27 August 2010

BitTorrent 7.0 Build 21591 Leecher Pack *updated*

BitTorrent 7.0 Build 21591 Leecher Pack

BitTorrent 7.0 Build 21591 Leecher Pack
- Special Edition -

- All Mods with DHT Patch (ignore Private flag).
- Removed in exe embedded ASK Toolbar installer and 1st start setup.
- Clean unpacked program exe (BitTorrent.exe size 1,15 MB).
- Blue Program Icons.
- Add IPFilter Peerblock Download Link.
- Removed collect Stats

Changed Default Torrent Search Engines by new install:
- Add and config The Pirate Bay as default search engine.
- Changed Google search to https encrypted, added Torrentz.com to search engines.

Language Pack: http://download.bittorrent.com/dl/bittorrent.lng

DownloadBitTorrent 7 Build 21591 LP.exe (390 KB)

BitTorrent 7.0 Build 21591 Leecher Pack - Extra

Contains 10 Extra Mods:

Styled in Blue Color Design.

DownloadBitTorrent 7 Build 21591 LP-SP.exe (407 KB)- Download

BitTorrent 7.0 Extras Pack:

• uIpfilterX by Nexus23 Corp (uCodename Kahana)
• BitTorrent Language File
• Skin (Statusbar + Toolbar)
• TCP-Z Connection Monitor and Half-Open Patch

Peerblock: www.peerblock.com
Latest IP-FilterX: ed2k-ipfilterx.sourceforge.net/ipfilter.dat
Skins: www.utorrent.com/skins

DownloadBitTorrent Extras Pack (IP Filter, Skin, Languages, TCP Patch).exe (869 KB)
Extras.exe (1.01 MB) w. Half Open Limit Patch 4.2

Latest uTorrent 2.2 + 3.0 Betas with DHT-Patch

uTorrent-LatestBetas-DHT-Patch.7z 638.53 KB


Anonymous said...

i need help uninstalling the mods; as i have put 6 mods one on top of another as i decided i wanted a different one... i didnt uninstall them first; i just added one on top of the existing mods...they're all from this pack...the problem is that i chose one of the "nocomplete" and now i tried to go back to a regular bit torrent x111 and it still does the no complete function; i need to uninstall the mods and start over someone PLEASE help me

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