02 June 2010

Riot 0.4.1 - Radical Image Optimization Tool

Riot 0.4.1 - Radical Image Optimization Tool
Riot v.0.4.1
- fixed some issues with the external PNG optimizer implementation

(replace {IMAGE_FILE} parameter is done only once. fixed;
a custom PNG is not remembered at program restart. fixed;
delete/configure buttons should not be disabled after adding an external optimizer. fixed;
modifying an external optimizer name creates orphan records. fixed. added checks for duplicate tool names;
scripts as external optimizersnot working out-of-the-box. fixed)

- bugfix: "Remove selected" button from batch mode disables when a multiple selection is made with the mouse. The keyboard selection worked. Fixed !
- fixed some issue related to automatic preview mode disabled.
- Preview button now disabled when "AUtomatic preview" is on
- improved performance of conversion functions from transparent indexed images
- changed shortcuts for "Fit in window" ( now / ) and "Actual size" (now * ). These simpler ones should increase productivity
- changed batch settings by adding an "Apply" button. to be more intuitive
- fixed an unwanted behavior with selecting and option without actualy putting a check next to it, which causes that option to apply.
- modified an error message to specify that both dimensions are required for batch resize

Homepage: http://luci.criosweb.ro/riot/2010/05/version-0-4-1-released-as-stable/

Changelog: http://luci.criosweb.ro/riot/changelog.txt

Download page: http://luci.criosweb.ro/riot/download/



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