01 August 2010

uTorrent 2.0.3 Build 20664 Serenity mod by Owyn

uTorrent -Serenity- mod: codename uSerenity

Coded by: BitTorrent Inc.

Modded by: Owyn

Changelog / Features:


-uSerenity.exe - edited uTorrent, standalone
-uSerenity.dll - goes with uSerenity.exe
-uSerenity Settings.exe - setting manager for uSerenity


Ignores the private flag, so DHT and Peer Exchange is enabled for ANY new torrent.
(DHT FTW! *_*)

Your upload and download aren't reported to the tracker. (allways reported as zero) *So you don't have to worry about your ratings and fake stats.


The completed event isn't sent to the tracker. (No entry in the snatchlist) *And yes it is really not reported, not like in other mods, here it just doesn't send anything to tracker when you complete a torrent.


Your "left to download" stat is allways reported to tracker as 100%. *So that says you didn't download anything.


Your "downloaded corrupt file-parts" stat isn't reported to tracker (allways zero). *If you didn't download anything, how come you downloaded something corrupt?!


You connect to tracker just once on .torrent start to grab peers, on timeout you will be removed from snatchlist

-Upload Multiplier:

Multiplies your uploaded stats being sent to tracker by a random number in the range you choose


Every second after .torrent start random number in the range you choose is added to uploaded stat which will be sent to tracker dependless upload you or not, you can specify minumal amounth of peers to be connected to in order to add add fake upload

-Per Torrent settings:

You can choose settings for each .torrent you has (noupload, nocomplete, fakeupload etc)


-Unzip contents to your Utorrent folder (or anywhere else)

-Make shortcuts of uSerenity to your desktop (or don't)

-Add setting-prfiles in uSerenity -settings manager-

-Use them as labels in uSerenity

-Check about page in uTorrent Serenity to see if it is loaded ^_^


-Case insensitive

-Works if found inside label string (eg. profile "stealth" in label "(Stealthy) Porn"


-announces are fully correct and don’t differ from normal uTorrent announcesto tracker (rare thing nowadays)

-Should be faster than original Utorrent (nocompression)

-Nice bright icons and changed about window

-not removed updating *if you want to see when new version comes out, and if it does, come here and get a new one :> *it can be ready in less than a day if I know about new version


Download: mediafire
Password: uSerenity11


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