04 August 2011

TechSmith Camtasia Studio

Screen capture can be an easy job especially after so many varied tools are available for it, but the scenario is not the same for screen recording. There are few good screen recorders are available and among them there are very few that are actually is easy to use. At the end I must say the count is not that big.

Today I write about a screen recorder which is user friendly and also packed with features. The product is Camtasia Studio from TechSmith.

If you ever need to create a professional looking videos from your screen recordings and that without much hardships then this is the software to use. This is one of the very best, or I should say the best, screencast application you would ever come across.

Camtasia Studio -- Description

The Camtasia studio interface may look intimidating to new users but actually it is very well sorted and user friendly. All the tools are properly placed so that users can get it work without much difficulty. The latest version of Camtasia studio adds many new features that will make it much easier for the users to create and edit videos. It is packed with features and is easily the complete screencast tool that you will get.

The good thing about the latest version is when you first time launched the program you will be able to see a video tutorial which will give an overview of the basic tools and how it works.

Camtasia studio has a preview window to see the captured video while editing. It has basic playback controls just below it. It also has an extensive timeline. This is the place where the main editing is done. It has various editing tools like cut, copy, split etc. Moreover the timeline can be magnified for precise cuts and selection, with the zoom in and zoom out slider. This is a very important feature as it helps increase the precision and makes the end video professional.

To make your captured video more professional, it's easy to add various callouts, cursor effects, transitions, captions etc. - just dragging them to the timeline and it’s done. That particular element is added to the video. If you need to edit it, this can be done in the edit window. These are the basic features in the Camtasia studio. With the help of these you can basically edit your captured video and give it a professional look.

Camtasia Studio -- How it works

Basically it works in 3 simple steps.

  1. Record
  2. Edit
  3. Share

Now let’s looks at these steps in details.

Record - Recording is quite easy as well as flexible with Camtasia studio. Either choose the whole screen or certain parts of it for recording. The options of different inputs like webcam or mic is also there.

It also has an addon which can directly record from PowerPoint presentations. This feature makes it even more versatile.

Edit - This is the most important section. Once you recorded the video you need to edit it to give it a
professional look. The Camtasia studio gives ample tools to edit the videos and give it a professional look.

This is the timeline where we can edit the captured video. The basic editing tools like cut, copy, split are provided to edit the video.

To add finesse to the video there are few more tools which add special effects to the video. They are Callouts, Transitions, Cursor Effects, and Quizzing etc...

The above 3 screenshots shows the basics of Callouts, Transitions and Cursor Effects respectively. There are much more special effects that can be added to the video.

Share - The final step is the share. After creating and editing the video it’s time for sharing. Camtasia studio gives several options to share the final video in different websites, like YouTube, Screencast.com
or blogs.


I have just touched upon the basics of Camtasia Studio, there are much in it than mentioned above. I would recommend you all to download and try it on your own to get to know about all the features. To learn more about Camtasia studio and how it works visit the TechSmith learning center. It is filled with video tutorials and informative articles.
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