06 August 2010

eMule 0.50a Bowlfish.12a


Changelog for eMule 0.50a Bowlfish.12a

- Merged to 0.50a [Ki3r]
- Updated libpng to 1.4.1 [Ki3r]
- ADDED: Several fixes (MORPH) [Ki3r]
- ADDED: Some more countries to country flags feature by tomchen1989 [Ki3r]
- CHANGE: Code tweak to open less upload slots at high speed [Ki3r]
- CHANGE: Some bad translated strings [Ki3r]
- FIX: Crash on shutdown in ipfilter by Xman [Ki3r]
- FIX: Download from sourceforge broken because of user-agent [Ki3r]

Changelog for eMule 0.49c Bowlfish.11c
2009 (Not released)

- Merged to 0.49c [Ki3r]
- ADDED: Anti-Leecher Feature (MORPH) [Ki3r]
- ADDED: Several fixes (MORPH) [Ki3r]
- ADDED: Hide MOD_VERSION from DLP Mods [Ki3r]
- ADDED: Mod recognition [Ki3r]
- CHANGE: Transferred amounts always showed in completed column because our transferred column is used for source types [Ki3r]
- CHANGE: Some bad translated strings [Ki3r]
- FIX: Incomplete chunks showed as complete [Ki3r]
- FIX: Sort in several places [Ki3r]
- FIX: IDC_UIP size in ADDSOURCE dialog [Ki3r]
- REMOVED: Optimizations provoking memory leaks (MORPH) [Ki3r]
- REMOVED: separator in client actions in DownloadListCtrl [Ki3r]

Homepage: http://bowlfish.sourceforge.net/



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non scaricate sta merd.... lentissimo non postate sto commento a cazzi vostri

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