18 June 2010

uTorrent Serenity mod pack v2 (DHT-Patch, noReport, etc) uTorrent 2.0.2 Build 20165

uTorrent Serenity Mod by Owyn

uTorrent -Serenity- mod pack v2 (DHT-Patch, noReport, etc) uTorrent 2.0.2 Build 20165

Changelog / Features:

The leecher pack contains the following mods:

-uTorrent Serenity.exe – The mod, has all feautures below except multi
-uTorrent Serenity x2.exe – Has only multi x2 (and DHT-patch)
-uTorrent Serenity x4.exe – Has only multi x4 (and DHT-patch)
-uTorrent Serenity x8.exe – Has only multi x8 (and DHT-patch)


Ignores the private flag, so DHT and Peer Exchange is enabled for ANY new torrent.
(DHT FTW! *_*)


Your upload and download aren’t reported to the tracker. (allways reported as zero) *So you don’t have to worry about your ratings and fake stats.


The completed event isn’t sent to the tracker. (No entry in the snatchlist) *And yes it is really not reported, not like in other mods, here it just doesn’t send anything to tracker when you complete a torrent.


Your “left to download” stat is allways reported to tracker as 100%. *So that says you didn’t download anything.


Your “downloaded corrupt file-parts” stat isn’t reported to tracker (always zero). *If you didn’t download anything, how come you downloaded something corrupt?!


-Removed adware installation of nasty toolbars etc for uTorrent setup.

-Changed default uTorrent icons with some bright nice ones

-Changed about page and added this website there as a button ^_^

Compared to other mods:

-ZeroLeacher feauture (from other mods only Extreme mod has it)

-noComplete works way better (not sending any data at all)

-announce is fully correct and doesn’t differ from normal uTorrent reports to tracker (no corupt session_id’s or decreasing “left to download” stat, so tracker won’t instant-ban you)

-no ads in title (that’s little annoying in my opinion, click “web site” in about page instead)

-not removed updating *if you want to see when new version comes out, and if it does, come here and get a new one :> *it can be ready in less than a day if I know about new version

Download: mediafire
Password: serenity20

There aren’t any viruses or trojans in any versions! Some antivirus programs pick them up because I use a packer that’s also often used to conceal malware. All mods are 100% virus and trojan-free, if you doubt ask your antivirus support with subject “false detection” to analyse file manually and see yourself.

Homepage: http://utorrentleechermodserenity.wordpress.com/


Anonymous said...

Che differenza vi è tra l'exe standard della mod e quello, ad esempio, x8 ? Cioè....l'exe standard incorpora anche i benefici portarti, ad esempio, dall'x8 ?

Anonymous said...

uTorrent Serenity x8.exe:
x8 multiplication uploaded + DHT Patch

uTorrent Serenity.exe:
NoReport + NoComplete + ZeroLeacher + DHT Patch + NoCorrupt

Anonymous said...

how to uninstall the utorrent serenity?

Recon said...

just erasing the utorrent serenity program exe to uninstall

Anonymous said...

thank you!!!

what do the x2 x4 x8 do?

Recon said...

X2, X4, X8,... send fake report of uploaded data amount to tracker. it send to the tracker back a multiplicator of x...

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