12 April 2011

Is the quality of an uploaded video clip different as the original video file on different video file hosting sites?

Google Blogger Video Upload

Do the quality of a video clip change while uploading and progressing on different video sites versus the original video file?

Watch the Video Clips from the same uploaded file source on the links on the Video Sites!

YouTube Link

Photo to Video Slideshow Demo from Chris Recon on Vimeo.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Product Presentation Slideshow Maker.mp4 - The best home videos are here

[Upload your own video imageshack.us]

A list of Video Sites I found here.

conclusion: I mean that on Vimeo.com the Quality is better.
Some hoster loos the sound quality.

Tell me your opinions.

The uploaded video sample file you can download here or here on Archive.org.


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