twe12ve said...

AWESOME! let me at it

Ktolentino said...

I want!!

herobynight7777 said...

I want try it. Thank u.

lectuce said...

Filesonic is very good. Please count me.TY.

ahmad said...

count me in..

Funbu said...

thanks a lot for giveaway.

Fulltext said...

I could really use it

Paul Crousel said...

Nice one, thanks

Deep Rao said...

I could really use one, :)

Damonmiles23 said...

AWESOME! I want one.

laila said...

I love filesonic (especially the ability to remote upload even for free users), I'd have a premium account to upload files larger than 1 GB, count me in please.

Ritacruz7 said...

Please count me in.

Surendhar V said...

Cool, count me in

Sharemore said...

Ow! Big giveaway. Please, send me a license. I desperately needed. Thank you for this giveaway

Valenticarla43 said...

Thank u for the giveway.I love filesonic.

Eng Alaazizo said...

i want one please

Eng Alaazizo said...

i want one pleasw

Eng Alaazizo said...

i want one please

aka.rawr said...

Vary nice giveaway guyz. So goodluck to everyone and let the best 25 win the premium for filesonic.

Steve said...

I'm using FileSonic regular. A premium upgrade for my account will be super!

Lalayola said...

I want filesonic premium too.

Adam said...

I like Filesonic very much and use it everyday as a free user.What I like most about Filesonic service is their bandwidth availability, I for download some files except for the waiting I can download in a high speed guaranteed and the files are always available for the users.
When I upload a file it is immediately there for share with friends.
If I had a Premium Filesonic account that would be Great !
so thank you Filesonic.com for this generous offer and for leechermods.com for forwarding it to us

Jay said...


Nenadstosic said...

seems like great opportunity for getting free account to this great service.thanks ina advance

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