27 April 2011

FileSonic premium account winners

From our Giveaway for 20 x 1 month premiums and 5 x 3 months we announce the winners.

3 Months have won:

  1. twe12ve
  2. Steve
  3. riars
  4. Surendhar V
  5. Daniel

and 20 x 1 month goes to:

  1. Valenticarla43
  2. lectuce
  3. Briareoushex
  4. hooligan
  5. Damonmiles23
  6. Lalayola
  7. Sharemore
  8. aytien
  10. Fulltext
  11. walang_sangit
  12. Domencio
  13. herobynight7777
  14. Bob D
  15. aka.rawr
  16. Adam
  17. Ktolentino
  18. Alex
  19. Lalitjsraks
  20. Eng Alaazizo

Congratulation to all!

NOTE: The 1 or 3 months begin counting after you entered/used the voucher (coupon). For example if you have not much time for internet now but in 2 weeks, use the voucher in 2 weeks is also ok.


walang_sangit said...

I'm very pleased because it became one of the winners, thank you very much
Congratulation to all :)

Share more said...

Congrats to the Winners. Thank so much

Surendhar V said...

Works like a charm.Thanks and congrats to other winners

OCTOPUNK said...

Thanks a lot! Premium licence for FileSonic is very useful for me 'cause I use it every day.
Very nice of you!

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