27 June 2010

eMule 0.50a upload limit patch by wyx

For 56 Kb modem (basic telephone network) or less.

Instead of 6 Kb / s downstream and 2 Kb / s upload, it change the limit to 6 kb /s down by 1 KB /s upload (removes the Ratio Limit restrictions 1:3). This is for speed connections that are the lowering and rising by the same thread as the PSTN.

It makes no sense to put the crack in another type of Internet connections that are faster than 56Kb modem, such as ADSL, cable, etc.. Because there are multiple threads for others to download and upload. By apply the crack, download will not gained. In addition to upload less, earn less credits and send you less.


Para modem de 56 Kb por RTB (red telefónica básica) o inferiores.

En vez de 6 Kb/s de bajada y 2 Kb/s de subida, se pone a 6 de bajada y 1 de subida. Se gana 1 Kb/s de bajada, al liberar 1 de subida. Esto sirve para las conexiones que tienen la bajada y subida por el mismo hilo como la RTB.

No tiene sentido poner este crack en otro tipo de conexiones a internet que sean superiores a modem de 56Kb, como ADSL, cable, etc., ya que tienen varios hilos para bajada y otros tantos para subida. Al poner el crack no se ganaría bajada. Además al subir menos, se ganan menos créditos y te envían menos.


eMule 0.50a upload limit crack by wyx
9E018:............................EB3A al siguiente movzx eax, di (después del ret)
:0049E00A 3D00100000 cmp eax, 00001000
:0049E00F 56 push esi
:0049E010 57 push edi
:0049E011 668B3D64E49C00 mov di, word ptr [009CE464]
:0049E018 7310 jnb 0049E02A
:0049E01A 3D00280000 cmp eax, 00002800
:0049E01F 7333 jnb 0049E054
:0049E021 B903000000 mov ecx, 00000003
:0049E026 F7E1 mul ecx
:0049E028 EB0E jmp 0049E038

:00576A1D 8B86F4000000 mov eax, dword ptr [esi+000000F4]
:00576A23 3BC8 cmp ecx, eax
:00576A25 7571 jne 00576A98
:00576A27 8B1DB4FA7D00 mov ebx, dword ptr [007DFAB4]
:00576A2D 6A00 push 00000000
:00576A2F 6A00 push 00000000

Homepage post by wyxchari: http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=150025

Download: http://download-crack-serial.com/software-crack.php?id=130517


Anonymous said...

What is this ?

Recon said...

to apply on compiled emule.exe (see older Versions txt files in emule search downloads: ed2k://|search|Emule Wyx|/)

Anonymous said...


Recon said...

Thanks for the link.

A crack for Session ratio and Enforce ratio will be great in masm written for morphXT, Xtreme and the most popular mods in v0.50

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