26 July 2011

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012 review and 6 Licenses + 1x Internet Security and a BitDefender Total Security License each 1 Year to GiveAway

We take our hands on the new Bitdefender Antivirus 2012 Plus and installed the 64 bit Version on Windows 7.
The Download Files of the possible final version are under a subfolder 'intern' to found.

BitDefender 2012 installed fast in a matter of a few minutes.
A system restart is not required.

After a system scan all virus samples were detected but also some false positives shown up incl. Nirsoft Programs and others, old exe packers inclusive.

Some productivity software applications refused to work if Bitdefender 2012 is installed which is not so nice! More Application compatibility errors by the 'intern' download build by many programs which seems to be worse as in Bitdefender 2011.

BitDefender's uninstall Tool can be found here

IncrediFlash with which we create Product Presentations did not more work next to some known and reported programs (non of them are security or system tweaking/modification related). We reinstalled without success Bitdefender 2012 and IncrediFlash XTreme, tested the same combination on a complete fresh Windows 7 64bit installation but unfortunately we were unable to create, with Bitdefender 2012 on the system installed, the animated product show below.

Bitdefenders excellent virus signature database is also to found in F-Secure, G-Data and Bullguard. We will review this AV's later.
Auslogics Antivirus can be downloaded under the OEM folder and is the same in a rebranded user interface.


Bitdefender is a great Antivirus in a nice Design. The detection engine is outstanding. Compaired to most other AV's the false positive detection rate is low. Application incompatibility, if the AV is installed, should not be the price of a good protection.

Official Description:

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012 provides proactive protection against the latest viruses, spyware, phishing attacks, and identity theft. You can easily adapt it to fit the demands of your computer, network, and usage. Automatic hourly updates make Bitdefender Antivirus Plus the best solution to keep your PC protected without slowing it down.

Product Benefits:

Confidently download, share and open files from friends, family, co-workers and even total strangers

  • Protects against viruses and other malware using industry-leading technology
  • Scans all Web, e-mail and instant messaging traffic in real-time
  • Receive warnings about risky Web sites and safety ratings for all Web sites and for search results
  • Provide unmatched detection of new threats based on two different proactive technologies
  • Block spyware programs that track your online activities
  • Prevents social-networking specific e-threats by scanning the links received from the Facebook and Twitter friends, monitoring the privacy settings and much more.

Protect your identity: shop, bank, listen and watch, privately and securely

  • Blocks web pages that attempt to steal your credit card data
  • Prevents personal information from leaking via e-mail, Web or instant messaging
  • Ensure Yahoo! and MSN Messenger conversations stay private with Instant Messaging Encryption

Play, watch movies, or work without interruptions

  • Reduce the system load and avoid interruptions during game play
  • Suspend tasks like on-demand scanning and free up resources when the system loads is high.

Get fine-tuned performance from your computer!

  • Skip safe files for better scan speed and lower system load with optimized scanning technology
  • Prolong battery life in Laptop Mode

Get timely assistance for all your security

  • Get built-in assistance with common issues
  • Rely on free customer care for the entire duration of the product license
  • Use context-based tips on general security and Bitdefender related hints relevant to the current environment, activity and user profile

Minimal system requirements:
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 x86, Vista (SP2), Microsoft Windows 7(SP1)
CPU: 800MHz processor; Memory (RAM): 1 GB
Available free hard disk space: 1.8 GB free space(at least 800 MB on hard system drive)

Recommended system requirements:
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 x86, Vista (SP2), Microsoft Windows 7(SP1)
Available free hard disk space: 600 MB free space
CPU: Intel CORE 2 Duo (1.66 GHz) or equivalent processor 
Memory (RAM):
1 GB (Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 7)
1.5 GB (Microsoft Windows Vista)
Available free hard disk space: 2.8 GB free space(at least 800 MB on hard system drive)

Software requirements:
Internet Explorer 7 and higher
Yahoo Messenger 8.1 and higher
Microsoft Windows Live Messenger 8
Firefox 3.6 and higher
Thunderbird 3.0.4
Outlook 2007, 2010
Outlook Express and Windows Mail on x86
.Net framework 3.0

Final Version Downloads (intern):

32 Bit: http://download.bitdefender.com/windows/desktop/av_plus/2012/en-us/bitdefender_av_2012_32b.exe
64 Bit: http://download.bitdefender.com/windows/desktop/av_plus/2012/en-us/bitdefender_av_2012_64b.exe

Other Languages:

Best Discount offer: 
Purchase every BitDefender Product for 9,95 USD  - 3 PC's/1 Year Subscription Updates + Free Upgrade to 2012 Editions
Available till 31. July 2011
Thanks to Monica!!!

To get a license post a comment and tell us if everything by making a simple slideshow with IncrediFlash and a Backup with Backup4all work by you - Include screenshots.

From all comments which fulfill this, we draw random 5 winners for a one year license this coming weekend.


Unparalleled Security
Bitdefender capitalizes on live and virtualized behavior-based detection, in addition to cloud-based services, to stop emerging e-threats that other products miss.
Active Virus Control – Monitors processes’ behavior while they are running to detect new & unknown viruses.
New! Rescue mode – Reboots your computer in a trusted environment, which is used for cleanup and restoration.
New! Virtualized Browser – Isolates the browser from the operating system in a Bitdefender-provided environment to block web-based threats.
Vulnerability Scanner – Checks for missing or outdated security software as well as potentially unsafe system settings.
Absolute Silence
Bitdefender's Autopilot makes all the security-related decisions for you!
New! Autopilot - Provides a hassle-free experience by making optimal security-related decisions without input from you
Worry-free Socializing
Protect yourself, and your friends, from e-threats that attempt to exploit the trust you’ve built with them.
New! Social Network Protection – Filters the links you receive from your Facebook and Twitter friends and monitors your privacy settings.
Improved! Search Advisor – Gives advance warning of risky websites right in your Google and Bing search results.
Total Privacy
Bitdefender protects your privacy and personal data with a range of specialized modules and functions.
Personal Data Filter – Prevents critical data, such as your social security number, from ever leaving your computer.
Antiphising – Blocks websites supporting various scams or credit card phishing attempts
Chat Encryption – Keeps your conversations private on Yahoo! and MSN Messenger
Full Speed
Bitdefender 2012 takes “scheduled scanning” to a whole new level, as the scanning only takes place when your system is idle.
New! Scan Dispatcher – Triggers system scans when resource usage falls below a certain threshold to avoid any impact on your system’s performance.

More info:

BitDefender 2012 Flyer (1.32 MB)
BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2012 Datasheet (558 KB)
BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2012 Installation Guide (483 KB)


Ankur said...

I dont think that this is the final version which you tested

Barg said...

Although i cant scan this file. I have false postitve. Bitdefender av flags reliance netconnect dialer software(reliance is a popular teleco company india) is identified as a trojan.

pls try to include me too


Admin said...

It needs a lot luck that it is not and application incompatible errors in last minutes get fixed because the files are uploaded in the last 12 hours with setups added (the complete content of the installer in single files) to the download server and getting more and more complete with all languages. From experience of the past years, this files are the content of the final release, prepared to be released as single setup in one day.

Allesradx18w2 said...

Not bad antivirus :)

Monica said...

Yes, you done it again !!
The Best according to the latest AV-Test         p r   u
Kaspersky: Internet Security 2011 and 2012112249yes5.55.55.0Panda: Internet Security 2011 and 2012112261yes5.55.05.0BitDefender: Internet Security Suite 2011112275yes6.05.55.5The Protection I Need, thanks Leechermods for the chance to win.

Jasiekkidawa said...

Very good antivirus :) I like it :) -> new exploit -> http://siteinspector.comodo.com/public/reports/157262

Giveaway For You said...

Thanks For Share!

Mounir said...

Thanks for this new version of the well known security program.

Cloud said...

According to BitDefender, their 2012 product line won't be released till July 28th. Which means the final version has not yet been released.

Admin said...

I'll bet with you that we are not wrong reporting.
This build with Digital File signature issued by VeriSign on ‎Monday, ‎25. ‎July ‎2011 15:10:51 by BitDefender SRL will be to 99% the final version. There is not much time left to fix the issues as written in this article by compiling another build especially 'cause the localized builds based on it, get uploaded more and more (GB, NL,...). Of course it will be better if some bugs will get fixed before the release (merged from this single files into one setup).


kurtum-i said...

 I like black, Thanks

fabius said...

i'm here :D

amazingAG said...

Hahaha Chris the requirements is bit too tough for the general users and that's why till now nobody fulfills the requirements. Anyway i really appreciate the rule, so a thumbs up from my side.
DON'T COUNT ME for this giveaway as i still have 200 days left in my current security suit(Kaspersky Internet Security). 

Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Good luck to the participants. 


Admin said...

Haha,... I know but then they maybe don't know how to install if it need to download more than one file and place into one folder to run install -:))
I'm very upset cause non of my Flash Creation Programs started anymore after installation as well the Backup soft issues are not fixed. I get application error crash logs on certain programs. Now more as ever reported in the forum. That was not with F-Secure Betas 2012 or any other AV test this year.I do mean there is not much hope left that it will be fixed and a newer build come in the little time till the official website redesign and graphic stuff is done for official announcement of the 2012 Versions.

Monica said...

Found this :BitDefender Total Security 2012 x86||BitDefender Total Security 2012 x64BitDefender Internet Security 2012 x86||BitDefender Internet Security 2012 x64BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2012 x86||BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2012 x64

Admin said...

by http://download.bitdefender.com/windows/desktop/av_plus/2012/
navigate to your desired language code. EN US = http://download.bitdefender.com/windows/desktop/av_plus/2012/en-us/ then x64 (64bit) or x86 (32 bit). A subfolder 'intern' show up, download the content to ur PC in one folder without the *.md5 files.
Run installerpackage.exe to install. 

Admin said...

Thank you!

Tkient said...

please i need this count me in

Quan said...

Thanks For Share

Kalju said...

There is little hope, but try nonetheless. Perhaps it is luck.

Kalju said...

I have a question: does anyone know it is working version of the 2011 license?

Cloud said...

According to Wilders, some necessary installation files in those folders are still missing. Do NOT install Bitdefender 2012 till tomorrow!

Vasilij Ignatenko said...

Hi coot give away ...


Admin said...

what should be missing as one guy write there: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=304199

The installer will refuse to install/uninstall/repair if anything is missing.
The only I can think of is that the uninstall tool will get updated which is Optional: http://www.bitdefender.com/files/KnowledgeBase/file/BitDefender_Uninstall_Tool.exe

Is there hope left that Program compatibility issues will get fixed eg. with software from http://www.incrediflash.com/ and http://www.backup4all.com/ and some others???

Kalju said...

Thank you very much, will try soon. I have a 2011 3-year licenses for all versions ofBitDefender 2011. Good luck!

Admin said...


APH Scan Status : detected phishing http://saf.li/384R_

Bug in twitter url shortener -:)) Caused of early publication. 

Guys we have freedom to speech and report about news in the west atmospheric!!!


Admin said...

full offline installers now available:

English only 32 + 64 bit:

Numpayak said...

Thanks for share.

Admin said...

Rules Changed: 
To join the contest post a comment and tell us if everything by making a simple slideshow with IncrediFlash and a Backup with Backup4all work by you - Include screenshots.

Admin said...

Good Deal found!!!! I purchased some more licenses for our readers and add it to the contest:
1 x BitDefender AntiVirus Pro 2011(3 PCs , 1 year)1 x BitDefender Internet Security 2011(3 PCs , 1 year)Total price: 15.04 EURhttp://www.bitdefender.com/2011/hw/07/v1/v11/images/hd.jpgThank you very much!!!!http://image.leechermods.com/i/img?id=agRtb2Rzcg0LEgVJbWFnZRia7AMMhttp://image.leechermods.com/i/img?id=agRtb2Rzcg0LEgVJbWFnZRihkwQM

Ankur said...

yeah, wilders do reported missing files. anyway, now its almost released 

rodken said...

Put your left foot in, take your left foot out, put your left foot in and shake it all about, wait! that's not it! (sorry I have kids, forgot where I was)
Anyways great software, still have 133 days on their antivirus myself, and great site, just not going to install the other software. They are both overpriced compared to simular software and don't agree. But like I said great site thanks anyways.

Briareoushex said...

Bitdefender a better antivirus.

Admin said...

That's impossible. Change backup software maybe but change/replace IncrediFlash XTreme with something other you will not found by certain criteria anything better as replacement.

Admin said...


gonzo said...

I've never found it. Bitdefender is the law!

rodken said...

Like I said this is a great site. IncrediFlash XTreme is very simple, and is good soft at a better price for it's ease of use than others. Though the others are more powerful - SWiSH, KoolMoves, SWF Quicker, Can you say AS3. And if you have a few minutes more you could use http://vectorian.com/ and get it done for free.
...Do the hokey pokey turn yourself around (sorry)
Great site!

Admin said...

Hi, This is superb software tips! I didn't know about this programs. Worth a try!

I send you a purchased key to your email.

Ngo anh Tuan said...


I want try it. 

Taoufik_sa said...


Siddharth said...

Thanks for this Giveaway.Please count me in.Bitdefender is one of the Best Antivirus i have ever used.I want it for my new lappy(trustport or bitdefender).Hope i win.

Sarim07 said...

nirsoft_package_1.11.17.zip from : http://launcher.nirsoft.net/download.html  False Detection !http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=241e06fe28c10083b6e9d1a2f226c02296637a30710102c8094120d45d90e537-1312127252

Luzy said...

False Alarm 50 Days of Lulz http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9217971/LulzSec_s_parting_Trojan_is_a_false_positive


Ingor said...




Admin said...

Bit 2012 Coupons for  $9.95http://www.bitdefender.com/solutions/internet-security.htmlCOUPON=IS40OFF2011EMMhttp://www.bitdefender.com/solutions/total-security.htmlCOUPON=TS40OFF2011EMM-2

Admin said...

license send

Admin said...

license send

Admin said...

license send

Admin said...

0Ps that mix of screenshots shows nothing clear. So does BD together with Backup4all work by doing a backup job and creating a slideshow from pictures with IncrediFlash? Please provide screenshots showing one 2 programs on one desktop by doing a) a backup job to 100% or b) a slide show with this flash program.

Admin said...

License send!
Bitdefender 2010 - 2012 is great to protect from latest viruses from eMule search downloads!

Admin said...

a link to that file?

Admin said...

Yes it is luck!
I send u a license now @ uk in Estonia

Mangesh Thorat said...

Thanks for this Giveaway.
Please count me in.
Bitdefender is one of the
Best Antivirus i have ever used. I used Bitdefender from last 1 year  & it is giving me super security o my PC

SinoTiger said...

Hi, Has this giveaway already finished?
If not, I hope to win a license :)
Thanks a lot ^_^

SinoTiger said...

The BitDefender Antivirus screenshots :)

Joke Pak said...

It look nice! Fomerly I've used anothe antivirus, but with BitDef has a fresh look. Look this screens hoot. It is not classic way!

Siddharth said...

dear admin ,you haven't used the word "or"between  backupforall and incrediflash hence i decided put two screenshots of Backup4all pro and the rest screenshots are of creation of the Video of Bitdefender screenshots with increditools.Actually the output video size become large and i have got busy in my work so i haven't get time to upload the video.
If you have a license key then you can send me but my Bitdefender trial has already expired and i already deleted it.


Mbusi Ndlovu said...

my problem is that the company seems to be interested with making downloaders instead of focussing on making antivirus softwares. Their downloader cannot continue where it stopped/failed due to network error, commercial downloaders like dap(download accelerator plus) continues where ever it stopped for whatever problem. As a result,you are forced to burn your bandwidth each time network fails, this is a serious company flaw, concentrate on your business only! 

Ahmed Khadercis said...

thanks i get good feedback from your word Mr .

best regards for you and for all .
but wish Bitdefender Internet Security smoothly best than 
Bitdefender Total Security

Apr2005apr said...

my problem is that the company seems to be interested with making
downloaders instead of focussing on making antivirus softwares. Their
downloader cannot continue where it stopped/failed due to network error,
commercial downloaders like dap(download accelerator plus) continues
where ever it stopped for whatever problem. As a result,you are forced
to burn your bandwidth each time network fails, this is a serious
company flaw, concentrate on your business only!

Pirlo said...

Admin, please, send me BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2012 license key. You can send it to my email add: all4sirp@gmail.com. I will be grateful.


Pirlo said...

please, send me BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2012 license key. You can
send it to my email add: all4sirp@gmail.com. I will be grateful.


Adamsummer07 said...

please send ma bitdefender antivirus 2012 plus version license please.
i will be grateful to u
my id is  adamsummer07@gmail.com

htalukdar8 said...

admin plz sent me a license key to htalukdar8@gmail.com

Admin said...

ok for internet security suite 1 year license from a promo

Htalukdar8 said...

thanks admin for the license keys :D

Ken said...

Admin can you send me a licence key for internet security too from the promo? u r 2 2 c o o l z AT y a h o o . c o m  

Admin said...

Yes OK, did work. You should get an eMail with the Key within the next few hours.

Lv7mh1 said...

ok kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ty yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Mumu said...

i have installed bitdefender antivirus 2012 on my laptop...
but, i have'nt  the license key for this product :(

Admin, can you send me the license key for me ?? :)

email: mumumonkey@rocketmail.com

Ashish Bhayana said...

admin plz sent me a license key to ashish.bhayana1@yahoo.in

Rahul Aggarwal said...

bilkul bekar antivirus hai vaise aapne ye sada hua antivirus banaya hi kyon jo pc mein virus fela de is antivirus ne mera computer kharab kar diya aur mujhe apna computer format kar vana pada is liye aakhri bar bolta hoon ki kabhi zindagi mein aisa bekar antivirus mat banana nahi to sada ke rakh doooooongaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.................aaaaa.

Msharifmoghadam said...

Admin, please, send me BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2012 license key.
You can send it to my email add: msharifmoghadam@gmail.com.
thanks alot

dan said...

A good discount also for Bitdefender: http://www.modmyscript.com/products.php?product=Bitdefender-Antivirus-Plus-2013-%252d-1-PC

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