14 April 2011

CoolUtils Total CSV Converter Licenses - Get one for free!

Total CSV Converter can convert CSV files to Excel, HTML, Word, PDF, TXT, DBF, XML, and OpenOffice formats. Besides, it can convert CSV to CSV to get rid of some row or column. The program is smart enough to skip certain rows if you do not need them in the output file.

Have you ever been in need to convert CSV files such as the exported files from webcounter stats, Google Friend Connect Community data or FeedBurner email subscribers list? CSV is a very common format by many web applications and others. Sometimes you may want to remove unwanted rows to procede the content. Total CSV Converter does the job very well to converting CSV into your desired output format. Applied options can be saved to handle future operations with the same settings quickly again. A commandline version comes include with Total CSV Convertor. The program interface is easy to use and all functions are clearly arranged. Converting large files works smoothly.

Click for fullscreen view or watch our clip on YouTube in HD.

Head over to CoolUtils and check it out. The company develops a wide range of all kinds converters, PDF, Graphic, Multimedia and System Tools. Total Audio Converter, Total Image Converter, Total Movie Converter, Total PDF Converter, Total Excel Converter, Total Mail Converter are only a few of them. CoolUtils Pro Suite is the flagship and contains 57 different utilities for only $99 - you save up to $500!

CoolUtils also provides free online converters.

To join the contest follow CoolUtils on Twitter and leave a comment, where you tell us what program you like most from CoolUtils!
It will be great if you subscribe to our Newsfeed to have your email address verified and get updated news. On 24. April 2011 we draw from all comments 3 winners for the licenses out and announce them.


Vaibhav Srivastava said...

I like to join this giveaway, I already followed CoolUtils and tweet about this under my twitter account as well as shared on my facebook account...


Previously I used "Total Outlook Converter" for converting my outlook files to pdf files and it was amazingly dam so great in conversion... liked it so much

hope will get the license key for this one and will try it out...

vhick said...

I really like Total Audio Converter as it almost complete. When I try the software, it really good and fast in converting audio files. I hope they include volume normalization.

Following CoolUtils on Twitter.

Thanks for the giveaway!


ha14 said...

Thanks for the contest, I like the Space Searcher very helpful to track down unneeded fles in obscure plaxes.

Azziz Mouloud said...

I love their Visual Renamer software, a very well mde software.

k19s said...

This is an excellant software, very useful. My favourite software from CoolUtils are Total CAD Converter and Total CSV Converter.
My tweet is: https://twitter.com/#!/k1922h/status/61024063103041536
Please count me in.

Siddharth said...

Thanks for this Giveaway Sir.I am now following CooUtils.

Twitter link

Facebook link

I like total movie converter and total audio converter of coolutils.

Axasi76 said...

Cool!!!! I've been searching for an solution to convert csv.
Favorite tool is therefor CSV Converter

Shared: https://twitter.com/#!/axas_i?/

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