31 August 2010

RatioMaster 1.9.1

RatioMaster 1.9.1

UPDATE: please redownload new package, fixed last minute problem with configuration file name conflict.

List of changes:

- Bug fix : fixed big memory leak in some cases
- Bug fix : fixed handling of HTTP redirect responses on some trackers
- Update : new translation and client files (24 languages)
- Update : compiled with VS 2010 and tested on Win7 64bit :)

For any additional questions or submitting of new language files please visit this thread: http://www.moofdev.net/forums/index.php/board,46.0.html.

Visit the forums on www.moofdev.net if you have questions or suggestions for future releases

Important: RatioMaster is moving to http://www.moofdev.net, so please update your bookmarks .

Download it, Read about it, or see list of changes.

Homepage: http://www.moofdev.net/news/34


Mirror: RatioMaster-1.9.1.zip


Anonymous said...

thank dude

Roman Kl said...

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Zeshan1227 said...

doesnt work on iptorrents

Saad Awais said...

Can you tell me what to use on iptorrents?

Lloyd Caballero said...

it works for me on iptorrents

RM_Fan said...

Ratio Master Plus version 1.4

RMP an update or service pack to RM, that add some critical fixes to it .
it's not a recode of RM, it is Ratio Master with some hot fixes, so all
the coding credit goes to the original coder of Ratio Master.

RMP Based on the code of RM 1.9.2b (Last public RM at moofdev),

Hint :
No more detection at any tracker .

Download and Change log :

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