07 April 2011

We proudly announcing the winners of 20x 1 month premium for FileTram.com

Dear readers, I'm very sorry for the delay. I've been terrible busy digging into access problems from China and Turkey to our site and solution to solving it. We changed the IP's, added a static content svr and own image hoster via CDN. If you encourage any access or performance problems please do a screenshot and send it to us.

known issues with Great Firewall in China:
- FriendConnect Widget sources are inaccessible from readers located in mainland China
- bp*.bloggspot, googleusercontent, ggpht.com - basically all picasa screenshots, pictures inaccessible from China


FileTram sponsored our readers 20 times a one months Premiums for there great Direct Download service from all major Fileshare hosters.

The following readers won an premium account:

  1. Santi Moetz
  2. Vaibhav Srivastava
  3. مارك الراسي
  4. nashaat
  5. Sirm_00
  6. tmeheta
  7. Ironman
  8. frederic lucens
  9. Anuraag
  10. Roady
  11. hooligan
  12. Boo4bie
  13. Francesco Magni
  14. walang sangit
  15. Markedmanner
  16. Kauezera
  17. malkhaz
  18. Broudka
  19. vhick
  20. Muh_jauhari


We send your email addresses to FileTram to setup an premium account.

In case you commented with 3th party service like twitter, facebook login to the comment form and don't left an email address - make sure to add us as friend or follow us that we can contact you over the network to have ur email address confirmed.

Good news for all thous who wasn't have luck this time and all new readers.
FileTram started another contest. The first 50 who do a video clip up - read here for instructions and rules - get a premium account!

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All Accounts have been today upgraded to Premiums!


walang_sangit said...

thank you very much :)

Vaibhav Srivastava said...

Still waiting for Premium Account...

Admin said...

Hello everybody.

My email box is flooded. Mostly all wrote me the same Question why the accounts are not Premium after you received an email from FileTram.com

Here is the answer which I received from FileTram team, I Quote:
FileTram yesterday wrote me:
I quote:
".... I've already created basic accounts for each of them and soon our programmer will upgrade them to premiums. I will notify you when it happens."

As soon they updated to premium and confirmed me this I will let you know.



Santi said...

waiting premium account...

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