25 April 2011

cFosSpeed - Accelerate your Internet connection and win one from 5 Licenses - Exclusive on LeecherMods.com

cFosSpeed Internet Acceleration via Traffic Shaping.

When you download with fullspeed from BitTorrent/eMule or other P2P Networks in the background you may not more be able to open websites or listen to your favorite online radio station at the same time. The most P2P programs have speed limit settings but why regulating the maximum up- and download speed down each time when you need more speed for other internet activities?

QoS is integrated into almost any modern router, but how well does it work? We tested a while ago in Thailand with 3BB from TT&T, TOT and HINET from CAT several routers with QoS enabled versus cFosSpeed. An older Huawei and an imported AVM Modem Router we had brought with us, failed complete on our lines to work. We received over the long cable distance of more than 7 km on the ADSL2+ endpoint no signal anymore or in so bad quality that the ADSL connection constantly dropped. The Billion and D-Link Router had no problem with the longer distance to our house but with QoS enabled and Voice over IP together with BitTorrent it had not worked well. We switched QoS in the router off and installed cFosSpeed.

For the time I am abroad in the land of my wife in Eastern Europe, I have also recently installed cFosSpeed ​​on her notebook, where she always watch online movies and on my desktop PC where I do my Internet stuff. We have an Ethernet cable coming into the houses and flats. There are no modems in the city required and the speed that I enjoy here, I wish I could carry in my pocket back home to Germany. Our ISP has recently launched a free upgrade from 4 MB/s to 25 MB/s guaranteed speed, peak we reach good 58mb/s down and 16mb upload for just 7 € a month. A huge movie and music collection is also include from the ISP. My wife use to watch live stream movies and run in background 14+ torrents at once at the same time. She use almost all the bandwidth and drives me sometimes crazy, because I do not get anymore websites open and the online music player starts the stutter.
Here comes cFosSpeed ​​in the game and solve all these problems.

No matter if you play online games and up- and downloads in the background, for example to an ftp server or while you are doing online backups on cloud storage. With cFosSpeed the ping will respond fast to play fluently online games and your download/upload stream will not be aborted. Timeouts happen often when you run many online applications at once utilizing the entire available bandwidth. cFosSpeed ​​creates the balance. An integrated Firewall and IP-Blocker can block a list of IP addresses. These are very useful extra features. Firewall and Filter rules can be further customized in the settings.ini. The Program has a really cool design. It is not disruptive on the desktop workspace and skins can be switched as well as the program language. By several internet connections such as numerous VPN's, you can within the program in the taskbar very handy connect and disconnect. cFosSpeed can be configured independently for each network connection.

Here is an animation to illustrate how cFosSpeed​ work​.

Install cFosSpeed and you will feel the difference.

More info: www.cfos.de/traffic_shaping

cFos Forum: www.cfos.de/forum

5x cFosSpeed private licenses for our readers are available for free.

Do not share the license if you win one. As by all other new licensed software it will cause to have your key blacklisted and no installation can be done or activated with the serial any longer.

To join the contest, write a comment and post some speedtests or tell us what is your real internet up- and download speed in your country and are you in a city/town or village online.

In case you win, we must forward for the license your name, address and your email.
Subscribe to our Newsfeed to have your email address verified and share this article with your friends that they also have the chance to win a license for cFosSpeed.

On 1st May 2011 we draw random 5 winners and announce them.

Many thanks to www.cfos.de support team!


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