03 July 2011

sharkThief 0.2.8 Music Downloader

sharkThief Downloader for Grooveshark

sharkThief allows you to download music from the online radio service groovshark.com. You can select from more than 20 million songs.


#Update 0.2.8

- Music Player interrupts improved /buffer errors fixed !?
- Refresh Downloads after Delete
- Show File Sizes in MB in Downloads
- Fixed sort by track number
- By new downloaded songs the Vreation Time will be directly shown
- Filter function added to remove same Track numbers




Ganito said...

What a great music downloader, really like it .Thanks

Jef said...

Excellent site for music downloads.


PatrickWyss said...

sharkThief 0.2.7 was running w/o problems but v. 0.2.8 is just collapsing right after start.

Admin said...

downgrade to 0.2.7? http://werewolve.tk/Download/

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