02 August 2011

Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5 - One Year License free

Outpost Security Suite includes next to the best Firewall, AntiVirus software from VirusBuster.

Outpost Security Suite Pro is a combination of anti-virus and anti-Trojan capabilities of the professional firewall in a security suite, 360-degree protection from external malicious programs, spam intrusion, so you can easily use the network. Outpost Firewall includes IP/Domain block list import/export features, Adblocker and many more...

What's new:

  • Improved! Higher detection accuracy of anti-malware software modules (antivirus + antispyware)
  • Improved! Two-way firewall, secure network connection
  • Improved! Active defense module, the first to stop unknown and zero-day threats
  • New! SmartDecision technology, convenient and safe decisions
  • Improved network control and fast Web content filtering to protect your computer from online threats spread!
  • Anti-Spam
  • Improve the system and application protection, install the software and operating system protection
  • Self-protection technology
  • Improved! 4th generation SmartScan optimization, faster scanning for malware
  • New! USB virus protection to prevent the spread of malware via USB device
  • Real-time tracking program activities, to review the file and registry activity
  • Mode of entertainment (games and video), and automatic learning 2.0 (for beginners)
Changes in 7.5.1:
Version 7.5.1 has enhanced detection and quarantining abilities for archives.

What's new in Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.3791.596.1681.481:
July 14th, 2011

The following issues have been fixed:
· Update errors when using proxy with authorization
· Possible crash upon scanning a file packed with UPX
· Disabling Proactive protection in Outpost interface could not disable it in fact
· Progress bar window was always on top during the procession of quarantine objects
· Several frequent crashes

The following improvements have been made:
· Multiple compatibility improvements with third-party products
· Improvements in detection, curing, and quarantining archives

What's new in Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.3720.574.1668.464:
June 24th, 2011

· Minor GUI fixes

    Official Website: Click here
    Activity Source: Click here

    Outpost Security Suite Version 7.5 - One Year
    Available for free between August 2nd to August 4th 2011

    Promotion Code: 9XH3K-DGBQ9-48SWC-WSK8K-C49IV
    Visit page: http://www.agnitum.com/promo/freebiest/index.php?key1=9XH3K&key2=DGBQ9&key3=48SWC&key4=WSK8K&key5=C49IV

    32-bit: http://dl2.agnitum.com/freebiest/OSS.exe | Mirror
    CRC32: AE034112
    MD5: 096E0D129F177CFE57BC4175CD680CE0
    SHA-1: 44A232B298EEFFCF61F0B715E3935E7BE906749E

    64-bit: http://dl2.agnitum.com/freebiest/OSS64.exe | Mirror
    CRC32: C205EB95
    MD5: 8ADFC1A0072ABEBF68365E0D1EA19BF3
    SHA-1: A6B3AF8D08B4283D9EC3C0EBA8E422E3A1EF013F

    There run also a Competitive Upgrade to Outpost Security Suite for free license offer till 31. August 2012

    and a Discount offer which we recommend to our readers:
    Outpost Firewall Lifetime License
    (Single License — 1 PC) now $39.95
    3 PC's now $69.95

    The Firewall is with distance the best as stand alone or in the security suite. You won't found a better and highly customizable firewall in any other Security Suite. 64-bit versions are available next to the 32-bit version.

    False Positive detection rate is high by VirusBuster but lower as Norton & McAfee.

    The one year license must be entered in Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5 Build 3720.574.1668.464 from 28. ‎Juni ‎2011


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