02 August 2010

Universal utorrent.exe and bittorrent.exe DHT Patch

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This will finally work for all bittorrent.exe v6.x and utorrent.exe to skip private flag and always enable DHT Mainline:

FF FF 85 C0 74 04 80 4B
FF FF 85 C0 EB 04 80 4B

µTorrent v1.8 - 2.x and
Bittorrent 6.x DHT Patch


- DHT always enabled. Removes the restrictions on torrents marked as private.
- Removes 1st start Toolbar Ads install (Ask, Yandex).

Remember it doesn't unpack downloaded BitTorrent-6.x exe installers. Extract the NSIS installer with UniExtract or 7zip first!

I can handle UPX only for the moment.
Copy me to the same folder as Bittorrent.exe (extracted) or utorrent.exe lives.

REM: I search also for 1st Start Ads Toolbar Screen to remove it. There are 2 different Pattern for utorrent and Bittorrent. Only the matching one will apply so ignore the message Can't find pattern!Trying next one...before patched show once.

Usage: solves for example the problem as written here
Based on rootw0rm's patch. There exist another way by schoenewelt.

Downloadutorrent.2.x.+.bittorrent.6.x.dht.patcher.exe 387.50 KB


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