05 July 2011

Diskeeper 2011 Professional with HyperFast Licenses goes to the following 5 Winners from our contest

We announce the random drawn winners for a Diskeeper 2011 Professional with HyperFast License.

A license goes to:

  1. ferreiradasilv@xxx
  2. scary_boy_1903@xxx
  3. laskazitackrik@xxx
  4. sean_sin@xxx
  5. chriswan.winata@xxx


Diskeeper has send your personal download link with your license to your email address.

1. Uninstall the trial version.
2. Download and install the Retail Version (a personal individual license for one PC is embedded in the setup folder).
3. Our suggestion: If you have more than one Defrag programs, each defrag software have its own algorithm on how the files will be placed on disk. Do not use any other Defragger such as 3th party tools which comes in Tune Up and Tweak up tools to defrag your disk. Similar as if you use more then one System tweaker. Every TuneUp and Tweaker/Booster Software Tool config your system different which will result in a conflict to each and cause a system slow down by misconfigurate instead of optimize your PC.
4. Register your Diskeeper Full Version online and have access to the personal licensed download whenever you need it. For example if you once re-install windows, after format your hdd or change the harddisk with a new one.


malkhaz said...


Joe Novack said...

Congratulations to the winners! :)

Naits said...

Congrats :)

Pessimist said...

Thanks a lot!! :)

vhick said...

Not lucky this time. Congratulation to all winners :)

Grr said...

Congrats to winners!!

pramu said...

congrats to all winners. I was not lucky this time.

tackrik said...

this is the best in its category, thank you enormously Chris and Diskeeper Team.

Siddharth said...

Congrats to the Winners.

Paul Crousel said...

congrats winners

Sean said...

Thanks! Didn't expect to win. I was quite surprise to receive an email from Diskeeper.

Chriswan said...

also didn't expect to win, thanks a bunch

ToGor said...

Congrats to all winners. :P

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