06 April 2011

5 licenses and 13 coupons with 50% discount for VPNCheck Pro - Exclusive for our readers

Guavi.com sponsor us 5x VPNCheck Pro Licenses and 13 Coupons with 50% Discount!

Guavi.com - the Next generation network security
and virtual telecommunication.

The company creates applications and solutions which consist of the highest quality and support while maintaining great design.
To preserve neutrality of internet users.

VPNCheck Pro increase your network security drastically.
A must have tool for everyone who is safety conscious by the use of VPN's.

Do you feel half secure while using your VPN service?
What if you can get that other half?

Unique features:

  • Auto-login to OpenVPN and PPTP
  • Close programs or network when VPN crash
  • Options to close or autorun each application
  • Unlimited programs supported
  • Virtualization support for VMware and Virtualbox
  • Detect if Local IP changes for router VPN pass through
  • Notification when VPN is offline

Computer ID protection:

  • Security against WiFi WPA/WPA2 backdoors
  • Prevent various Computer ID fishing techniques
  • Auto create new computer ID
  • Reminder to change computer ID automatically or manually

Why is Computer ID protection important?

Computer ID protection is what makes VPNCheck Pro so different and important, along with the OpenVPN auto login feature and is what makes it unique. Compared to other free alternatives or competitors.

Not only is Windows Vista or later affected by the PPTP issue, but also modern Linux distros like Ubuntu. Also a free Linux version is available but its got very limited functions, it closes programs when vpn connection disconnects.

About the IPv6 issue for Windows Vista+ and Ubuntu users and how to fix this issue, you can read an article on this blog.

The whole concept of guavi.com and VPNCheck Pro is to show those who tries to control the fate of internet that it's very important to listen to the people. Than controlling them and reducing their freedom for power and greed.

Read about the flaw in PPTP VPN: Huge Security Flaw Makes VPNs Useless for BitTorrent @TorrentFreak.com

Have a look to the VPNCheck Pro demonstration video clip on YouTube.

To stay up to date for product news, follow Guavi on Twitter and Facebook.

Here you have the opportunity to get a license for free or buy the product with 50% off.

Simple write a comment to this post and we choose from all comments 5 winners on 30. April 2011.

If you want one from 13 coupons (one time usage each) with 50% discount, write in your comment the keyword "COUPON" in addition.

We will select the winners random and announce it in a separate article!

LeecherMods.com thanks Jonathan from Guavi.com to give our site readers such a great opportunity!


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