19 June 2010

eMule 0.50a -XdP- v5.2 RC1

eMule 0.50a -XdP- 5.2 RC1

eMule v0.50a -XdP- v5.2 RC1


MERGE : to eMule v0.50a (umeK)
UPDATE : ClientAnalyzer to latest version (WiZaRd)
UPDATE : Additional Security Check (WiZaRd)
UPDATE : all Libs to newest (morph4u/umeK)
ADD : File Permissions (umeK/idea xMule)
ADD : Active Up/Queue cleaning & block for Permissions (umeK)
ADD : Selectable Community (Mighty Knife)
ADD : setable Community-Boost (umeK)
ADD : setable MultiChunks for Community (umeK)
ADD : new SlotLimiter + SlotFocus (pP/WiZ/umeK)
ADD : more Infos to -XdP- Stats [Detections,SlotLimiter,File Permissions...] (umeK)
ADD : remove all friendslots [all lists] (?)
ADD : Colored Lists [Color depending on Queueranks/States] (umeK/idea Aireoreion)
ADD : Push client to upload (KTS)
ADD : Push Files [Rare,Small and Ratio Push] (sivka/NeoMule)
ADD : AICH Hashing Progress (WiZaRd)
ADD : PowerShare (taken from Tombstone Xtended/ZZUL)
ADD : LeecherHashLists (pP/umeK)
ADD : ReqBlocksClipping (Slugfiller)
ADD : overlay Icons for Community & friends (Mighty Knife/SiRoB)
ADD : more GPL Evildoers (umeK)
CHANGE : some List sortings (umeK)
CHANGE : new Splash & Sidebanner (RapidDarkVenom)
CHANGE : new Toolbar Icons (Hooligan)
CHANGE : Tabs in new style color (umeK)
CHANGE : some defaults (umeK)
CHANGE : Publish Files [now seperate switches for Kad & Server] (umeK)
CHANGE : resort some Options (umeK)
CHANGE : Boost/Punish factors to float for more precission (umeK)
CHANGE : disable Leeching and Anti-Leeching for community user (umeK)
IMPROVE : better handling of BadGuy Detection if custom lists are empty (umeK)
IMPROVE : Don't block HTTP sources via DeadSourceList (Avi-3k)
IMPROVE : transfer complete filesize switchable for Community & files on PowerShare [Multi ChunkTransfer] (umeK)
IMPROVE : complete rework of Anti-Leecher System [better Leecher handling,clearing of Leecher Status for all Detections,
Detection Stats ,better GPLEvildoer detection ,disable PowerShare/Push systems for Leecher now switchable and many other optimizations] (umeK)
FIX : minor bug around Preview - if nothing selected PreviewMenu was not grayed out (JVA)
FIX : added forgotton code for tabbed Prefs to Show correct Prefs pages by double clicks [ShowPreferences] (umeK/thx to morph4u)
FIX : remake of eMule icon to fix the display bug on Win7 OS (umeK)
REMOVE : old SlotControl (Xman/JVA/umeK)
REMOVE : PowerRelease (umeK,some code from Xtreme/Xman)
REMOVE : old Upload Colors (umeK)
ADD/CHANGE/IMPROVE/FIX/REMOVE many many other things around the mod...

Many THX to all Betatester



Older Beta 3: eMule_0.50a_-XdP-_v5.2_beta3.rar 2.93 MB


Anonymous said...

geil und ich hab nur noch ein sufstick und kann net testen was für eine Community ist den jetz verbaut ?

Recon said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Modder, Awesome release. But can u pls make the minimule smaller..It takes up so much space on the screen when open.. would b nice if u could make it smaller like the MorphXt version.... thak for your release in advance... cant wait for future updates...

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